What Are The Capabilities and Dimensions of Penske 26 Foot Truck Rental for Moving & What Does it Cost to Buy?

What is Box Truck Financing Bad Credit?

Penske is one of the leading truck rental companies in America. The company has multiple locations in all 50 states plus the District of Columbia.

It is best known for its transparent pricing, relatively affordable rental rates, and frequent promotional discounts.

Box trucks for sale by Penske

Penske rents five different types of trucks based on size, even as small as 12″ moving box truck.

The Penske 26 foot truck rental is the biggest of the fleet.

It is one of the most popular and best for moving and you will discover everything important you want to know about it in this post.

How much does a 26 foot box truck cost?

How much does it cost to rent a 26 foot Penske truck?

For a 50-mile move distance, you will need to pay approximately $330 plus $1.29 per mile. For a 500-mile move distance you will have to pay about $1000.

What are benefits of non cdl box truck for sale for my new business?This gives you an idea of how much in total you need to pay when you rent a 26 foot moving truck from Penske.

What you get when you rent a 26 foot moving truck from Penske

The 26 foot moving truck is one of the most popular Penske rental trucks. 

This is because it is one of the bigger ones perfect for moving families from one big house to the next.

According to Penske, the 26-foot truck is perfect for individuals or families who want to move from a three, four, or five bedroom home. It has got a massive capacity.

Does Penske rent flatbed trucks between 20 to 28ft long?

When you rent the Penske 26 foot truck rental, you get three things.

First, you get a truck with 1,700 cubic feet of loading space. This is a lot of space especially for a moving truck.

Second, you get a truck that is very well maintained. Penske is known for having some of the cleanest and most reliable rental trucks.

Moreover, the company inspects each truck before pickup. Lastly, you get roadside assistance. Penske offers 24/7 roadside assistance.

Why Are Penske light duty box truck popular?

Capabilities and Dimensions of Penske 26 foot moving truck

The 26 foot Penske truck is 25’ 11” long, 8’ 1” wide, and 8’ 1” high. It is a pretty massive truck.

The total loading space is 1,700 cubic feet and it has a 10,000-pound loading capacity.

What Penske 26 foot truck dimensions (the volume and loading capacity numbers) tell us is that it is big enough to move most three or even five bedroom homes.

Capabilities and Dimensions of Penske

One more thing you need to know is that it has a 50 gallon diesel tank and it can do 10 miles per gallon.

For a truck of this massive size, 10 mpg is definitely not bad.

It means you can go for quite a distance before needing to fill up this truck.

Do Penske have Hino box truck for sale?In other words, you can complete a local or regional move without having to think about running out of fuel in this truck.

How much does a 26 foot box truck cost?

You can get a used 26FT box truck at between $26,000 and $60,000.

The actual amount of money you will pay will depend on the seller, the brand of the truck, and the condition of the truck.

A new 26FT box truck obviously costs a whole lot more than $60,000.

What should I look for before buying 26 ft box truck with liftgate for sale?

What price to hire Penske 26 foot truck with lift gate?

All Penske trucks come with a lift gate. Therefore, you do not have to pay an extra amount of money to hire a Penske 26 foot box truck with liftgate rental!

On average, it will cost you between $200 and $1,000 to rent a 26 ft truck from Penske depending mainly on distance. Read how liftgate work for your need!

Do Penske have Hino box truck for sale?

Does Penske rent flatbed trucks between 20 to 28ft long?

Yes. Penske rents two types flatbed trucks. A 24 to 26FT flatbed truck that does not require a CDL to drive because its GVW rating does not exceed 26,000 pounds.

A 24 to 26FT flatbed truck that requires a CDL to drive because its GVW rating is 33,000 pounds.

How much weight can a 26 foot box truck hold?

Few vital features

The most important thing about this truck is its capacity. It obviously has a decent capacity of 1,700 cubic feet and can carry up to 10,000 pounds.

However, several other things are also worth noting about this truck. For instance, it is towing compatible and it comes with a 1,000-pound capacity loading ramp.

The ramp is so strong that you can virtually use it to carry anything into the truck.

One more thing worth nothing about this truck is that it comes with cargo tie rails that are very important for tying down cargo.

Is a 26 foot moving truck big enough for 5 bedroom home?

Why are 26 foot truck for sale so popular?

The 26ft truck is one of the most popular trucks available for sale at Penske.

This is majorly because of its large capacity which makes it suitable for families who want to move. The truck can usually accommodate loads from a three-bedroom home.

With families needing to acquire this truck to move, it puts it on the top of the popularity charts.

What is Penske 26 foot truck dimensions

Box Trucks for Sale by Penske

  • Cabover City Delivery Trucks

Cabover delivery trucks are also commonly known as Cab Over Engines. This truck is commonly used to run deliveries in urban areas.

