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One Hour Private Lessons: $120.00

This class has been designed for both the beginner (who has done some racing) and experienced racer to improve the overall performance in a race. Each lesson is unique and the instructors will focus on the areas of improvement based on each student's personal needs. These lessons guarantee to improve a driver's tactics and racing times. Each student will receive 30 minutes of race time and constant one-on-one instructor training.

Course Agenda:
  • Intro
  • 10-minute Drive: The instructor will evaluate the students' skills, weaknesses and overall performance.
  • Classroom Briefing: The instructor will discuss the areas of improvement needed by the student based on performance from the driving evaluation.
  • 10-minute Drive: One-on-one driving on a closed track. The student will follow the instructor to establish the right racing line.
  • Classroom Briefing: After reviewing the racing line on a track map, the instructor will critique and evaluate the performance and discuss areas of improvement.
  • 10-minute Drive: The instructor will follow and lead the student for further progress.
  • Debriefing
Due to limited spaces, please call for a reservation.
For information or a reservation please call (858) 586-7500.