Dimensions of 24ft Box Truck for Rental – Width, Length?

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Figuring out overall 24ft box truck dimensions or big, length and wide inside is very important for your moving plans. 

This vital details will not only help you determine which box truck sizes will fit your loads or cargo, assist you set a proper pricing cost plan.

Box trucks typically vary in length from 10 to 26 feet, and their classifications may range anywhere from Class 3 to Class 7. When you open the back door, it often folds up or rolls up like a garage door when you do so.

Basic 24 Foot Box Truck Dimensions

If you would like to opt for a 24 feet box truck, here is what you need to know about the interior dimensions of a 24ft truck size:

  • Interior height – 8’1”
  • Height at the door – 7’6”
  • Interior width – 7’5”
  • Width of the gate – 7’5”
  • Length (interior) – 23’10”
  • Payload capacity – 10,000 lbs
  • Cargo capacity – 1232 cubic feet
  • Clearance height – 7’7@

24 Foot Box Truck Weight Calculations

  • 1224 cubic feet in volume,
  • 6,205-pound maximum load,
  • 17.500-pound gross vehicle weight,
  • Gross vehicle Weight when empty: 10,895 lbs.,
  • Maximum towing capacity: 7,500 lbs.

Why Do You Need to Find the Right Size of a Moving Truck?

Suppose you are moving a long distance and just going in one direction. In that case, you should hire a much larger rental truck with power steering, automatic transmission, dual-faced mirrors, air conditioning, and enough interior length necessary to hold all of your possessions while traveling.

This will ensure that you have enough personal space during the move. This is because relocating a massive quantity of things might take a very long period.

When you find out at the very last minute that your truck isn’t large enough to hold all of your belongings, it can be a very stressful situation because you have to decide what gets loaded onto the truck and what gets thrown away. TIPS: Compare 53′ trailer dimensions with smaller sizes!

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If your truck isn’t large enough to hold all of your belongings, you must confirm what gets loaded and unloaded onto the vehicle and what gets thrown away.

If the space provided by your truck is insufficient to carry all of your possessions, you will need to make a choice about which items will be placed in the truck and which will be discarded.

You will know the exact cubic footage of each of your items, which means you will know which of them can go into a box.

Plus, what size moving box each of them will fit into, and how many boxes you are going to need to accommodate all of your possessions that you can box up.

You will also know the exact cubic footage of each of your items, which means you will know the exact cubic footage of each of your items. 

Additionally, you will be aware of the precise volume of each of your products, which translates to the fact that you will be mindful of the exact volume for each of your items.

You will be aware of the authentic cubic footage of each of your goods because you will be aware of the duplicate cubic footage of each of your things. This will be the case because you will be mindful of the exact cubic footage of each of your products.

Rental Providers’ Recommended Truck Sizes According to Your Home’s Size

  • 1-room apartment- 10-16 ft.
  • 2-room apartment-   12-22 ft.
  • 3-room house-   16-22 ft.
  • 5-room house-   22-26 ft.

Select the Appropriate Truck Size For Your Relocation

Once you have determined the total amount of items that need to be transported to the current location and compared that number to the maximum payload capacity of the various kinds of trucks, selecting the motor vehicle that is best suited to meet your requirements will be a task that you can accomplish with relative ease on your part.

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24 Box Trucks are around 24 feet in length and have an approximately 1,500 cubic feet capacity. Suppose the availability of equipped trucks dictates that you move up to a larger vehicle.

In that case, you should make sure that you have moving blankets accessible to prevent the items from sliding about within the vehicle.

This will protect the products safely from being damaged. If you want to drive a smaller model, you may want to think about renting a cargo to go with it, but it is completely optional.

Per Truck Cubic Feet

Every rental vehicle is authorized to contain a particular number of stuff, commonly measured in cubic feet.  This size considers the whole open space of the truck’s storage compartment from floor to roof.

Most people’s available cubic feet are instantly reduced because they’ll seldom be able to fill the truck unless they’re skilled packers. As a result, selecting a slightly bigger vehicle than you anticipate is always a wise decision.

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When establishing the capacity of a moving vehicle, a good rule of thumb to follow is to allot about three cubic feet of space to each room you will be packing.

A truck rental with a size of 24 cubic feet should be able to contain the belongings from eight standard rooms if this assessment is accurate.

Before placing all of your confidence in this rental truck computation, which is merely an approximation, you must count the bulk of your possessions first since this is only an approximation. 

Your relocation will be less stressful and more efficient if you err on the side of caution and rent a moving truck that is slightly larger than your estimate.

This will allow you to accommodate all of your belongings better, and this is because you won’t have to worry about whether or not you’ll have sufficient room to store all of your possessions.

FAQs About Dimensions of 24 Foot Box Moving Trucks!

What is the length, width, and height measurements of a box truck that is 26 feet long?

A truck that is 26 feet long, 8.5 feet wide, and 8.5 feet high is one of the biggest moving vehicles that can be leased. The length of a 26-foot truck makes it one of the largest moving vehicles.

Boxes of household items

Which one of these box trucks has the greatest length of any other in the world?

Box trucks are available in a broad variety of sizes and lengths, ranging from 16 to 26 feet in length. The widths of box trucks also vary widely.

How wide is a vehicle that only travels in a straight line?

The length of the most common trailers is either 53 or 48 feet, and their width is either 102 or 96 inches. In terms of height, the most common trailers are either 48 or 53 inches.

Summary of 24 ft box truck dimensions

It is just as important to pack your moving truck the right way to get the right box truck dimensions when relocating. Everything you put in your car might be in danger if the container you choose is the wrong size, whether it is too big or inadequately little.

Renting a larger vehicle will cost you more money than renting a smaller truck, so you will need to consider the difference in price between the two options.

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