What is 20 Passenger Van Rental Hertz Price? And How to Rent Truck Rentals Without Driver Cost?

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A 20 passenger van is simply a passenger minibus that has max 20-persons seat, with some models parading luxurious amenities and comfort. So what does 20 passenger-van rental cost by major and local rental services like Hertz, Enterprise?

The costs of rental for this big boy depends on how long you want the vehicle rental, how far you want to travel with the charter.

You may also require what rentals price to pay with passenger van rental without driver or with less or more amenities? Read on (2 minutes) to get more educated about this unique rentals by our top editors!

Benefits of 20 Passenger Van Rental

Before we provide direct answers to how much does it cost to rent a 20 passenger-van charter, let’s share some amazing benefits with you:

  • Enables Movement & Easy Shuttle

This is pretty self-explanatory. If you are 20-person team planning to move from point A to point B, you can charter a van for 20 passenger or minibus rental of same size and value.

  • Saves Money

Nowadays, to conveniently move from one point to the next, people use ride-hailing apps such as Uber and Lyft. The apps are very convenient.

However, hiring multiple Ubers to transport a group of people is not very reasonable because it is cumbersome and expensive.

In contrast, hiring larger van rental to transport a large group to parties, weddings, school trips, sporting events, ride with church members, industry conventions, local sporting event, clearly saves money.

Cost of 20 passenger van rental

  • It Saves Time & Makes Travel Easier

Naturally, a 20/15 passenger group without cars will travel outdoor by catching a passenger minibus or full size bus, using the metro. Both of these options usually involve walking for some distance to a station and then waiting for the bus or metro to arrive. This can sometimes take a lot of time.

In contrast, you could get twenty passenger rental, then you’ll enjoy the luxury of been picked up together straight to your destination.

  • Great for Senior Citizens

Senior citizens move at their own pace, and most do not like using buses and subway systems. It is also not very kind to make them walk for long distances to metro or bus stations.

The best way to move a medium-sized groups of senior citizens from one point to another is to rent an 18 seater or go twenty seater van for rent, equipped with interior settings for older people.

How Much Is 20 Passenger Vehicle Rental Price?

Now, what is average price of 20 passenger rental from Hertz? You should expect to pay at least $40 rental a day from Hertz. This is the minimum cost for day trips.

Depending on multiple factors including your location, the types, the fuel charges, and so on, you may end up needing to pay double or even thrice this rental amount.

You will be told about all the costs upfront. Also note that you can book via a bus reservation specialist or agent online.

20 seater luxury van

What Does 20 Passenger Rental Rates Without Driver?

So, how much does it cost to rent a passenger van without a driver in the USA? A typical 20-person passenger minibus without a driver rental rates is average $130 to $250 per day, depending on the company, type of vehicle, and other factors like location and rental duration.

Why you may not need or have to pay for a driver? If you’re looking to cut down the rental cost further or have an extra person to accommodate, getting a passenger minibus rental without driver is the way to go. This is a convenient and cost-effective way of transporting small groups with communities.

It can work great for airport transfers, school trips, weddings, corporate events, outdoor excursions, and more. But unless you have a CDL license, you cannot drive it yourself, so always keep that in mind before renting a twenty passenger bus. 

18 Passenger Van Rental vs Larger Models?

Before hiring one, keep in mind that rental per day will be more than $40. Also, the cost of renting an 18 passenger for any model is less expensive than the cost of 20-seater of the same model from every major companies like Hertz, Enterprise and Avis.

On average, the daily rental cost of a 20 seater varies between $500 and $750.

Top 12, 15, 18 and 20 seat Minibus Rental in US

In terms of passenger rentals, there are no charter companies that dominate the entire country, even for 20 seat vans.

However, there are vehicle rental company providers that dominate specific cities and states. Below are some of the most prominent firms from which you can get a big passenger bus as well a free quote from.

sliding side door van

  • Enterprise Rental

Enterprise is one of the most popular vehicle rental and transportation businesses with rental locations in the United States, Toronto, Canada, Europe and worldwide!

They have a massive fleet of automobiles that can easily be hired for use, including luxury rental and book reservations for your upcoming trip with experienced driver at your service.

Wherever you are located in USA, be it San Diego, Baton Rouge, Atlanta, Orlando, Memphis (Tn), Minneapolis, Miami, NYC, or Vegas, you can easily find an Enterprise location near you and charter.

The types of passenger vehicle you can hire from Enterprise include 7, 8, 10 person, 12 seater vans, and great Enterprise 15 passenger vehicle.

  • Hertz Vans

Hertz is a popular trucks, cars and bus-rental and transportation company. It rents many different types of vehicle across the country, including Hertz student transportation in 20 seater bus.

They offer a variety of vehicle rental including trucks, cargo vans, and widespread rental locations.

The types of passenger vans you can rent from Hertz USA are called Hertz SUV/Minivan/4×4 Collection that parades Ford Transit, Chevrolet Express 15, Chevrolet Suburban etc.

You can hire Hertz vans in any of its many countrywide locations including those in New York, New Jersey, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Houston, Austin, and so on. However Hertz Europe have more diverse brands and luxurious models for rental including Mercedes Benz Sprinter.

  • Sixt Rentals

Sixt is also a big car and van/bus brand in the United States. The company has a massive fleet of vehicle that it rents across the country, including large passenger charter buses.

In addition to fleet of twenty seats minibus, Sixt also parades 10 persons, 12 seater and 15 passenger, including Full size Chevrolet Express, Ford E350 and smaller Mercedes Benz.

It is important to note that Sixt has a discount program similar to the flying miles discount programs that many airlines have.

