Facts About 15000 LB Forklift Rental

About 15000 LB Forklift Rental

Due to the likely prohibitive prices of initial purchase and maintenance, many people opt to rent forklifts.

And because of the various types and lifting capacities of forklifts, rental prices vary.

Typically, these may start from as low as a few hundred bucks a day to a couple of thousands.

This guide takes a comprehensive look at the 15000 lb. forklift rental prices, factors affecting such, how to rent one, factors to consider before renting, the carrying capacity, and many others things.

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How much to rent 15000 lb pneumatic tire forklift?

It depends on the company, at BIG RENTZ, you can rent a 15K pneumatic tire forklift at $850 a day, while at Cromer you can rent a similar forklift at $671 a day.

Based on these two figures, you should expect to pay an average of $750 to rent a 15K capacity pneumatic tire forklift.

How much to rent 15000 lb electric forklift in USA?

You should expect to pay between $800 and $900 a day to rent a 15,000 lb electric forklift.

This is because such forklifts are rare and, therefore, the companies that rent them charge more.

They are also somewhat easier and more fun to use. This also contributes to their higher daily rental price.

How much does rough terrain 15000 lb forklift cost?

A new 15,000 lb rough terrain forklift will cost around $75,000, while a similar used forklift in excellent condition will cost about $50,000.

The exact amount of money you will pay for such a large capacity forklift will be determined by the brand and the year of manufacture.

Some brands such as Caterpillar, Hyster, and Bobcat are more valued hence their forklifts are generally more expensive.

With regards to year of manufacture, the more recent the year, the higher the price.

So, Why Rent a 15000 lb. Forklift?

Whether to rent or buy is a pressing question that needs critical considerations before any significant action.

While it may seem appropriate to purchase heavy machinery, there are tons of benefits you can reap by renting a forklift.

First, the initial purchase price, together with costs of maintenance, repairs, transportation, and storage, can leave a massive dent in your wallet.

Renting becomes a better option in the short run. It also guarantees access to newer, better models besides leaving room to choose each forklift for a specific job.

What Affects Forklift Rental Prices?

Non-uniform rental prices go in tandem with the varied nature of forklift aspects.

Let’s examine some of the factors affecting forklift rental prices:

  • Equipment Type

Most operators prefer forklifts from well-known companies like Caterpillar, Toyota, Mitsubishi, Komatsu, and Hyster.

This goes hand in hand with quality and affects rental prices.

Besides, forklifts are priced differently based on type and purpose, say telehandlers, counterbalance forklifts, warehouse forklifts, and pallet jacks.

  • Rent Period

If you want to rent a forklift for a considerably more extended period, you’ll likely pay more at a rate predetermined by the rental company. Lower prices are expected for shorter periods.

  • The Dealing Company

It’s all about net profits from spreads, and different rental companies use other methods of determining cost.

Plus, this also depends on the quality of the 15K forklift they’ll be renting out to you.

  • Site Location

Your job site location will likely determine the company whose forklifts you’ll be renting.

The overall rental price will vary with extra fees such as pickup, delivery, and environmental costs.

What does 15000 lb forklift rental cost?
Common 15000 lb Forklift Rental Prices

Below is a highlight of typical 15,000 lb. forklift rental prices depending on type:

  • Telehandler

Commonly referred to as a reach forklift, the telehandler is convenient for maneuvering into confined spaces and tight angles. It combines an extendable arm and twin forks to move loads off the ground.

For a lifting capacity of between 15,000 lb. and 44 feet, telehandlers can set you back from as much as $800 a day.

  • Warehouse Forklift

From its name, this type of forklift is commonly used in warehouses for moving items across comparatively shorter distances.

The aisles in a good warehouse should ideally be spaced at least 12 feet apart to fit such a forklift.

Warehouse forklifts with cushion tires can be rented for between $260 – $1200. Quad mast warehouse forklifts tend to have a higher reach and cost anything between $400 to $850.

How To Rent a Forklift

Once you’ve figured out your job can’t be done without a forklift, here are steps to get it done by renting one:

  1. Choose an appropriate forklift based on factors like lift capacity, working surface, and lift height.
  2. Check out comparative prices to see which one best fits your budget.
  3. The rental prices aren’t cast in stone, so be sure to negotiate and have your deal discounted.
  4. Get it over with the paperwork by having everything signed, including insurance as applicable.
  5. Once everything is set in place, you can get to work for the agreed period.

How Much Can a 15K Forklift Lift?

The parameter defining the amount of weight a forklift can carry is the forklift capacity.

