How Much To Rent a 26ft Box Truck For A Month Vs Box Trucks Leasing? (Watch VIDEO)

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Is box truck rental better then to leasing for business? Either of these is fine but must be determine by your budgets and duration of deployment.

A trucking lease is a situation whereby one “rents” for an extended period of time. For a short term, box-truck rent prices prove cheaper then leasing. While it is cheaper to lease for long term and pay month to month!

In this free report, you will discover important facts about rental box prices, leasing companies as well average cost to pay for a month depending on few extra amenities such as air conditioning, year of manufactured, transmission types including, power steering models as well cargo space.

How Does Box Truck Rental Works?

A box truck rent is an alternative to buying a new or used truck outrightly. Usually, the truck rental agency gives out the truck at a daily or weekly rate, depending on your rental agreement and reservation. 

How do you hire for business? If you want the box van for business like cargo trips, then a commercial truck rental would be cheaper than a lease.

Similarly, a business truck-rental or lease is designed to help you transition into truck ownership without paying the full cost at a go. So, payments can be split over several months spanning 2 to 5 years.

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Average Box Truck Renting Prices For A Month & Daily?

You can rent a box van for a month at $1,500 to $1,000, depending on the size of the truck and its model. Daily costs vary from $39 to $200. However, these prices are only estimates of what companies charge as cost.

The actual fee for truck rentals for small businesses vary depending on the terms of the rental and other peculiar conditions such as additional towing equipment and often exclude extras like, liability insurance otherwise known as liability protection.

Companies like Ryder and Penske offer considerably low-cost rental fees and are suitable for small business truck rentals.

How To Lease Box Truck with Good Deals

Before you lease, there are a couple of things to bear in mind. The most important being that you have to find the best bargain possible. You also want to get a cube van that suits your purposes, while getting a payment plan that fits your budget. 

Here are some tips to lease with good deals.

  • Match prices:

There are a number of companies who offer lease or rental deals. So, compare prices between as many offers as you can find. It will help you negotiate where possible, or select the most suitable bargain available.

  • Get full pricing details:

Deals often come with different pricing breakdowns. So, if it looks cheap at a glance, be sure to inquire about the cost of other details. For instance, some companies offer tax and maintenance services.

Such offers would take the burden off you and give you a better bargain than cheaper deals which may not cover repairs and maintenance and cargo space.

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  • Avoid peak periods:

Weekends and holiday seasons are often hectic for rental companies, that’s why they are called peak periods. Lots of interested parties may also be bargaining for available trucks. So, it may be better to wait till the rush has subsided, so you can meticulously decide on what’s best for your business or use.

So if you want to lease cube van brands and models at an affordable monthly leasing rate, visit a major marketplace or talk to reputable companies like Penske full service lease and Ryder Lessor.

How Much Does it Cost to Leases a Box Truck?

Box truck leasing prices vary between companies. To lease, you should determine the model and size you wish to lease, and subsequently own. 

Next, inquire about the lease cost, particularly the lease program of companies you may be interested in. Some companies offer fixed monthly rates or percentages per mileage, while others do not include mileage conditions in their lease agreements. 

Further, some companies offer maintenance services during the validity of the lease, as well as licensing, tax, and roadside management. 




Penske Leasing Daily $299.99 and $1.29 miles per day
Ryder Monthly $1,150
Enterprise Truck Daily $228
Idealease Customized duration Customized rates per duration

5 Best Box Truck Leasing Companies in USA

  1. Penske Truck-Leasing

Penske is one of the most popular moving truck rental companies. The company has a nationwide presence and some of the most affordable rental rates for different types of trucks.

The company is also involved in leasing trucks, and in fact, one of the best bob truck companies of small moving trucks. It leases various type of vehicles and their lease is very popular.

  1. XTRA Lease

Unlike Penske Truck Lease, XTRA Lease is strictly involved in leasing. The company is not so much into the truck rental game.

This leasing company is best known for leasing trucks at an affordable price. It is also known to allow customers to track their leased trucks.

So if you want to lease a large number of trucks and track them efficiently, you should call XTRA Lease and ask them about tracking. And, yes they do auto lease!

  1. Ryder

Ryder is one of the most popular leasing companies across the United States. If you are usually traveling on highways, then you must have seen at least one Ryder truck for house moving, commercial freezer, industrial etc.

The company has been in existence for more than eight decades and has plenty of experience. In most Ryder locations, you will find a variety of box trucks that you can lease. And when you choose to work with Ryder, you will get regulatory support plus complete roadside assistance.

Big Ryder trucks

  1. Wyatt Leasing

This company is also involved in the leasing business. It provides nationwide leasing services. The best thing about Wyatt Leasing is that the company has one of the best customer service departments.

They will explain everything to you very courteously. The company also has a variety of trucks that you can lease at relatively good rates.

  1. Idealease

This company leases premium box trucks. So if you want it in absolutely perfect condition, this is the company you should visit.

Idealease is perfect especially for businesses that want to lease at a go. This is because such businesses can confidently expect all the trucks they lease to be perfect. View Ryder ChoiceLease here!

