How Does Uhaul Dolly Rental Works and Prices Marks?

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Hypothetical situation—it’s time to move and all is going well until you spot your large refrigerator at a corner in your kitchen, and then you realize the need for appliance dolly rental to move the furniture, big freezer and similar bulky items.

What do you do? Certain kinds of heavy lifting are unnecessary when you know the right equipment to use. And when it comes to moving appliances around the house or from the house into a truck without grunting or breaking your back, an appliance dolly Uhaul or Lowes or utility dolly is the right call.

Don’t own one? No problem! You can rent a dolly from Uhaul dollies department. In this guide from our site (read time: 2 minutes), we not only share reveals details about appliance dollies, but different and similar moving equipment as well Home Depot, Lowe and U-haul dolly rental price. 

Uhaul dolly for rent
Can you rent a dolly from Uhaul?

Appliance Dolly Rental Price by Uhaul

How much does it cost to rent a dolly from u-haul? The U-haul dolly rental price varies based on the dolly type and the type of rental. The two types of rental offered are in-town rental and one way rental.

An in-town rental means the dolly will be used within the town and returned to the exact pick-up location.  A one-way rental, on the other hand, means the equipment will be picked up in one location and returned to a different drop off location.  Here’s a table showing the rental prices of all dolly types:

Dolly Type In-town Rental One-way Rental
Furniture Dolly $7 $10
Utility Dolly $7 $10
Appliance Dolly $10 $12

Are there Utility Dolly Uhaul?

Yes, there are utility dolly Uhaul available for rent at any of their U-Haul locations in the United States and Canada. The rental prices for U-Haul utility dolly would vary depending on the type of utility dolly as well as the type of rental. 

For the latter, U-Haul offers two types of dolly rental—in-town rental (the doll would be used within the town and returned to where it was picked up) and one-way rental (the dolly would be picked up from one U-Haul location and dropped off at another one). U-Haul in-town dolly rents at $7 and one-way rents at $12.

Where to Rent a Dolly With Deals?

You can rent a dolly from U-Haul, Home Depot, Lowe, and a dozen other rental companies. Renting a dolly from U-Haul gives you three different types of dolly: Hand truck, Appliance dolly, and 4-wheel dolly, also known as a flat dolly. As of the time of writing this article, no deals were available at Home Depot, Lowes, and U-Haul.

illustration of box on hand trolley
Discover how much to rent a dolly from uhaul!

Appliance dolly vs Utility dolly

The U haul appliance dolly as well from other brands, is specially made for transporting large, heavy appliances. The appliance dolly comes with heavy-duty straps and side rails to secure the appliances in transit.

A utility dolly, on the other hand, is just the usual, standard all-purpose hand truck designed for a general movement of crates, boxes, light-duty appliances, and small furniture.

A U-Haul utility dolly, for instance, is very common in the truck industry. Uhaul appliance dolly has straps and is designed to move large appliances while Uhaul utility dolly does not have straps and is designed to move cartons, small furniture, and small appliances.

Uhaul Hand Truck Rental

Renting a hand truck from Uhaul costs $7 for an in-town rental but the price goes up to $10 – $12 for a one-way rental. A hand truck, which is otherwise known as a utility dolly, is called a hand truck because it comes in handy for general-purpose movement of crates, boxes, light-duty appliances, and small furniture.

Its design is L-shaped with two wheels, an upright handle, and a little bottom ledge. All U-Haul hand trucks are available to rent at any U-Haul location.

Check out our other articles to help you choose which truck is appropriate for your move.

Dolly cost rental

Furniture Dolly Rental

You can rent a furniture dolly from any U-Haul location. The average price for a U-Haul furniture dolly is $9. Home Depot’s price starts at $10. When moving homes, a furniture dolly is one of the most important tools to rent. Furniture dolly allows you to move cumbersome furniture and items usually without the help of a crew. It makes the moving process seamless. 

1,200 lb Appliance Dolly Rental

A 1200-pound appliance dolly is what you need to move heavy-duty appliances, vending machines, crates, office equipment, and other heavy items. At U-Haul, you can rent appliance dolly of 1200-pound appliance dolly for $10 (In-town rental) and $15 (one-way rental). Home Depot, on the other hand, rents theirs for $ 21 per 4 hours, $30 daily, and $120 weekly.

Stair Climbing Appliance Dolly Rental

They are commonly found in warehouses and in moving companies. At Cal.West Rentals Inc., their rental prices are $95 per day and $350 per week. While Delano Rental Inc. theirs for $70 daily and $280 weekly. 

Heavy-duty stair-climbing dolly rentals are semi-automated or fully-automated utility dollies for easily transporting heavy-duty appliances up and down the stairs. This type of dolly is solid and maneuverable on the stairs. 

appliance dolly weight
What is Uhaul dolly rental cost vs Lowes?

How to Choose the Right Dolly for Your Move

There are different types of dollies, but they can all look the same to you. They have slight differences that determine what they can be used to move. To choose the right one, you need to know what you’re moving. Below are the different types of dollies and their uses:

  • Furniture Dolly

A furniture dolly is designed for moving furniture. It’s flat with four wheels and no handle. It has a 1000 lbs capacity which means you can put your large furniture on it and simply push.

  • Utility Dolly

A utility dolly serves different purposes. With a capacity of 600 lbs, it was designed to carry small items. These small items can be appliances, furniture, or cartons. It has a handle which makes navigation easy.

  • Appliance Dolly

An appliance dolly was designed to move appliances, both small and large. With a handle and strap to secure the appliance, it makes moving by yourself a lot easier.

FAQ about rent a dolly!

Can I rent just a dolly from uhaul?

Yes, you can rent just a dolly from U-Haul. At the moment, all U-Haul dollies, hand trucks, and furniture pads are available for rent at any U-Haul location in the United States and Canada.  

Appliance dolly rental Lowe’s

Like Home Depot and U-Haul, you can also get appliance dollies and hand trucks to rent at Lowe’s. All you have to do is visit their website at to get started. 

Appliance Dolly from Lowe and Uhaul

How to use an appliance dolly?

You use an appliance dolly to move heavy appliances like refrigerators, washing machines, musical instruments like Pianos and the likes. It has a strap used to secure your appliance on the dolly. Before moving your loaded appliance dolly through the house, make sure there is a clear pathway available.

Start by lifting the appliance by the side, and then push the dolly underneath it. Make sure the appliance is resting on the rails of the dolly. Next, secure the strap around the middle of the appliance using the D-rings.

Ensure to lift with your legs, not your body. Have a moving partner to help with pushing the dolly up the truck ramp if the appliance is large.

Summary of appliance dolly rental!

Moving is stressful enough so whatever makes it easier and quicker is a welcome idea. An appliance dolly rental from Uhaul, Home Depot, Lowe for your move is always a great idea. The average rent a dolly prices are competitive, and there’s the option of a one-way rental if you’re planning a cross-country move.

If you want to know more about Uhaul, check out our other articles.

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