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Welcome Miramar Speed Circuit

We offer our guests a 1/4 mile asphalt racetrack (1,500 ft), which is considered as one of the finest indoor tracks in the United States of America.
This track has been designed and put together by kart racing professionals to really challenge people in their driving skills, all together with a competitive feeling. Doesn’t matter if you are coming to the Speed Circuit for years; this track really can take a toll on you.


This track includes very sharp 3 hairpin turns, long 2 straight-aways with a technical course than most other indoor courses comparatively.
Our asphalt track is considered as optimum for medium speed racers as it allows the tires to get a hold of the tracks to prevent sliding, which in turn, gives the racer more stability and less use of brakes.
The karts are equipped with Honda 6.5BHP engines and can speed up to 40 miles per hour. The ROC timing in each kart electronically records time even to the one-thousandth of a second, thus providing the necessary basic information to the racer for each lap completed.

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