Bentley Rental Reviews for Australia, UK, USA, Canada etc

In this article, you will learn everything important you need to know about Bentley rental in the USA. Bentleys are made in the United Kingdom.

They are among the most expensive luxury vehicles made in Europe. This is the reason they are often showed off by celebrities on Instagram, Snapchat, and other social media.

Without further ado, below is all you need to know about Bentley rentals.

Why Bentley Rental?

Bentley car rental offer a suite of luxurious;y supreme vehicles.

They are stylish, iconic, and perform very well especially on the highway. Below are the common reasons why people rent Bentleys.

  1. For Business

Business people regularly hire Bentleys to go to meetings when they do not have their cars around or when they want to make a very good impression quickly.

Many organizations also hire Bentleys for VIPs visiting them from out of town and for their VIPs visiting locations in town or out of town.

  1. Hire for Prom

Many teenagers usually have their parents rent them a Bentley for prom. Which is natural considering no one wants to turn up to their prom night in a regular car or van.

To rent a Bentley for prom, parents need to contact the nearest VIP car rental and ask for a Bentley.

  1. Great for Weddings

Many wedding organizers usually hire various Bentley models for transporting the bride and the groom plus important guests between venues.

This is because Bentleys are luxurious and comfortable; they are perfect for accommodating guests the way they deserve.

  1. Enjoy Steady Speed

Many individuals look for speed when booking luxury vehicles. This is because speed is exhilarating especially in a car that is stable and safe.

Most Bentleys are fast, stable, and safe. This is the reason why customers looking for speed, stability, and safety usually prefer them.

  1. Maximum Luxury

Bentleys are luxurious vehicles. Take the Bentley Continental GT, for instance. It is a thing of beauty and it is maximally luxurious.

Its seats are comfortable, massaging, and ventilated. While its steering wheel is super ergonomic. It is also well air-conditioned for a good measure. It is because of features such as these that people rent Bentleys.

  1. Cruising

To cruise on long highways, you need a powerful and reliable car. This is the reason why those who know Bentleys rent them to cruise down highways and enjoy the power, the speed, and the handling of the vehicles.

  1. Airport Pickups

Bentleys are booked to pick up guests arriving at airports and transport them to the homes of the people hosting them or the hotels they have been booked into.

Bentleys are nice for airport pickups because they are super luxurious and opulent. They are perfect for people used to the opulence of first-class seats/ cabins.

Bentley Rental

Bentley Models Available for Rent

There are many Bentley rentals in Chicago, Atlanta, Miami, Los Angeles, New York, and other major affluent cities.

These rental businesses rent all types of Bentley vehicles.

One of the most popular ones is the Enterprise Company. This is the most renowned car rental company in the world.

Below are the Bentley car types usually available for rent at Bentley.

  1. Continental GT Convertible

This is one of the latest Bentley models available on the market. It is a 500 HP car with a 4.0L V8 engine.

So if you want speed and high-performance, it is the car you should go for. Like you would expect from a Bentley, it has a super luxurious interior.

It is a convertible and it is probably the most popular Bentley on the market in 2020.

It can be rented from Enterprise’s Bentley rental in Miami Beach and Enterprise’s Bentley rental Atlanta, among other locations.

  1. Bentley Flying Spur

This is also a powerful, high-performance Bentley that you can rent from Enterprise. It has a turbocharged 6.0L engine with a 626HP. It is a vehicle that you will love driving on the highway.

According to Enterprise, it is only available at its Hamptons, Stamford, New York City Metro, JFK Airport, and Fort Lee locations.


Bentley is one of the very best car makers in the world and Bentley cars are great for enjoying speed, projecting power, and attending events.

One of the best companies to rent a Bentley from in the United States is Enterprise. You can rent the Continental GT and the Flying Spur models from this company.