These Box Truck Leasing Companies Can Help Both Startup & Established Truckers Acquire Fleet!

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Considering the requirements of your trucking company, using a box truck can be a good investment. It’s excellent as a short-term financial investment. 

In the USA, you will find many box truck leasing companies that will allow you to lease quality box trucks at affordable prices.

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Besides, they also offer other useful facilities. This article will teach you some of the best box truck leasing companies.

You can choose to lease a box truck now and support your business expansion without investing a lot of money.

Most trucking companies are leasing box trucks as they know how they can benefit their business unit. If you are still planning to buy a box truck, you should consider leasing one. 

The best part is that box truck leasing is much more affordable than buying a box truck.

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Best Box Truck Leasing Company Offering Budget-Friendly Leasing Options

  • #1 California Truck Leasing

This is a go-to company that allows clients to lease box trucks in the USA at an affordable price. 

As a leading leasing company, it offers its leasing services in San Diego, Los Angeles, California, San Francisco, and some other major locations. 

You can enjoy leasing facilities for private business and commercial purposes with them. The best part about California Truck Leasing is that you can lease a truck without making any down payment. 

Another thing that makes them different from others is that people with bad credit scores can also apply for a box truck leasing program. So, get in touch with them now. 

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  • #2 Interstate NationalLease

When getting a full-service box truck leasing program, you can always trust Interstate NationalLease. 

They have been working in this industry for years and can offer box trucks engineered to meet your unique requirements effectively.  

The thing that makes them different from other leasing companies is their customized box truck leasing program.

The full-service leasing programs offered by the company include maintenance programs, administrative programs, and more. 

On the other hand, they also offer finance options to those with good and bad credit scores. What’s more? Their leasing programs include fuel cost reduction programs, tax reporting, licensing, driver safety programs, and more. 

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  • #3 MHC Leasing and Rental

This privately-owned truck leasing company in the USA has more than 450 leasing branches. Their leasing procedure is straightforward and very fast.

You can enjoy major advantages with them are multiple box-truck leasing options, faster response, contract maintenance programs, and more.

Based on your current requirements, you can go for a long-term or short-term box truck leasing. The company also offers maintenance programs, assistance in DOT compliance, administrative service to deal with taxes, permitting, licensing, and more.

Choose them and enjoy complete freedom from complex, burden, and time-consuming fleet management. 

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  • #4 OTR Leasing

The company is famous for offering superior-quality truck leasing services at affordable prices. They can offer box trucks and semi-trucks from companies like Peterbilt, Kenworth, Volvo, and more. 

All the trucks are put through a 150-point inspection that meets the DOT regulations. 

Besides, the company also offers different affordable payment options that will allow you to save more money. The average weekly payments can vary from $400 to $550. 

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  • #5 Lone Mountain Truck Leasing

This popular box truck leasing company has its business branches in different major cities in the USA, like IA, NV, Carter Lake, and more. 

The company is quite popular among the trucking companies as it allows them to lease trucks with a lower or no down payment. 

For example, with them, you may need to pay a monthly payment of around $1500 to $2000 for a box truck lease of 24 months. 

Don’t worry if you have a bad credit score, as they accept all. Besides, their in-house finance programs allow people with different credit scores to get a truck on lease. 

You don’t have to worry about maintenance and breakdown costs as their preventive maintenance program will cover all. What’s more? The leasing company also has many protection plans. 

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  • #6 Hogan Leasing Company

This company offers the best leasing solutions at the lowest down payment options. You can get a box truck on lease for your business by paying around $1000 to $1200 per month.

Hogan also offers semi-monthly and weekly payment options. They have been operating in this industry since 1918 and have achieved great customer loyalty.

They have more than 600 company-owned as well as affiliate service centers. When you are with them, you don’t need to worry about permitting, licensing, fuel tax, maintenance, etc. Their 24×7 response will keep your business running smoothly.

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How To Choose A Good Box Truck Leasing Company? 

#1 Check The Reputation Of The Company

Before finalizing your deal, you need to check the leasing company’s reputation. If you find that the company has been involved in any fraudulent activities, stay away from that company.

You can find all this information by searching on the internet and going through the company’s testimonial section.

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#2 Understand Leasing To Or Leasing-On With Meaning

You should not get confused about leasing to or leasing with a company. Besides, you should also understand the difference between leasing a truck on with and leasing a box truck from.

Some truck owner-operators lease a truck from companies like Ryder and more, where zero or little down payment is required. Besides, this facility is available for people with high or low credit scores.

Some truck owners lease their box trucks to a company, which means they will do business with that company to move loads.

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Check The Lease Rate

Another major factor to consider here is the leasing company’s lease rate. You should always look around to find the right deal under your budget. 

Check whether the company has some box truck leasing financing programs or not? If yes, check the interest rates of the available options. 

How To Get A Box Truck Lease? 

It may be noted that box truck leasing finance is different from other leasing and financing. In the case of a general truck loan, the loan will depend on your credit score, current business revenue, and your past business records.

But in the case of truck leasing, the truck you want to buy will be used as collateral. This will lower the leasing service’s risk on the box truck lease. 

This will also allow you to increase your chances of getting qualified for a box truck lease. Now, let’s talk about some requirements you should keep in mind while applying for a box truck lease finance. 

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Check Your Eligibility

Before applying for box truck leasing, you should get pre-approved for a loan. This way, you can protect yourself from a hard credit inquiry that can affect your credit score. 

The major factors determining your eligibility for a box truck leasing program are the total down payment amount, credit score, and your total time in the industry with a valid CDL license. 

Find A New Or Used Box Truck

Always prefer to buy a used or new box truck from a reputable commercial truck dealer. The lenders will want to make sure that the box truck you want to lease is in good condition and can easily last the financing term. 

Carefully check the model, year, and make of the box truck. Besides, check the mileage. You also need to submit a box truck condition report to the lender. 

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Don’t Forget To Get An Insurance

You should have liability coverage, bobtail coverage, physical damage coverage, etc., to get approved for the lease. So, choose an insurance plan that covers all these things. 

Should You Go For Ryder Box Truck Leasing?

Well, when you compare the cost, you will find that Ryder box truck leasing cost is very competitive. Besides, leasing your box truck with Ryder will be a good option as all you need to pay is a monthly leasing fee without worrying about the breakdown and maintenance costs.

Furthermore, the company also offers different protection plans. Its physical damage protection plan covers comprehensive coverage, easy claims handling, GAP, etc. It also offers the latest communication and GPS technologies to truck drivers. So, you can trust Ryder.

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FAQ About Companies That Leases Box Trucks!

What Is The Cost Of Leasing A Box Truck?

As per the market data, if you want to lease your box truck, you may need to pay around USD 800 per month. However, you should remember that you will have to build a good credit score to enjoy a better rate and affordable price.

Is Ryder Box Truck Leasing Good?

Most people go for the Ryder box truck leasing program when choosing the best box truck leasing option.

The company offers a full-service leasing option under your budget. Besides, you don’t have to worry about the maintenance of your box trucks.

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Is Leasing A Box Truck A Good Idea?

Leasing can be an excellent idea if you want to enjoy fewer long-term responsibilities while avoiding depreciation. Besides, leasing can also be a perfect way to save money and focus on the growth of your business.

Which Is Cheaper, Leasing Or Financing?

In general, compared to finance payments, leasing payments are quite lower. When you lease, you don’t pay for the whole box truck.


You will enjoy different cash flow benefits when you lease your box truck. Besides, it can lower the overall administrative burdens with this.

You will enjoy better fleet management tools and maintenance when working with the best leasing companies, like Ryder.

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