Understanding the 6 Month Car Lease

Many people know that the longer they rent, the more they save. However, many people do not take advantage of this.

Nevertheless, the fact that you are reading this means you are interested in renting a vehicle for several months and saving money while at it.

In this post, I will share with you everything you need to know about the 6 month car lease. You will learn its benefits and why you should consider it. I will also share with you information about car leasing in general.

What is 6 Month Car Lease?

The six month car lease is a longish car rental that lasts six months. It is generally cheaper and more convenient than renting a vehicle daily or every now and then.

The six-month car lease is perfect for those who are in a sort of temporary situation that will last for a few short months.

Below are the people this car lease is perfect for and why:

  • Students –

University students who live far away from home and have the means usually lease a car for the semester.

  • Professionals –

Professionals assigned to work in towns or cities far away from home for several months usually lease a car to use for the duration of their assignment.

  • Researchers –

Researchers studying in urban or rural areas far away from their homes often lease a car to use for the duration of their study.

  • Tourists –

Tourists and travelers who decide to stay in a destination for several months usually lease a vehicle to use to get around quickly and cheaply.

  • Soldiers –

Soldiers and military contractors living in areas far away from their homes usually lease a vehicle to use for the duration of their assignment or posting.

As you can see above, there are several types of temporary situations, which make a 6 month car lease ideal.

In addition to the above temporary situations, some individuals also opt for the 6 month car lease when they want to test drive a vehicle for an extended period without any obligation to buy it.

So if you also like a vehicle and you would like to test drive it extensively before buying it, you should visit a car lease company and lease it.

If you like it, ask the car lease company if you can buy it. Once you get the offer, get other offers and compare them.

While a 6 month car lease is perfect for several situations, there are certain situations for which it is not perfect.

For example, if you simply want a car to use only on weekends or for a few weeks, you should simply focus on getting a good short term rental deal rather than getting a 6-month lease.

This is because the short term rental deal will most likely be much cheaper.

6 month car lease

A Good Example of a 6 Month Car Lease

Many companies in the UK offer 6-month car leasing services. They include Flexed.co.uk.

This company allows you to lease a car for six months at a cheap price. Its 6-month car lease comes with no long-term obligations.

You can lease a car on the company’s website and pick it up the very next day. And after six months, you can ask for an extension if you want to continue using it.

The company only leases top-quality new and newish cars from Volvo, VW, Mercedes, BMW, Fiat, and other brands. And it has branches across the UK, making it easy for clients to quickly and conveniently pick up rented vehicles.

Lastly, when you lease a car from this company, maintenance is free and emergency assistance is included.

It costs 1200 pounds to rent an Audi E-Tron, and 250 pounds to rent a Fiat 500 Hybrid.

How Does Car Leasing Generally Work?

Car leasing is essentially a long or longish car rental. When you lease a car, you get control of it for several months while paying a fixed weekly or monthly fee. Sometimes, you also pay an extra amount of the miles you travel above a certain monthly limit.

Are There Restrictions When One Leases a Car?

Yes, the

re are restrictions. When you rent a car, it does not mean you get a free hand to do anything you want with it.

You get the keys to use it and you decide things about it e.g. where to park it and when to clean it. However, there are certain things you cannot do with it.

  • You cannot modify a leased car without asking for permission

For example, you cannot add fog lights, a tow bar, decorations, a new paint, or a rooftop carrier, or anything else without asking for permission from the car owner. Most leasing companies usually penalize individuals who make modifications.

  • You cannot drive beyond a set mileage

In the 6-month lease agreement, you usually have to agree to a maximum mileage limit. For every extra mile, you often have to pay an additional amount of money.

It could be 10p or 20p. This can add up quickly if you use the car frequently after passing the maximum limit. If you really expect to drive a car frequently and to rack up miles every day or week, you should negotiate an agreement that has a higher mileage limit.

  • You cannot just drive a leased car recklessly or handle it without care

Leased cars need to be taken good care of. If you return a car in bad condition e.g. with a broken windshield, you will most likely be charged for the cost of repairing the damage.

  • You cannot take a leased car across an international border

Most car lease companies do not allow their cars to be driven across an international border without their express permission.


A 6-month car lease is perfect for those who need to use a car in certain temporary situations e.g. students, soldiers, researchers, and professionals.

It is, however, not perfect for situations where the car is not going to be frequently used because renting a car is cheaper for such situations.