How Much to Rent 26-ft Box Truck for A Month?

How much does it cost to rent a box-truck for a month? It costs $800 to $1,000 on average. You may be able to get a bargain depending on the distance of your travel and the size of the truck. Rental charges for local moves often get charged per mileage, while longer distances get estimated fees. 

Compared to paying the full cost for a bob truck or getting one via financing, short term rentals are inexpensive. Renting one for a month is a great option if you need the truck for a short period as opposed to getting it for long term business activities. Ensure you know what it all entails in your rental document before sign up.


Monthly rate
Penske $1,000
Ryder $1,150
Enterprise Truck $1,500
Idealease Customized rate per agreement

Are There Rent to Own Box Trucks and Vehicles Programs?

Yes, there are rents-to-own box-truck programs. Typically, a rental covers a short duration after which the truck goes back to the company. However, rent to own programs are created through lease agreements.

Such programs allow you to make daily, weekly, or monthly payments over a period of time towards ownership of the truck. Companies like Uhaul, Penske, Ryder, Enterprise Truck, and Home Depot offer rate to own programs.

What are Average 26 Foot Box Truck-Lease Cost in US?

On average, 26 foot lease cost between $1,000 and $1,400 for a month. The cost varies depending on the brand of the truck and its model. 

And, how much does it cost to lease a 26 foot daily? You can lease 26ft for as low as $159 per day. Monthly rates also vary considering that some companies include pricing per mileage for long distance use.

Rental Company Price per day Location
Penske $299.99 plus $1.29/mile One way, New York
Enterprise Trucks $97.28 plus $0.99/mile One way, Alabama

How Does 26 Foot Box truck Leasing To Own Work?

The lease to own agreement is a deal in which you commit to renting for a specific period of time, with the option of buying it before the lease runs out.

When you want to rent a box for an extended period of time e.g. 1 year or 2 years, you lease it instead of renting it.

When you lease, you are allowed to use it for the lease period and then to return it. In other words, truck lease to own is generally cheaper to lease or consider a to-own box arrangement.

Can I Charter Truck For A Year or Any Similar Reservation?

The cost of leasing varies on the terms of the lease agreement and the leasing company. So, how much does it cost to lease for a year? Typically, cube van are leased for a 2-3 year duration, while payments are made at a monthly rate. 

Although you may be able to find a lease agreement that allows for a yearly lease, spreading the payments for several months is more favorable especially to business owners. As to how much it costs to lease for a year, it will be determined by your lease contract.

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FAQ about Box Truck Lease!

Which company leasehold box truck with lift gate?

Can I lease with lift gate? There are many companies that lease box-truck with lift across the USA. The best known company that offer this addition, including lease 26ft with liftgate is Ryder leasing.

The Ryder group is a full transportation company, offering both rentals and leasing trucks with liftgate at  competitive prices. Among their suites of lease services is lease purchase program. The company is best known for its presence across the country and for impressive customer service.

What is unique about PGT purchase program?

With PGT lease, payments are based on a determined percentage and not by your truck mileage. In addition, fuel cards for discounted fueling and maintenance scheduling helps to reduce downtime and increase the driver’s productivity.

Their unique feature is that the terms involve benefits that help drivers maximize profit while making scheduled payments.

Is Swift transportation purchase program good for SME?

Swift transportation lease purchase program has a flexible structure that is favorable to SMEs and entrepreneurs. Understandably, small businesses may be unable to pour out funds to outrightly buy a truck. 

With Swift Transportation’s programs, businesses are able to make money off the leased truck and pay off fees without taking devastating hits.

side of truck and boxes

Are JB Hunt leasehold purchase program options good?

JB Hunt offers equally good lease purchase program options. Most importantly, third-party lease purchase options are included.

This provides drivers with a variety of third party providers to choose from for vehicle equipment and needs. So, you may select the third-party provider that offers costing and services that are to your liking.

What are the requirements to leasing a box truck?

To lease a cube truck, here are the requirements:

How much does it cost to lease a box truck from Penske?

What is average Penske lease cost? To lease a Penske cargo truck, you should expect to pay approximately $1,000 a month. They offer a highly beneficial, cost effective full leasing service.

Box truck leasehold or buy – pros and cons? 

Leasing is less expensive as you would not have to pay high end upfront costs. It is better to lease. If you want a good cube truck to use for a couple months or years and you do not want to pay a lot of money per month, you should lease one.

Also, you would not have to concern yourself with the maintenance of the truck. However, you cannot make changes to a leased truck since you’ve only leased it and do not own the truck.

Conversely, if you want one to use “forever” and you have the money to buy it, you should buy it to avoid paying a small amount every month.

Summary of box truck rental and leasing!

Leasing is an easy way to acquire or own a commercial auto for long term use without having to pay a lot of money every month and much ideal then renting when compared for long term use.

This is because it costs between $800 and $1,400 a month to lease a box van for your business. The top leasing companies include Ryder, Penske, Idealease Inc, and XTRA Lease. You will generally need a good credit score to lease a truck cheaply.

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