15 Passenger Van Rental Near Me: Seattle, Houston, Las Vegas, New Jersey, San Francisco, Fort Lauderdale

In this post, I will share with you all you need to know about 15 passenger van rentals including the biggest van rental businesses in the states and the types of vans available for hire.

Without further ado, let’s begin.

Why 15 Passenger Van Rental Near Me?

15 passenger vans are spacious vans that are perfect for transferring large families from the airport to their hotel or accommodation.

They are also perfect for road trips, city tours, and casino-hoping with a group of friends or acquaintances.

What separates these vans from smaller vans is the fact that they are not only big but also have more legroom for every individual.

This makes them comfortable for people to travel in. They also have plenty of luggage room.

Types of 15 passenger vans rented by companies across the country include the Chevrolet Express, the Ford Transit, and the Ford E350.

Popular Van Rental Companies in United States

This section will answer the question, “Where can I rent a 15 passenger van?

So if you have been wondering what businesses offer rent rental for 15 passenger, below are some of the most exciting ones to consider.

  1. Avis

Avis offers both short term and long term can and van rentals. Its cars are certified to be safe and insurance to keep you safer while using them if offered by Avis at affordable costs.

Rental car types by Avis include sedans, SUV rentals, pickup truck rentals, luxury car rentals, vans, and one-way airport car rentals.

Van rentals include minivan rentals, 12 passenger van rental, and 15 passenger van rental.

Major cities where this business operates include Miami, Orlando, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Jose, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Fort Lauderdale etc.

It is quite easy to reserve or book an Avis passenger van. The company offers competitive prices and regularly runs discount promos.

  1. Enterprise

15 Passenger Van Rental Near MeThis is one of the most renowned car rental businesses in the world.

The company has thousands of locations across the United States and elsewhere across the planet!

This means if you search online for “enterprise 15 passenger van rental near me,” you will be able to quickly find a location near you from which to rent a van.

Enterprise is best known for its easy booking process, competitive car rental prices, and customer-friendly terms and conditions.

The company rents both 15 and 7 passenger vans for transporting families and large groups.

You will find Enterprise locations in Chicago, New York, New Jersey, Philadelphia, Milwaukee, Houston, Seattle, San Jose, and San Francisco.

  1. Sixt

Six is a major international car rental company owned by a wealthy German family. It operates in over one hundred countries around the globe.

The passenger vans you can rent from Sixt include 12 and 15 passenger van rentals.

It is important to note that Sixt has a discount program similar to the flying miles discount programs that many airlines have.

They have strong offices in Florida, Alabama, Oklahoma, Texas, Arizona, and Maryland.

The cost of renting a vehicle from Sixt is affordable and competitive. The company also offers a 20 percent discount when you prepay.

  1. AVR (Airport Van Rental)

This company exclusively rents passenger vans at various major airports including JFK, Houston International Airport, Fort Lauderdale Airport, Des Moines Iowa, Dallas Fortworth, Burbank International, Las Vegas, San Francisco, and Tampa International airport.

The prices for rental vans from AVR are quite affordable and the company has multiple promotional deals that you can take advantage of to pay even less when renting a van from them.

So if you want cheap 15 passenger van rentals you now know which business to contact.

In addition to the above companies, Hertz is also a major player in the van rentals business. Therefore, the Hertz 15 passenger van rental is something you should consider if the above options do not impress you.

Types of 15 Passenger Van Rentals

Below are some popular types of 15-passenger van rentals.

  1. Chevrolet Express Passenger 2020

This is a powerful van featuring a V6 engine.

It is quite spacious compared to other 15-passenger vans. So you can say it is a business-class passenger van.

The luggage area is quite spacious. This makes it great for accommodating everything you and your family/ friends are carrying.

The interior has a power outlet, a digital compass, a stereo player, and is WI-FI ready.

  1. Ford Transit-250 (2020)

The 2020 Ford Transit is a work of art in terms of appearance and an oasis of comfort in terms of luxury.

Looking for a 15 passenger high roof van rental? then this model may be best for you!

Yes, it is quite spacious both in terms of headroom and legroom – comfortably seat 15 people.

In terms of safety, it has got all the latest safety features including anti-collision automatic emergency braking.

The luggage area is also big enough to carry 15 big suitcases.

  1. Ford E350 Passenger

Are you looking for a 15 passenger van rental with luggage space? The Ford E350 provides the answers.

It has a powerful V8 engine that makes it easier to maneuver compared to other passenger vans.

Its features include a big luggage space, power steering, air conditioning, power mirrors, bucket seats, and cruise control.


As you can see from the information above, 15 passenger vans are great for transporting large groups of people.

You can hire one to take your family from the airport to a hotel.

To travel around with your family.

To go on road trips with friends

To shuttle your family around if you have a large family. Note that there are large passenger vans like 20 seaters if your need is more than 15 seaters.

Popular types of models of 15 passenger vehicles include the Ford Transit Passenger Van, the Ford E350 Passenger Van, and the Chevrolet Express Passenger Van.

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