Is A Cargo Van A Good Investment – 6 Factors To Help You Purchase Commercial Cargo Van

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When it comes to choosing a commercial van or vehicle, there are many commercial vehicle options to choose from; cube van, pickup truck, etc.

Out of these options, commercial cargo van is probably one of the most widely known commercial vans out there.

But buying a cargo van doesn’t follow the same principles as picking up a carton of milk from the grocery store. Some factors need to be considered before making such an expensive purchase.

This article gives a detailed guide on factors you should have in mind before making a big investment like buying a cargo van.

Please note that, other commercial vehicle options in the market worth considering will also be discussed in this article.

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Is A Cargo Van Good Investment? Follow These Steps Before Buying One

You finally started your own business and after thinking long and hard, you decided that cargo vans are the best commercial vehicle options to satisfy your transportation needs.

But before you dip into your savings and buying a commercial vehicle for your business, you might want to consider the following factors to get the best commercial vehicle for your business:

  • Size matters

Right off the bat, you have to consider the size or carrying capacity of the cargo van you want. And not only the interior size, but the exterior is also worth considering.

Cargo vans come in various sizes and being a commercial vehicle, you’re certainly at some point in time going to use it in transporting items related to your business.

With that in mind, the size of the vehicle is a huge factor. However, before you buy the biggest sized van in the market, you should also take into account the problems that come with owning and driving a large cargo van. For example, maneuverability.

Even the most experienced drivers might find it difficult to navigate such a large mass of steel through alleys or streets. That said, it’s also a bad idea to buy a vehicle that’s too small to conveniently transport your items.

Especially if you’re going to be handling objects of great weight and size. The best option is to go for the cargo van that isn’t too big or too small.

Even if you plan on expanding in the future and you might need that extra square inch of space, choosing a van that satisfies your current desires is still the better option.

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  • Decide your budget

No matter what business you’re trying to get running, the monetary aspect can not be ignored. And you are most likely to get a great bargain any chance you get.

When it comes to buying a commercial vehicle, you should have a similar mindset. Sure, the latest models have so many cool features, but going over  budget because of a seat warmer is not the best financial decision.

Instead, you should get the most economical option and save the extra money. You can even opt for a used cargo vehicle at a great deal.

  • Consider your cargo

Another important point of consideration before buying a work van is its payload. That is how much the van can haul at once.

Sometimes, in trying to save money, some business owners go for the vans with smaller payloads. This might seem like a good investment initially, but overtime, your vehicle will start developing problems because of excess load.

Meaning you should definitely consider the weight of the items you would be transporting when purchasing your van.

  • Fuel management

Fuel management is also another vital aspect of purchasing a cargo vehicle. Consider how many miles you plan on putting behind  your vehicle every day.

If you’re going to be transporting items through long distances, then you should be looking for a fuel-efficient cargo van.

Because fuel costs tend to add up with time and you might find yourself spending more money on fuel than you need to.

However, if the destinations you’ll be going to aren’t that far away, then maybe you should shy away from those high-power engines and go for more standard models.

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  • Inbuilt equipment

This seems like a negligible factor, but it isn’t. There are equipment or assistants that come in many cargo vans that makes the driving experience much easier.

Not just the sound systems with extra bass or a van that comes with leather seats, but special features like a parking assistant or a navigation system.

While you need to save money any chance you get, some equipment might be worth the extra cost in the long run and they’ll make driving less of an ordeal.

  • Renting is also an option

If you’re strapped for cash, you should consider renting commercial transport vans, instead of buying your cargo van. Especially if transporting heavy or large items isn’t something you do often, then renting is more cost effective.

But if you’re always going to need heavy-duty machinery to transport items of various weights and sizes, then investing in a good and affordable van is better than renting.

Other commercial vehicles in the market

There are other commercial vehicles out there other than cargo vans. And they come with their advantages and unique features.

Pick up trucks

A pickup truck is a commercial vehicle that’s just as popular as a cargo van. If space is what you’re looking for in a commercial vehicle, then a pickup truck with its open bed can offer you seemingly unlimited space.

Apart from that, they can also go on dirt paths and are easier to navigate than a cargo van. Add to the fact that the pickup truck is more fuel-efficient, it seems like a better option than the cargo van.

However, the pickup truck still has its own disadvantages. The number one disadvantage of the pickup truck is its uncovered storage space. Also, if you’re not transporting any item in a dirt path or dusty road then you don’t need the pickup.

Cube van

Cube vans also referred to as box trucks use a box-shaped cargo area that sits on the frame (like a miniature trailer vehicle).

Cube vans are ideal if you plan on hauling heavy-duty items (great size and weight). Plus the cargo area is ideal for that extra advertising to boost your business.

However, the cargo area of cube vans are inaccessible from the interior which might be a problem. And they’re harder to maneuver than the cargo van.


Having a reliable transport vehicle is a must-have for business owners. And taking a moment to weigh your options and every other factor can help you save up on expenses and get the best vehicle for your transportation needs.

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