How to Acquire Vehicle Equipment from Advantage Truck Lease Program

Finding the right leasing company can be a challenging task.

You’re usually advised to check for quotes from different leasing companies before deciding.

Advantage Truck Leasing | Trucks Fleet and Equipment!

That’s right, but first, you must know about the companies available and what leasing from them entails.

Advantage truck leasing is a leasing company that serves its local environment with truck-related service.

To know more details about this company, ride with us.

What Does Advantage Leasing Do?

Advantage truck leasing is a company based in Worcester County, Massachusetts.

It is only one location they have.

As a local-based leasing facility, Advantage provides businesses, both big and small, with trucks.

Their programs include full-service leasing, finance leasing, and contract maintenance. 

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How Does Their Truck Lease Work?

Under the Advantage truck leasing agreement, new and old trucks are available.

They have several categories of trucks you can choose from, including Box trucks lease, reefer trucks, and conventional trucks.

These trucks are medium to heavy-duty trucks.

They have both short-term truck lease and long-term leases that provide the flexibility businesses need.

They are associated with the National lease program, one of the largest full-service truck rental through which they run their lease agreements 

To request a quote, you need to fill a form that requires details such as name, email, or phone address.

After which, you receive a response with the estimated cost of the rental.

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Let’s Discuss Some Unique Benefits

With Advantage truck leasing as your lease provider, you can enjoy one or more of these benefits, as much you gain from bigger lessor like Ryder leasing agreements and Penske full service lease!

  • Full-service leasing

Maintenance and repairs can be unpredictable, so it can affect cash flow and your ability to pay your monthly payments.

In full-service leasing, you will not bear the risk and cost of maintenance or repair, provided it was not your fault.

You enjoy the benefits of owning a truck, but do not bear the risk. 

Aside from the cost of maintenance, it can be challenging to find the right hands to make the fixes on your truck.

Running on this program, it becomes a non-hassle because Advantage has dedicated and capable technicians.

The company also finances the lease, in which case, you only make a monthly payment and at the end of the lease period, return the vehicle.

Not all truck leasing companies provide this option. If you want to renew your lease after the least period, you can request another vehicle.

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  • Has a maintenance contract

This service benefits customers who do not want to be concerned with repairs, particularly those with a fleet.

It can be hard to find proper technicians and even more challenging and expensive to have a dedicated technician for your business. 

Outsourcing this to Advantage with their team of dedicated technicians is a great option as it frees you up to focus on business areas where you have more expertise. 

This contract also provides you the benefit of better prices for equipment and replacement parts that would never have gotten by the business itself.

Whether you own the truck or a finance lease, you can use this service.

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  • Has a finance lease  

A finance lease, which is also known as a capital lease, is one where there is the option of ownership at the end of the lease period.

After using the truck during the lease period, you will be offered the truck cheaper than the current market price.

It is more affordable and flexible to own a truck than financing a truck some other way. Throughout the lease period, you will cover the cost of maintenance.

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  • Works with both big and small companies

Unlike some leasing companies that have a minimum number of trucks that can be leased.

Advantage works with both small and big companies, as well medium to big rigs like semi truck leasing deals.

There is no discrimination in this regard and their customer service provides recommendations to ensure your trucking needs are satisfied in the best way possible.

What Does Advantage Truck Leasing Do?


If your business is in Massachusetts, Advantage truck leasing has great offers for you—whether you want a new truck or a used one.

Make sure to calculate the cost of the lease and the cash flow before agreeing to any terms and conditions or the payment plan.