20 passenger van rental hertz

  • The National Charter Bus Company

This company has multiple types of van and charter-bus for hire in many cities to shuttle across the country. They include full size 30 or 27 mini bus. 55 & 56 charter buses seaters. And 18 and twenty seats rentals that assure constant mobility and convenience.

According to the company, their vehicles are perfect for city tours and shuttle, airport transport, casino hoping, and employee transport.

This business operates in Alexandria, Austin, Irvine, Indianapolis, Houston, Detroit, Denver, Dallas, Columbus, Cincinnati, Chicago, Charlotte, San Jose, San Francisco, San Diego, San Antonio, Portland, Plano, Phoenix, Philadelphia, Orlando, and Newark. Booking a charter can easily be done via phone.

FAQ about Passengers Vehicles

20 persons van rental Enterprise prices for corporate events

Enterprise offers a wide range of minibusses rental that can hold people from anywhere between 7 to 15 in number. Unfortunately, if you are looking for an automobile that can accommodate 20 or more people, the company doesn’t have one for larger groups.

Passenger rental from Enterprise can hold up to 15 people, costing you around $350-$700 depending on the vehicle duration, location, and availability.

Are 12 passenger vans safer than 15-passenger vans

Large vehicles typically have a considerably higher tendency to roll over because of their high center of gravity. Therefore, if you have to select between a 12-passenger and a 15 person-van, take the 12 seater.

The smaller boy have a rollover ratio three times lower, rollover accidents involving 15-passenger or bigger buses have received a lot of media attention. This is because the automobile overall decreased stability when fully loaded results in a 40% increase in rollover risk.

branded enterprise van

What are benefits of luxury van rentals?

The luxury range are the most expensive van rentals because they are luxury vehicles with premium amenities such as Wi-Fi, increased legroom, a washroom, leather seats, a minibar, and a premium audio-visual system.

The Mercedes Benz 20-persons sprinter van-rental currently dominates this category, boasting of full fledged luxury amenities!

Uniqueness of business rental large vans?

Larger wagon for big and small business are in between standard and luxury passenger and limousine, many are twenty seater. The luxury models have more amenities than standard models as well luxurious interior and modification specs like party buses and limo rental!

The rich and upper class use them to shuttle wedding venue as they provide much convenience for a close entire groups . Which company offers large passenger rental service and for good prices?

The popular ones are Enterprise, Hertz, Sixt, Ryder, Alamo, National Car Rentals, and many more. Large rental are pretty easy to get; just find the right company that works best for you.

What are average minibus rental price available?

The average price that you can conveniently rent a passenger minibus varies from $800 to $1400 for a whole day, with every additional hour costing from $80 to $140.

In some cities, you can a minibus rental for a few hours for about $450 to $700, typically for a one-way trip. If you hire a minibus, your rental budget should be nothing less than $500.

Type Per Hour Per Day Per Mile
Minibus $80 – $160 $800 – $1500 $3.50 – $4.50

How much to rent a 15 passenger bus or van?

A 15 passenger is one of the best ways to travel with a large group of people, and the price ranges from $350 to $700.

The price you will get for a 15 passenger depends on factors such as your location, the type – regular or hybrid, the fuel situation of the truck, the time of booking, driving and on-duty time, the time of the year, and so on.

Where can I get 16 passenger bus rental deals?

You can get 16 passenger rental deals from companies that are into cars, trucks, and can rentals. Some popular companies are Hertz Vans, Sixt vans, The National Charter Bus Company, Alamo Services, Budget,and many more.

Where is cheapest place to hire today?

Avis is one of the most popular companies that offer affordable 12 seater rental. This company has two models of 12 passenger vans: The Chevy Express and The Ford Transit.

Both of these buses are spacious and have lots of room for their passengers and luggage. Sixt also offers affordable 12 seater rental services today. The popular model provided by this company is the Chevrolet Express.

When should I consider 20 persons rental?

You should consider a 20-seater rental if you want to travel with many people. Such rentals will save you money and time.

A 20-person eliminates the need to hire multiple cars from Uber and Lyft for a single trip.  This saves money and time, and it helps the whole group stay together. You can also consider a 20-people if you want to move several senior citizens.

moving van for hire

What types of vans does Hertz Rent?

Hertz rents several types of cargo and passenger transport vans. The cargo rented by this firm include Ford Chassis, Ford, Transit Jumbo, and Fiat Doblo, while passenger rented by the same company include 9-passenger vans.

You can drive any Hertz cargo or 2o passenger using a standard driving license. All Hertz have a radio and air conditioning. At your request, the company can give you a courtesy kit with adhesive tape and boxes to make it easy for you to transport whatever you need to transport.

How good is Enterprise Ford Transit?

The Ford Transit 15-passenger available for rental across the United States and Canada. The model is perfect for transporting a large family or a small group of people. It is the perfect alternative to getting a big expensive bus.

There are Enterprise rental in San Francisco, San Diego, New Yok, Los Angeles, Miami, Las Vegas, Houston, Dallas, Denver, Atlanta, and Chicago.

How many people can a Sprinter van hold?

Sprinter are spacious, high-class with enough legroom and headroom for their passenger. These wagon or minibuses are comfortable, luxurious, and easily maneuverable, especially on city roads.

Generally, depending on the model, a sprinter can accommodate between 2-4 people. However, there are passenger sprinter that can accommodate 12 to 15 people.

Summary of 20 passenger van rental GOGO charters, Hertz, Enterprise!

Whether you are looking for a 10 person, 20-people rental in Phoenix or Atlanta from Hertz, Enterprise or GOGO charters? Or a passenger minibus rentals without driver, you now know what to expect and the companies to deal with.

Enterprise, Hertz, and Sixt are among the top family-van and passenger minibus rental businesses and they offer 20 seater rental without driver.

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