However, it has more diverse uses like its occasional feature as a pest control vehicle.

One unique feature of this truck is its ability to very easily manoeuver between tight spaces which makes it very popular in urban environment.

Do Penske 26 foot truck stops at weigh stations

Dimensions: 16’(L), 7’4(W), 7’(H) 

Maximum load: 5,000 to 10,000 lbs.

Gas Tank Capacity: 30 gallons

Other features include; auto transmission, cargo rails, lift gate, translucent roof etc.


  • The Cabover city truck boasts of its easy maneuverability, one of its major features. The flat nose of the Cabover truck distinguishes it from other trucks, making it very easy to drive through tight or challenging positions. 
  • This truck has great visibility afforded to it by its large windscreen. The windscreen fills almost the entire front part of the truck thereby allowing the driver a clear view.
  • The Cabover truck is easy to maintain and repair due to the easy accessibility of its engine. The engine is located under the cab.
  • The Cabover truck is very noisy and this is because of its engine location. With the engine located under the cab between the driver and passenger, it can get very noisy inside the truck.
  • Another demerit of this truck is its difficult accessibility to the sleeper bunk. To arrive at its location, the driver is required to crawl through an opening which is often inconvenient.

Penske’s cabover trucks are sold from the range of $10,000 to $50,000, depending on the year of manufacture, although, they are mostly priced at $40,000. 

  • Light Duty Box Trucks

Light duty box trucks, as the name implies, are used to transport lightweight loads.

Where do I get cheap box trucks for sale online?Their low weight makes them very flexible.

Another unique feature is their roll-up doors which are built like garage doors.

The light duty box truck is also called – cube vans, straight trucks, cutaway trucks and in Canada, the 1-ton truck. 

Fuel type: Diesel or gas

Power: 255-325hp

Max load: 14,050 lbs.


  • It is lightweight and its cube shape affords it the option of flexibility. This makes it a truck capable of being used in various service industries ranging from being used as a food delivery truck to a furniture moving truck.
  • It affords a lot of space for its size.
  • In the U.S., driving a lightweight box truck does not require a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL). 


  • Its light weight capacity is also one of its biggest demerits. If the load you want to transport weighs more than 14,050lbs, then this truck might not be for you.
  • Although it has a spacious interior, it still cannot compete with trucks that have a higher gross vehicle weight rating and more interior space. 

This type of Penske truck is sold between $21,000 and $35,250.

However, there are some that are sold at higher or lower prices.

  • What is best 26ft box truck to buy for small operations?Medium Duty Box Trucks

Also known as straight trucks or the 5 ton truck in Canada, this is what you need if you are moving your belongings or you operate a delivery business.

It has a rear rollup door and uses automatic transmissions. 

Length: 18-26 ft.

Gross Vehicle Weight: 15,000-52,000 lbs. 

Other features: Interior lighting and clear roof.


  • The rear roll-up door makes it easy to offload the materials being transported. 
  • The medium duty box truck also has a very efficient fuel economy which makes it more sustainable and less expensive than some other heavy duty trucks. 


  • It is more expensive than the light duty box truck. 

The price of this truck can be as low as $15,500, but can also go as high as $117,250. 

  • Refrigerated Box Trucks

Refrigerated trucks are an important addition to people who need to keep materials frozen.

This truck is also known as a chilly lorry or reefer. It is best for businesses and individuals transporting perishable products in need of refrigeration. 

Length: 14-26 ft.

Fuel type: Diesel or gasoline

Other features: Liftgates, air conditioning, AM/FM radio.


  • The truck also has a good cargo control system that prevents items from toppling over or getting destroyed in the course of a journey. 
  • The trucks are suitable for both long and short distances. 


  • Its unique cooling feature does not make it very versatile in its use for other purposes. 
  • It has a short lifespan and an expensive maintenance fee. The refrigerated truck has a lifespan of seven years, making it one of the most expensive trucks to purchase and maintain.  

Refrigerated trucks are quite expensive when compared to other trucks.

Their prices depend on the year of manufacture.

For example, a 2015 Freightliner reefer truck costs $78,250 while a 2003 Ford refrigeration box truck costs

Box trucks for sale by Penske


FAQ about Penske Truck Rental!

What should I look for before buying 26 ft box truck with liftgate for sale? 

When buying a used truck, one of the major features of the truck you should be on the lookout for is the condition of its tires.

Getting or changing tires on your used truck can be a hassle and in some cases defeat the purpose of you going for a used truck, which usually is cheaper pricing.

You should also lookout for the windows and the doors-if they open and shut well, and the body of the truck. If it’s rusty or not, the fuel mileage and the truck repair history.  

Is Penske same as Hertz?

How many rental companies offer used 26 foot box truck for sale in USA?

