20 Passenger Van Rental

What Is a 20 Passenger Van?

A 20-passenger van is simply a van that has enough seats for 20 passengers. In other words, it is a van that can accommodate 20 people.

Several businesses across the United States rent such vans at different costs. The costs usually depend on how long you want to rent the vehicle, how far you want to take the vehicle, and so on.

Chief Benefits 0f 20 Passenger Van Rental

Renting a 20-passenger vehicle has many benefits. Below are the main ones.

  1. It Enables Movement

This is pretty self-explanatory. If you have 20 guys whom you want to move from point A to point B, you can do so by hiring a passenger van.

  1. Large Passenger Vans Saves Money

Nowadays, to conveniently move from one point to the next, people use ride-hailing apps such as Uber and Lyft. The apps are very convenient.

However, hiring multiple Ubers to transport a group of people is not very reasonable because it is expensive. In contrast, hiring large passenger vans like a 20 seater to transport a large group of people saves money.

  1. It Saves Time

Naturally, a group of people without cars will move from point A to point B by catching a bus or using the metro.

Both of these options usually involve walking for some distance to a station and then waiting for the bus or metro to arrive. This can sometimes take a lot of time.

In contrast, if such a group were to use a 20-passenger van rental near them, they would quickly find a van to quickly move to their destination.

  1. Great for Senior Citizens

Senior citizens move at their own pace. Most of them also do not like using buses and subway systems.

It is also not very kind to make them walk for long distances to metro or bus stations.

The best way to move a group of senior citizens from one point to another is to Google “20 passenger van rental near me” and rent a passenger van to transport them.

Luxury Van

Top Rental Companies in Major States & Cities, US

In terms of passenger van rentals, there are no companies that dominate the entire country.

However, there are van rental companies that dominate specific cities and states.

Below are some of the most prominent firms from which you can get a big passenger van/ bus.

  1. Enterprise

Enterprise is one of the most popular vehicle rental businesses in the United States. They have a massive fleet of vehicles that can easily be hired for use.

It also has dozens of locations countrywide. Therefore, wherever you are located in the country, be it San Diego, Baton Rouge, Atlanta, Orlando, Memphis (Tn), Minneapolis, Miami, NYC, or Vegas, you can easily find an Enterprise location near you and hire a van.

The types of passenger vehicles you can hire from Enterprise include 7, 8, 12, and 15 passenger vehicles.

So if you are looking for 20 passenger van rental from Enterprise, the best big passenger vehicle you can get is the 15-passenger one.

Enterprise has discounts and offers depending on the location where you are renting from and other factors.

  1. Hertz

Like Enterprise, Hertz is a popular vehicle rental business. The company rents many different types of vehicles across the country.

If you search online for “20 passenger van rental Hertz,you will discover that the company offers a variety of vehicles for rent including trucks, cargo vans, and passenger vans.

The types of passenger vans you can rent from Hertz include 15-passenger Chevrolet vans.

You can rent Hertz vans in any of its many countrywide locations including those in New York, New Jersey, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Houston, Austin, and so on.

  1. Sixt

Sixt is also a big van rental brand in the United States. The company has a massive fleet of vehicles that it rents across the country.

The types of passenger vehicles you can rent from Sixt include 12 and 15 passenger van rentals.

Sixt operates in over 100 countries across the globe. So if you are a global traveler, you now know from whom to rent a passenger van for your family the next time you are in a foreign country.

It is important to note that Sixt has a discount program similar to the flying miles discount programs that many airlines have.

  1. The National Charter Bus Company

This company has multiple types of vans for hire in many cities across the country. The vans include 18 and 20 passenger van rentals.

According to the company, the buses are perfect for city tours, airport transport, casino-hoping, and employee transport.

The amenities in each van include Wi-Fi, TV, a restroom, and a massive luggage storage area.

This business operates in Alexandria, Austin, Irvine, Indianapolis, Houston, Detroit, Denver, Dallas, Columbus, Cincinnati, Chicago, Charlotte, San Jose, San Francisco, San Diego, San Antonio, Portland, Plano, Phoenix, Philadelphia, Orlando, and Newark.

Booking or renting can easily be done via phone.

Types of 20 Passenger Vans

There are several types of 20 passenger vans. They include:

  1. Standard 20 Passenger Vans

These vans are the cheapest to rent because they are simple buses without many extra features or amenities. They are often rented for city transport.

  1. Luxury 20 Passenger Vans

These vans are the most expensive to rent because they are luxury vehicles with amenities such as Wi-Fi, increased legroom, a washroom, leather seats, a minibar, and a premium audio-visual system.

The Mercedes 20 passenger sprinter van rental currently dominates this category!

  1. Business 20 Passenger Vans

These vans are in between standard and luxury passenger vans. They are more amenities than standard passenger vans and fewer amenities than luxury passenger vans.


Whether you are looking for a 20 passenger van rental in Atlanta or a 20 passenger van rental in Orlando, you now know what to expect and the companies you should expect to deal with.

Enterprise, Hertz, and Sixt are among the top van rental businesses in the United States.

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