12 Seater Van Rental Reviews

Passenger van rentals are very popular across the country.

Families and small groups rent passenger van vehicles such as Van 12 seater rental to quickly move from one point to the next.

In this post, I will tell you all you need to know about passenger van rentals.

Let’s begin.

Types of Passenger Van Rentals

There are several types of passenger van to rent on the market. They include:

  • 9 Passenger Van,

  • 10 Seat Van,

  • 11 Passenger Van,

  • 12 Passenger Van,

  • 15 Person Van,

  • 18 Passenger Van.

Probably the most common one is the 12 passenger van rental.

  • 12 Seater Van Rental

12 seater van rentals are perfect for large group vacations and trips. With these van rentals, there will be no legroom issues.

Every member of your group will have their own seat and ample legroom.

Moreover, 12 seater vans are known to have bigger luggage capacity than smaller passenger vans.

With you want to transport your family, your friends, or your co-workers, you won’t go wrong if you consider a 12 seater van for rent!

Types of vehicles used for 12-seater transport include Chevrolet Express, Mercedes Benz Sprinter, Nissan NV 3500, and Ford Transit vans.

To get a cheap van rental when seeking a 12-passenger vehicle, you should book weeks before your trip.

This will allow you to get the van you want cheaply especially if you will be traveling in the peak season when everyone will be booking vans and the demand will drive the rental costs up.

The other way to get 12 seater vehicles rental cheaply is to compare the rates offered by different companies. Some companies offer cheapo van rentals, while others do not.

  • 9 Passenger Van Rental

A 9 passenger vehicle is simply a van that has nine seats.

Many businesses across America offer 9 seater van rentals.

You should go for this size of van if you need to transport a large 9-member family or group.

However, there are different types of 9 passenger vehicles for rent on the market — Some have more luxurious or premium 9 seat vans than others.

The difference in luxuriousness or quality is what usually accounts for big differences in the rental costs.

Sixt is one of the many reputable businesses across the country that offers 9 passenger vehicle rentals.

  • 10 Seater Van Rental

Many car hire businesses offer 10 seater van rentals.

These are perfect for transporting 10 person families, groups, and sports teams.

They are also perfect for daycare facilities to transport kids to and from daycare facilities.

The best 10 passenger vehicles to rent are those with the latest driver assistance systems and excellent control capabilities.

The best 10 person van rental also have great fuel economy and safety features.

Companies such as Sixt, Enterprise, and Budget offer great 10 seater rentals.

Examples of 10 seater van for rent on the market include Ford 10 passenger vehicles, Chevrolet Express vans, and GMC Savana vans.

  • 14 Passenger Van Rental

14 passenger van are simply 14 seat capacity vans for hire. Many businesses offer these types of vehicles for hire across America.

12 seater van rentalIn fact, if you are in any major city in U.S.A, you can easily find a van rental business near you by searching online.

The best 14 passenger vans are Sprinter vans

Many businesses offer sprinter van rentals with a chauffeur for events, vacations, and business trips in cities such as Connecticut, New Jersey, and New York.

In fact, in most major airports in the United States and Canada, you can easily rent a 14 passenger Sprinter van or similar high quality because there are many companies at Airports offering same or similar vehicles.

If you want comfort and privacy, it is my suggestion that you go for a 14 person van rental of Sprinter qualities!

Remember they usually are fitted with tinted windows on them, spacious, enough leg space, generally very comfortable with Mercedes Benz seats.

Because of their comfort and privacy, many celebrities and stars often use them to travel around in cities or locations where they can be easily identified.

  • 15 Person Van Rental

15 person van are the biggest luxury vans available for rent on the market.

This is because anything with more than 15 seats is crowded rather than luxurious.

The best thing about 15 passenger van rentals is that they can accommodate a big number of people.

This makes them perfect for carrying many people comfortably at once.

According to those who hire these rentals, they are great for taking people to church events, group activities, field trips, retreats, sports games, camping, and so on.

They are also great for moving house if you have a big family and you need some extra seats to carry personal luggage.

Examples of 15 person van include the 15-passenger sprinter, the 15-passenger Chevrolet Express, and the 15-passenger Ford E350 Club Wagon.

Please note that, 15 passenger van rentals in Chicago are quite affordable and so are the ones in NJ.

  • 18 Passenger Van Rental

This large passenger van is more of a minibus than a van.

This is because of the size of it.

The 18 passenger minibus is perfect for families, smallish sports teams, and wedding groups that are looking for a cheapish but safe transport solution.

Many companies that offer this rental have air conditioning installed, overhead luggage compartments, a PA system, and so on.

Moreover, most such companies also offer drivers/ chauffeurs with their vans. Thus, you do not have to worry about driving a massive van in busy city streets or on country or suburban roads that you may not be familiar with.

There are some 17-passenger van rentals and 20 seater vans for rent but they are not very popular.


You now know everything important you needed to know about passenger van rentals and the popular types of passenger vehicles on the market.

The 12 van rental is one of the most popular van renting business in the United States, and available in cities like, Los Angeles, Chicago, Miami, NJ etc.