There are many rental companies across the USA that sell their box trucks after a period of use. The rental companies that sell quality used 26 foot box trucks include Penske, Enterprise, and Budget.

Penske has a dedicated website for its used trucks and they are all usually in very good condition.

Do Penske have Hino box truck for sale?

Yes, Penske have Hino box trucks for sale. The Penske Hino box trucks are tough and reliable machines that still have got plenty of years on the road.

When you visit the Penske used trucks website you will find 2011 Hino, 2014 Hino, 2016 Hino, and so on.

Are there 26 foot box truck with sleeper for sale by Penske

What are benefits of non cdl box truck for sale for my new business?

Some of the benefits of a non cdl box truck for your business include marketing of your business through customization of the truck.

Also, the truck can double as a trailer, saving you the stress of having to get one. One more benefit of the non cdl box truck is that it can also be used as mobile shop. Its versatility affords its use in many more ways.

Where do I get cheap box trucks for sale online?

There are many websites that sell cheap box trucks online. The companies best known for quality and affordable used box trucks are Penske, Budget, and Enterprise.

The trucks from these firms are usually top-notch. Other companies known for affordable trucks include machinio, truckpaper, and commercialtrucktrader.

What is best 26ft box truck to buy for small operations?

What is best 26ft box truck to buy for small operations?

For small operations, you should bring a small truck and not a big 26 foot box truck. You should probably go for a box truck van if you want a truck for small operations.

This is because a massive box truck will cost you more yet you won’t use the whole of it for small operations.

Are there 26 foot box truck with sleeper for sale by Penske?

Not at the moment. Penske does not have used 26 foot box trucks with a sleeper.

A box truck with a sleeper is a special thing because it allows you to rest legally within your truck when going on a long trip. There are many such box trucks on websites such as truckpaper and machinio.

Where do I get cheap box trucks for sale online?

How many miles per gallon does a Penske 26 foot truck get?

The Penske 26 feet truck has a fuel economy of 13 miles per gallon (13 mpg).

This is very good fuel economy considering the fact that it is better than the fuel economy of some smaller box trucks such as the 12 foot Penske box truck.  

How big is a 26 foot moving truck?

The 26FT moving truck by Penske is the biggest moving truck rental they have.

The truck offers 1,700 cubic feet of space and has a maximum load capacity of 10,000 pounds. So it can really take on plenty of furniture.

What are benefits of non cdl box truck for sale for my new business?

Does a Penske Truck have to stop at weigh stations?

Yes, it has to. Weigh stations require all big trucks to stop for weighing and inspection. This is especially required if your Penske moving truck is 26 feet long. The assumption is usually that such big trucks are more likely to carry excess weight.

How much weight can a 26 foot box truck hold?

A good example of a 26ft truck is the Penske 26ft truck. It is a brilliant truck that is big and spacious and it has a maximum payload capacity of 10,000 pounds. This is nice because it means this truck usually has the capacity to move plenty of heavy items at the same time.

Do Penske have Hino box truck for sale?

What is the GVWR of a 26ft Penske Truck?

The 26 foot Penske box truck has a GVWR of 26,000 pounds. What this means is that it does not require a commercial driving license (CDL) to drive. Just an ordinary driving license is enough to drive the biggest Penske moving truck.

Is it hard to drive a 26 foot U-Haul?

It is not very hard. While bigger trucks are generally harder to drive than smaller trucks, the 26FT U-HAUL truck is not very hard to drive.

Although it requires some getting used to, you should be able to navigate the 26FT U-Haul truck either in city streets or on the highway.

How many rental companies offer used 26 foot box truck worldwide?

Is a 26 foot moving truck big enough for 5 bedroom home?

In many cases, the answer is yes. The truck is big enough for moving all heavy items from a five bedroom house.

Generally, a five-bedroom house might sound like it has a lot of things but it usually doesn’t. All the things in it can be safely moved using a spacious 26 foot truck.

Does Penske charge per mile?

Yes, it does. In some situations Penske will charge you per mile. So before you decide to rent a Penske truck, ask about this through your local office.

Ask them what they charge exactly and under what circumstances. This information will help you to decide if you really want to use Penske.

Box trucks for sale by Penske

Summary of 26Ft Foot Rental

The Penske 26FT truck (as same size from competition like 26 foot Uhaul) is a massive moving truck.

It is very spacious and perfect for moving between a four, five, six, or seven-bedroom home.

This popular 26 foot truck rental from Penske is not very expensive to rent especially for long distance moves. Additionally, Penske 26 foot truck lift gate comes without additional cost!

How much does it cost to rent a 26 foot Penske truck?

Penske 26 foot box truck rental carry up to 5 bedroom!

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How much does a 26 foot box truck cost?