It’s not true to assume that a forklift with a rated capacity of 15,000 lb. can move 15,000 lb. of load per se.

The forklift attachments, load dimensions, weight distribution, and placement affect a forklift truck’s maximum capacity.

Furthermore, the forklift can’t lift to its true maximum capacity if the load isn’t well-centered.

  • Load Center

It defines the horizontal distance from the forks’ central point to the load center of gravity. It’s taken to be 24’’ from the face of the forks.

  • Forklift Rated Capacity and Net Capacity

A forklift’s data plate gives its rated capacity, which is far different from its maximum capacity.

A 15K forklift has a true rated capacity of 15,000 lb. at 24’’ load center (48’’ overall). Down-rated capacities like 12,000 lb. may come in say at 30’’ load center.

A down-rated capacity is also affected by factors like attachments, side shifters, maximum lift height and pallet distribution.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) defines that only loads within the rated capacity of a truck shall be handled.

You might want to check out a full set of these rules at the Materials Handling and Storage section, 29 CFR 1910.178.

On the other hand, the net capacity points to the true lifting capability of the forklift, including when it has attachments.

Effects of Attachments on Load Capacity

Attachments limit the forklift’s lifting capacity by adding extra weight in and of themselves besides pushing the truck’s center of gravity forward.

A forklift that is usable with multiple attachments must have different data plates to match the rating with each attachment.


How much can a 15k forklift lift?

A 15k forklift can lift as much as 15,000 pounds.

How much does a 15k forklift weight?

A 15K forklift weighs about 21,000 pounds. Examples include the Mitsubishi FD70D model which weighs 20,700 pounds, and the Hyster S155XL model which weighs 22,600 pounds.

What are main features of Toyota 15000 lb forklift equipment?

The Toyota High-Capacity Electric Cushion forklift is one of the most popular forklifts because of its large capacity and its many exciting features.

The features include a 42.5 HP drive motor, a load sensing hydraulic system, a heavy-duty planetary drive axle, a digital instrument display, a loaded centre of either 30” or 24”, and easy service access courtesy of multiple easy-access filters and panels.

Probably the best thing about it is its load sensing hydraulic system that ensures you have the power you need throughout any task.

Compare 15K industrial forklift diesel vs 10k?

How Much Can A 15k Forklift Lift?The main difference between a 15K diesel forklift and a 10K diesel forklift is capacity.

The 15K forklift can lift loads of up to 15,000 pounds, while the 10K forklift can lift loads of up to 10,000 pounds.

Another difference is in the price. A 15K forklift is more likely to be more expensive to buy than a 10K forklift.

It is also more likely to be more expensive to rent or to maintain than a 10K forklift.

Therefore, if you can do your work with a 10K forklift, you should go for a 10K forklift to save money.

Is 15000 lb forklift considered heavy duty?

Yes. 15,000-pound capacity forklifts are considered large capacity or heavy-duty forklifts.

Which is best between Hyster vs Yale vs Clark 15000 pound?

In terms of quality, Hyster makes the best 15,000 pound forklifts among the three, followed by Yale and then Clark.

It is important to note that Hyster and Yale forklifts are made by the same company. And that in terms of price, Yale forklifts are cheaper than Hyster forklifts.

What makes a 15000 lb straight mast forklift unique?

Straight mast forklifts are used for raising or lowering heavy loads. A 15,000-pound straight mast forklift is a heavy-duty forklift used in industrial settings to lift or lower very heavy products.

Normally, straight mast forklifts do not lift more than 10,000 pounds, so the fact that this lifts 15,000 pounds is unique.

Which 15k pound warehouse forklift is the best?

The Yale GC135-155VX is regarded as the best high-capacity forklift for indoor applications.

It is durable, versatile, and has a high safety rating. It can also move at high speeds making it perfect for doing work fast when necessary.

Final Thoughts

Regardless of the work setting, forklifts come in handy as highly flexible and amazingly powerful machines.

It’s interesting to note, however, that most people use the term “forklift” generically concerning the warehouse forklift.

But even a 15,000 lb. forklift can be of a different type. Renting a forklift gives an edge of saving on overall long costs that may have accrued in the long term.

While a forklift can be rated at 15,000 lb, it must have a reduced safe lifting capacity due to various factors like additional attachments and lift height.

Whatever work is done, the OSHA guidelines must be followed to the letter.

While this guide couldn’t exhaust everything, let’s hope you’re now armed with more facts about the 15,000 lb. forklift rental.