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The 16 foot box truck is a medium-sized lorry used for moving items from one location to another. It can be used for commercial or residential purposes including one-way moves rental needs.

Whether you’re moving from one home to another, or you are relocating a business, it is a great option for moving.

However, there is a particular quantity of weight it can take. It is capable of moving items from a one-bedroom home or 2-3 rooms.

And an amazing pick for relocating a small business. It has a compartment big enough to hold up to six pallets. Also, it is capable of carrying up to 3,500 pounds, plus 250 medium boxes or 1 to 10 medium furniture items. Unlike other trucks, it has towing and loading abilities.

16 Ft Box Truck

How Much Does It Cost To Rent A 16 ft Penske Truck?

To rent a 16′ Penske, the price varies. Price may depend on the miles to cover, mileage, liability, gas refill, environmental fee, and taxes.

For example, moves under 50 miles a day may cost around $124 -$200 while moves between 50 – 250 miles daily may cost an averagely of $200 – $600. So to get the prices for a truck, get a quote from Penske.

Cost Factor To Seattle, WA Cleveland, OH
Price for rental $995 $989
Environmental fee $9 $9
Highest coverage cost $161 $128

How Many Seats Are In A Budget 16′ Truck?

According to Budget, the company’s 16-foot truck can accommodate two adults and has a small third seat for a small person or a child. Therefore, the Budget 16’ truck has three seats in total.

What is a Penske 15 cube van?

The Penske 15 cube van are 15ft moving trucks. They are a great option for moving a studio or an apartment. It can also be used to move 1-2 bedrooms.

Capabilities and Dimensions of a 16 Foot Truck

It has interior dimensions of up to 16 feet long x up to 7 ft. 7 in. wide x up to 6 ft. 6 in. high. It also has up to 800 cu. ft. of loading space, up to 120 sq ft. of floor space, up to 12,500 lb. GVW, up to 4300 lb. payload and up to 33-gallon gasoline fuel tank with 12 mpg (Miles per gallon)

However, these capacities, dimensions, and mileage are an estimate. They may vary by make, model, and year. And MPG may vary based on load, terrain, and driving factors.

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Features of a 16 Ft Trucker

This design of 16 footer lorry is made not just for carrying items but also built in a way to guarantee comfort. It features an automatic transmission, air conditioning, two-person bucket seating, V-8 engine/gasoline, translucent roof, and inside lighting for easy driving in the dark.

It also comes with anti-lock breaks for safer halts, dual-faced mirrors for adequate vision, cargo tie rails, power steering, and a rear roll up door.

More so, it also has a 1,000 lb. capacity loading ramp, a tie-down slat to secure your belonging, AM/FM radio for entertainment on the go, AUX or USB input, and it’s towing compatible.

16 Foot Box Truck Rentals – Size and Dimensions!

Want to move out from an apartment or relocate a business? The right 16 foot box truck size to convey your properties should be a concern to you.

Though this article highlighted what a 16 ft can take. It is, however, advisable to inquire to know your best bet. Considering your budget, size of belongings, and possibly your new location.

You wouldn’t want to stress yourself booking a truck only to find out that it is not enough to convey your properties. So contacting a rental company is vital.

A Note about Rental Companies

Rental companies like U-haul, Budget, Penske, etc are quite helpful when you need a large vehicle to move your properties. So speaking to them directly will help you know which 16 foot box truck size best meet your needs.

Ideally, when you are about to move, you should take stock of everything you are moving and calculate how much space it will take (they help here).

Another thing is to shop for good and reliable rentals. (This is why it is advisable to always get a quote) or speak directly with the company.

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Because getting the wrong vehicles will cost you something: whether it’s too big or too small.

A small box truck size won’t contain your properties, while a big size means spending unnecessary. So you need just the right size to move your properties Apart from a 16-foot truck, these companies also rent out other bigger and even smaller lorries.

… Let’s discuss average rental prices

Prices for renting a 16 footer differ from one rental company to another. This is because these companies consider different factors before stating their prices. For example, miles cover, mileage, gas filling, taxes, etc, are part of what influences its prices. So it is advisable to get a quote.

FAQ about 16 Foot Box Truck Size

Is 16 inch box truck same as 16 foot? Or any differences?

Nope. These two are not the same thing. There is no box truck that is sixteen inches long. This is because this size is just too small.

However, there are many box trucks that are sixteen foot long. A sixteen foot long box truck means the box behind it is sixteen feet long. A good example is the Penske 16 ft. long moving truck.

How does moving truck size calculator work for my benefits?

A moving truck size calculator is what you use to estimate the best truck to rent for your move. By using a moving truck calculator, you will know precisely what size truck will be perfect for you to rent.

