2020 Pop Up Campers You May Love

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Pop up campers are the lightest towable campers on the market.

This is because they are super compact with hard walls rising only halfway and “soft” walls that can be collapsed during transport connecting the hard walls with a hard roof.

In other words, half of the body of a pop-up camper is made of a soft wall (e.g. vinyl or canvas) and this part is collapsed or hidden away when the camper is in storage or…

… being transported and only deployed (popped up) when the camper is parked and stabilised for use.

There are many pop up campers on the market. However, a few stand out from the rest.

They include the following.

2020 Best Pop Up Campers

  • Jay Sport Camping Trailer

I included this camper as the first camper because it has the classic pop up shape and it is not very expensive.

When you set it up beautifully, you will end up with a spacious and well-lit camper because it has many windows/screens.

It will be as spacious as the famous Jay Sport Pure Escape.

Inside this camper you can expect a sofa seating, a dinette, and residential style flooring.

The kitchenette inside this trailer includes two countertops, a stainless steel sink, a burner, and storage areas.

The only issue with this Jayco pop up camper is that it does not have a bathroom.

However, it has an external shower.

Key specs of this pop up include:

  • Length: 18’5
  • Weight: 2,270 pounds
  • Average price: $10,000
  • Forest River RV Rockwood Tent RV

Forest River builds some of the most amazing campers in the United States. The company is known for its spacious and feature-rich trailers.

While this tent camper is not regarded as the greatest Forest River camper, it is certainly one of the best pop up campers.

Its key features include a 3-burner stove and oven combo, a microwave, a big dinette, a cabinet, a sink, a countertop, a bathroom (with toilet and shower), and two beds on the opposite ends of the tent trailer.

This Forest River machine also comes with exterior storage spaces.

Key specs of this pop up include:

  • Length: 19’3
  • Weight: 3,249 pounds
  • Average price: $11,800
  • SylvanSport Go Pop Up

Trailer camper vector image

This pop-up vehicle is kind of a hybrid between a pop-up camper and a camping tent.

This is because it is super compact to the extent that you have to anchor a part of it into the ground when setting it up.

While this tent trailer is very compact, when it is set up properly it becomes a comfortable space for one or two people.

In the morning, you can set up a dinette in the middle of this trailer and have two cushiony benches besides it (one on the opposite end of the other.

And at night, you can fold away the dinette table and set up a bed for you to sleep.

The best thing about this SylvanSport trailer is that it is completely waterproof.

Of course, this is something to expect from a trailer but considering how lightweight this particular one is, some people might assume it is not.

This vehicle weighs less than 900 pounds. This means it can be towed by just about any SUV. It can also be towed by a number of sedans.

Key specs of this pop up include:

  • Length: 11’11”
  • Weight: 840 pounds
  • Average price: $9,000


  • Forest River Flagstaff Pop Up

Many people think that this is the greatest pop up RV ever made.

The reason is that while it is small, compact, and lightweight, it has just about everything you need for a luxurious camping experience, and it does not need a lot of setting up.

In fact, setting up this trailer will barely take you a few moments.

There is enough space for two people to sleep comfortably in this RV. So if you want to travel with your partner, you will both be comfortable in this trailer during the day and during the night.

What I like the most about this model is that is its roof.

The triangular and house-like design of its roof makes it spacious.

It also makes this roof less likely to collapse in case of heavy rain, snow, or hail because everything will quickly slide off.

I also like the fact that this trailer has several exterior storage sites including a pass-through storage.

Inside this Forest River trailer there is a dinette, a toilet, a kitchenette with 3-burner range and a sink, a small cabinet, twin beds, and so on. This camper also comes with an external gas grill for outdoor BBQs.

Key specs of this pop up include:

  • Length: 20’10”
  • Weight: 2,570 pounds
  • Average price: $16,999


  • Taxa Mantis by TAXA Outdoors

This is one of the best but at the same time most expensive pop up campers.

It is designed to be lightweight but at the same time to provide you with maximum luxury.

This camper is relatively easy to set up. In fact, if you are a DIY enthusiast, you will really enjoy setting it up.

Even if you do not like doing things yourself, you should enjoy setting it up.

Once you set up this vehicle, you should enjoy a luxuries camping experience.

The interior is length and spacious and you can put all your supplies in its convenient storage spaces.

It is important to note that the features of this machine include a kitchenette with a two-burner stove, a sink, open shelves, a storage tower, a trash can, and a cooler platform.

It also has enough sleeping space for four people including a queen bed for two adults and a folding couch/bunk bed creation that sleeps two more adults.

The pop-up roof on this machine ensures great ventilation.

Key specs of this pop up include:

  • Length: 19’
  • Weight: 2,972 pounds

Average price: $42,000


2020 Pop Up Campers You May Love

Pop up campers are the lightest towable campers on the market. This is because they are super compact with hard walls rising only halfway and “soft” walls that can be collapsed during transport connecting the

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