Can I Rent Furniture Pads for Moving or Moving Blankets from U Haul?

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The whole point of doing a DIY move is to make sure you avoid as much hassle as possible, having flexibility over the relocation process, especially caring for your fragile items which makes using furniture pads for moving and other type of moving blankets very important!

No doubt, U haul moving pads rental present a great options to keeping your items intact during packing, loading, while in transit, unloading, and unpacking. Furniture pads for moving or moving blankets as they are also commonly known, constitute a major aspect of your moving plan, up there with moving boxes and moving trucks.

This guide will educate you where to buy or rent moving blankets from Uhaul or other moving companies. 

What are Furniture Pads for Moving?

Furniture pads are tools made out of fabrics that professional or DIY movers use to protect furniture, appliances, and other delicate or fragile household items from destruction throughout the moving process.

Furniture pads for moving are also called moving blankets or moving pads.  And due to their functions, they are typically large cloth covering and feature a heavy-duty design. Most furniture pads are large enough to fully wrap an item of standard-sized furniture and appliance, providing total protection. 

You can buy furniture pads for moving or rent them from companies like U-Haul and some other moving supplies providers. They are usually made from polyester, cotton, or recycled materials depending on the kind of furniture pads you want. 

Can I Rent Moving Blankets from Uhaul?

Do Uhaul sell moving blankets and pads? Uhaul only rent moving blankets – they do not offer pads or blankets for sale, you can buy them from other vendors. Typically, a 12-pack furniture pad will cost anything between $40 and $80. 

Factors like models and sizes influence the ultimate price. Some can even be well over $80 per pack. If you don’t fancy buying moving pads when you need to use them, you can rent from U-Haul. Unlike most rental companies, you can rent moving blankets from U-Haul without having to also rent their trucks. 

How Heavy are UHaul Quilted Moving Blankets?

The double-stitched quilted u haul moving blankets is 72 inches by 80 inches and weighs about 2.5 lbs.

Uhaul furniture pads

Different Types of Moving Pad Rental

As the forerunner of DIY moving in the country, U-Haul has furniture pads for moving and 2 other types of moving pads, to pick from: 

  • standard pad
  • quilted pad, and 
  • paper pad

All three have their individual design and purpose. 

  • Furniture pad

The furniture pads for moving is the original moving blanket and the most popular of three U-Haul pads. It’s typically made using sustainable recycled denim, making it reusable.

While the material is thick and long-lasting enough to offer sufficient cushioning, its lightweight design makes for easy handling. The size is 68 inches by 85 inches. 

  • Quilted pad

The U-Haul quilted pad is similar to the furniture pad in many ways. A notable difference is the multilayered design of the latter, which offers adequate protection. They are made using compressed recycled cotton fibers and are made to be durable.

The double-stitched quilted pad is 72 inches by 80 inches in size. They are your best bet for safeguarding fragile items and are best-suited for long-term storage. 

  • Paper pad

The U-Haul paper pad is a low-cost alternative to furniture and quilted pads. They are not technically considered moving pads, but they offer similar protection, albeit not to the same degree. The three-ply paper pads are often used to wrap paintings, mirrors, or other wall items.

furniture pads for moving

Features of U-Haul Furniture Pads

  • Their dimensions are 68 inches by 85 inches (68” x 85”), making them large enough to cover standard-size furniture and appliances. 
  • UHail furniture pads weigh 2.45 lbs each because of their heavy-duty, absorbent design. 
  • Each of them is approximately ⅛ inches thick. 
  • They are generally durable as well as reusable, they can be used again and again. It comes with a reusable storage bag. 
  • U-Haul moving blankets are made from recycled denim, making them sustainable. 

How to Use Moving Pads to Protect Household Items

Renting or buying moving pads is one thing. It’s quite another thing to know how to effectively use them. This section will show you how in a step-by-step manner. Note: Moving pads are at their best when they are used along with Mover’s Stretch Plastic Wrap.

Apart from effectively securing your moving pad to your household items, plastic moving wraps ensure it doesn’t come off while in transit. 

Now, follow these simple steps: 

  • Gently and loosely place an unfolded moving pad over the household item you want to unpack. 
  • Adjust the pad until it spreads evenly to all sides. Use more than one pad if you need to. 
  • Using the mover’s plastic wrap, secure the spread-out pad in place. Starting from the top, work your way to the bottom. Endeavor to leave a bit of overlap around to make sure the pad stays in place. 
  • Make more than one trip around the item in question so the resulting layer is thick. 
  • Once you are certain that your item is wrapped adequately, it’s time to load it into your moving truck. 

Note: For ease and safety, use a dolly or a Forearm Forklift to transport heavy items.

Why Do You Need Pads for Moving?

Furniture pads are as versatile as versatile goes when it comes to moving. Primarily, they come in handy for providing cushions for appliances, furniture, and other fragile household items during a move, even in smaller trucks like 10 footers. They can, however, also perform other functions. The following are a few: 

Household items protection

Moving blankets are made in such a way that they completely cover and protect household items, including appliances and furniture. Get the best result by pairing them with Mover’s Stretch Plastic Wrap. 

Prevent shifting

By using moving blankets to fill the empty spaces in your moving boxes, you are able to prevent small items in them from shifting and colliding with one another. 

Fill gaps in the truck

Just like filling space in your moving boxes, moving pads can also be used to fill gaps in between appliances, furniture, and boxes and in the back of your moving truck or trailer.

sofa blankets

FAQ about furniture pads for moving!

What size are U-Haul furniture pads?

Weighing 2.45 lbs., a U-Haul furniture pads for moving is 68 inches by 85 inches in size and is approximately ⅛ inches thick. 

How many furniture pads do I need?

This is a common question among DIY movers is how many furniture pads for moving are needed? The answer, of course, depends on your unique moving situation. How many household items are you looking to move? What are their sizes? How fragile are they? 

The rule of thumb is to have one moving pad for each item that might require wrapping. Note that you may need more than one moving pad for larger household items like armoires, headboards, dining room tables, bookcases, etc. This estimation will give you a general idea of how much you would need so you prepare accordingly. 

Can you rent furniture pads from other moving companies?

Yes, you can. Apart from U-Haul, other rental companies such as PENSKE and Budget offer furniture pad rental. 

Are U-Haul moving pads absorbent?

Yeah, they are. Apart from being large enough for adequate wrapping, U-Haul moving pads are ⅛ thick. Most renters use them solely for this purpose. 

How do I clean my U-Haul furniture pad?

Here’s how you go about it: 

  • Use undyed, unscented laundry detergent to wash it. 
  • When rinsing, use vinegar to remove the smell after you wash it. 
  • You can dry it in a regular dryer, but don’t be surprised by the lint. 

Do you have to return the furniture pads to U-Haul?

Yes, you have to return to U-Haul, where you got it. Failure to do so will incur extra charges. If, on the other hand, you bought the furniture pads, you wouldn’t have to return them. They are yours to keep. 

Are moving blankets waterproof?

No, they are not typically designed to be waterproof, but most of them are made using materials that resist water.  Generally, moving pads are absorbent by design. 


As you have seen, furniture pads for moving and other types of moving blankets play a major role during any relocation process. It’s natural to include them on the list of things you’d need to rent when moving. This guide have shown you average price to rent moving blankets and other vitals about this using them for your DIY moving. 


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