If you do not use the calculator, you could end up choosing a truck that is too big for your needs. This will, of course, mean you will end up paying more than what you could have paid if you rented a smaller and more suitable truck.

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The pros and cons of 4 door box truck for rent?

The best thing about renting a 4-door box truck is that it makes it easier to load heavy or large items into it.

The second best thing about renting a 4-door box truck is that it makes it easy to offload items from it especially if you are working with a team or four or more people.

The only bad thing about renting a 4-door box truck is that such trucks tend to be slightly more expensive to rent than the standard box truck.

Cargo van vs box truck – any differences or similarities?

Several differences and similarities exist between cargo vans and box trucks. Cargo vans are like passenger vans they just don’t have seats, while box trucks are trucks with big box behind them.

The biggest similarity between the two is that both are used to transport items. The biggest difference is in size. Cargo vans are typically smaller than box trucks.

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Types of box truck loading ramps and benefits?

There are two major types of loading ramp – those that are permanently attached and those that are portable. Permanently attached loading ramps are perfect for those with looking for commercial quality ramps to use regularly.

In contrast, portable ramps are usually not as tough as commercial-quality ramps and are only used occasionally.

They are perfect for those looking for something to use to load snowmobiles, motorcycles, and ATVs to their pickup trucks.

What size moving truck do I need for a 2 bedroom apartment?

The best size moving truck for a 2 bedroom apartment is a 16-foot truck. The reason why is that such a truck will have plenty of space for accommodating the stuff you will find in a typical 2-bedroom apartment. Examples of such stuff include large appliances, furniture items, and multiple big boxes.

How to find box truck loads online and offline?

The easiest way to find truck loads online is to visit online load boards. Great examples are truckstop.com and bulkloads.com.

Visit these and similar websites to find truck loads. And the easiest way to find truck loads offline is to contact shippers and freight brokers.

Visit them physically. You will definitely find someone who can help where such businesses are located.

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10 foot box truck Vs. 16 Ft?

The 10-foot box truck is perfect for moving a studio or a one-bedroom apartment. The reason why is that it has a 402 cubic feet loading space and a payload capacity of 2,800 pounds.

It can accommodate things such as a 4-piece dining furniture set, a loveseat, a king-size bed, and several large boxes packed with household items.

In contrast, the 16-foot box truck is much bigger. It has double the loading space of a 10-foot box truck and a payload capacity 4,300 pounds.

How big is a 16 ft. cube van?

The Penske 16 foot cube van has an 800 cubic foot loading space and a loading capacity of 4,300 pounds.

It is quite perfect for moving a big 1 or 2 bedroom apartment. This is because it is quite spacious and can handle quite a heavy load.

What is 16 truck ramp weight and loading power?

The most popular 16 foot truck ramp is the one on the 16 foot Penske truck. It has a maximum payload capacity of 1,000 pounds capacity. Because of its design, it is perfect to use to load the 4,300-pound capacity 16-foot Penske truck.

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Is Isuzu 4 door box truck a good option?

Yes, it is. It is a brilliant Isuzu truck that is known for its flexibility, its massive payload capacity, its fuel economy, and its great manoeuvrability.

The thing it is best known about is its payload capacity, which is 6,978 pounds. This is pretty impressive. It can carry construction material and other types of stuff.

Are 18 ft. box truck cost effective than 16 footer rental?

Yes, they are. This is because they are roughly the same price to rent as the 16 foot trucks yet they can carry more weight and more volume than sixteen foot trucks.

The typical sixteen foot truck can carry a maximum load of 3,500 pounds, while the typical eighteen foot truck can carry a maximum of 7,200 pounds.

This just shows you how much more weight the bigger truck can carry.

How to estimate moving truck size accurately?

The most basic way to estimate the truck size you will need to move is by using the number of bedrooms you have.

Most moving websites recommend the most suitable truck for you based on the number of bedrooms you have.

For instance, if you have a 2-bedroom apartment, most moving truck rental companies will recommend a sixteen feet moving truck because it has enough space for moving a 2-bedroom house.

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What size is a medium duty box truck and what weight can it haul?

Basically, a medium duty box truck is a box truck that has a maximum payload of about 10,000 pounds.

The 22 feet, 24 feet and 26 feet Penske box trucks are medium duty box trucks. They are powerful box trucks with a maximum payload of 10,000 pounds and a maximum loading space of 1,700 pounds.

How much weight can a 16 ft. trailer hold?

The length of a trailer does not determine how much weight it can haul. The weight that a trailer can hold is dependent on its design and its build. The weight is usually indicated in a very conspicuous manner on the manufacturer sticker.

