Best Cargo Van Rental Deals for Delivery Service

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In today’s society, there are a good number of cargo and passenger van rental services.

Your challenge, however, is finding the best van rental service that provides reliable vehicles with fair prices, great deals, and excellent customer service.

Most rental companies claim to provide the best services you can hope for.

However, we know better. While we will not be ranking the following companies in any particular order, our findings indicate that they are the best out there.

6 Best Cargo Van Rental and Delivery Services

So, here’s a curated list of six of the van rental service providers that deliver the best services for cargo and passenger vans.

  • Ryder Cargo Van

Ryder, officially referred to as Ryder System, Inc., is a United States logistics and transportation company founded in 1933 by James Ryder.

Known for their fleet of commercial rental vans, they offer full-service leasing, rental, and maintenance vans.

With more than 425 locations in all 50 states of the US, Ryder Cargo Vans are available in North America, including Puerto Rico and the United Kingdom. They offer two main van services, Sprinter van rental, and cargo van rental.

Ryder van

  • Alamo Services

Founded in 1974, Alamo Services is a car rental agency with its HQ in Clayton, Missouri.

The company has long since spread its branches across central states and cities within and outside the USA, Canada, Latin America, Europe, and Asia.

The brand offers low rental rates, and they guarantee a hassle-free customer experience and fun! They launched the first real-time internet booking engine and online check-in system.

Alamo’s site plans vacations and provides travel tools to check the weather, give driving directions, and even help plan fun travel activities.

Discounts and Deals

The discounts and deals depend on whether you have a coupon code, a corporate contract, or an association. Alamo also offers deals such as plan-ahead specials, free rental car upgrades, and last-minute specials.

Alamo services offer different van and minivan options that are pocket-friendly and convenient for you.

penske van

  • Penske Truck Rentals

Penske is service-oriented and dedicated to their customers’ satisfaction through the value they provide them. Penske promises its clients a clean, reliable service, as well as fuel efficiency.

Once you make a booking, the van is available and ready to go. When you use Penske, you get access to convenient rental locations, half-day rentals, and other great features.

They offer discounts such as coupon codes, free unlimited mileage for one-way trips, AAA discounts, military discounts, and college moves discounts.

Penske 12 feet High-Roof Cargo Van

Penske’s high roof cargo van is perfect if you wish to move large appliances, furniture, and even a studio apartment.

The 12 feet tall roof van transports large and bulky items in one go. Penske trucks regularly undergo preventive maintenance.

These trucks and vans are cleaned and thoroughly inspected before customers come for pick up. So, if you patronize Penske, you can rest in the knowledge that you are getting reliable service.

They even provide 24/7 roadside assistance to their customers, ensuring you are secured.

The van’s interior dimensions are 11 ft. 11 in length, 4 ft. 6 in width, and 6 ft. 9 in height. It has up to 53 sq. ft. of floor space, 404 cubic ft. of loading space, 3,500 pounds load capacity, and a 31-gallon capacity fuel tank.

Other features of the van include a cargo partition with an access door and tie rails, rear and side cargo doors, a two-person bucket seating, power steering, and anti-lock brakes.

To rent any of Penske’s vans, you must be 18 years or older, have a valid driver’s license, and have two valuable forms of identification.

u haul van

  • Uhaul Cargo Van

The Uhaul cargo van’s internal dimensions are 9 ft. 6 lengths by 5 ft. 7 widths by 4 ft 8 height.

Its back door opening expands to 5 ft. 1 – ½ ft. by 4 ft. 1-½ ft. (W x H), while its deck height from the floor is 2 ft. 5 and carries a maximum payload of 3,880 lbs.

The cargo van’s weight is at max 8,550 pounds, with an empty weight of 4667 pounds.

U-haul cargo van features two seats for adults, automatic transmission, air conditioning, cruise control, SRS/Airbags, and an AM/FM radio.

The vehicle’s mileage depends on the road and terrain it is to go through. U-Haul rental vans have an MPG of 18, and their fuel tank can take up to 25 gallons of fuel.

  • Enterprise Rental

Enterprise Trucks Rental, a division of the Enterprise Transportation Company, provides top-of-the-line rental cargo vans services. The vehicles are always available – daily, weekly, and monthly.

You can select from a range of available cargo vans that will best suit your personal or commercial needs. Their packages also include free pick-up service and a 24-hour roadside assistance service.

The cargo vehicles available at Enterprise Truck Rental are

  • The compact cargo van
  • High-roof cargo vans
  • Heavy-duty cargo vans, and
  • Heavy-duty XL cargo vans

These cargo vans have similar features but vary in interior dimensions, MPGs, payloads’ capacity, and typical uses.

The compact cargo van features a payload of up to 1,480 lbs, two-person seating, fuel efficiency – average 24 MPG (actual mileage may vary), and interior dimensions of 83″ x 52″ x 48″ (Length x Height x Width).

The cargo van is available with a bulkhead option. It is an excellent vehicle for medium to heavy-duty dry cargo hauling and has 180 degrees swing-out rear cargo doors.

Its features include the standard air conditioning and AM/FM Radio. Some models available with audio input jack, power steering/power brakes, and automatic transmission.

Enterprise van


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This article was carefully put together to help you make the right decision with regards to getting the best cargo and passenger van rental service available to you.

We discussed discount offers and deals, as well as the specs of the vans you may need. While each of the above companies provide quality services, the most suitable for you will most likely depend on your location, budget, and type of cargo.

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