The sticker also has several other pieces of information very important to newbie cargo transporters.

Describe full Isuzu 16 ft. box truck dimensions?

The 2019 Isuzu NPR HD sixteen feet box truck is a stunning box truck. Its cargo box is sixteen feet long, its internal height is 87 inches, and its width is 96 inches. It is quite wide and tall. It is spacious enough to move a two or three bedroom apartment.

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How many pallets can fit in a 16 foot box truck?

A 16 foot box truck can fit between four to six standard pallets. The variation depends on the box truck’s other dimensions.

The 16FT box trucks are designed to carry household items during moving. They are perfect for moving a two bedroom house.

Why is a rear roll up door important?

Just like every door that comes with a vehicle. A rear rollup door is one very crucial part of every commercial lorry or trailers.

It protects your load unscathed and safer from robbers and many innate factors. So make sure you maintain it like every other part of your equipment.

How much does a 16 ft Budget truck weigh?

The 16 foot Budget truck weighs 12,500 pounds and its payload weight is 4,460 pounds. It also has two seats, it can be used for towing, and it comes with a loading ramp. It is absolutely perfect for moving a 2 or a 3-bedroom house.

How long is a Budget 16 foot truck?

The Budget 16’ truck is 16 foot long. Sixteen feet is its interior length. Its interior height is 6 feet 7 inches and its interior width is 6 feet 3 inches.

It is very spacious for moving. It can carry up to four pallets, up to ten furniture items, or up to 250 medium boxes.

What is the smallest box truck?

The smallest size in the rental industry at the moment is the 10-foot U-Haul box truck. This truck is perfect for moving a studio apartment or a one bedroom house.

It is also perfect for moving an office or small business. U-Haul rents this truck for both in-town and out of town moves.

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How big is a 16-foot box truck?

It has;

  • A 2-3 rooms capacity
  • 2 person bucket seating,
  • 1,000 lbs loading ramp,
  • Can take up to 33 gallons of gasoline fuel tank.
  • By estimation, can take up to 12 miles per gallon (MPG)
  • Has a cargo interior of 16′ long x up to 7 ft. 7 in. wide x  up to 6 ft. 6 in. high
  • Floor up to 120 square. ft.
  • Loading space of 800 cu. ft
  • And 400 lbs load capacity.

How long is a 16 foot Penske?

The 16 foot Penske is 16′ long. It is also 6’6″ high and 7’7″ wide and Floor Space 120 sq. ft. Its load capacity is 4,300 pounds and its loading space is 800 cubic feet. It is a fairly big moving truck. This moving truck is recommended for moving two to three rooms or a big one-bedroom apartment.

How tall is a Penske 16 foot?

A Penske 16-foot is 6’6″ high. Its floor space is 120 square feet and its loading space is 800 cubic feet. Its loading capacity is fairly big at 4,300 pounds.

You should get this truck to move a one-bedroom or two-bedroom apartment.

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What can fit in a 16-foot moving truck?

You can fit up to 3,500 pounds of cargo, up to 250 medium boxes, up to 50 big boxes, or up to 10 furniture items. It is a massive truck big enough for moving a one or two-bedroom apartment. It can also be used to move a small business.

What are the dimensions of a 16 foot?

The 16 foot Penske Moving Truck is 16’ long, 7’7″ wide and 6’6″ high. It is a truck that is big enough to move a 1-bedroom or 2-bedroom apartment. You can use it to carry stuff as heavy as 4,300 pounds.

The overall dimension are:

  • Interior Length: 16′
  • Inside Width: 6’3.
  • Inside Height: 6’7.
  • Load Ramp Width: 2′ ⅜”.

How much can you fit in a 16 ft moving vehicle?

You can fit a lot of stuff in a sixteen feet moving vehicle. You can fit up to ten furniture pieces and up to 250 medium boxes. If you have a standard size one bedroom, you can carry all your things in the truck in one go.

How long is 16 ft?

A 16 foot truck is sixteen feet long as its name suggests. It is a truck that is spacious enough to move stuff from a two or three-room house in one go. So if you have a one or two-bedroom home that you want to move, this is the truck to go for.

Dimensions: 16 ft. x 7 ft. 7 in. x 6 ft. 6 in.

Capacity: 2–3 rooms, 2- to a 3-bedroom apartment

Weight limit: 4,300 lbs.

Summary of 16 Foot Box Truck

A 16-foot lorry is useful for moving a 2-3 bedroom or one-bedroom home. It has a lot of features that make your journey smooth.

However, the box truck size you would need would depend on the number of items you’re moving and possibly your budget. So it is nice you get a quote from truck rental companies to know what’s the best fit for you.


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