What are Box Truck Rental Prices? (How Much to Rent a Box Truck for A Month or Weekly)?

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Box truck rental is one of the most popular moving and transportation designed for the smallest renters to huge logistics companies to transport goods and equipment.

They are typically equipped with a spacious enclosed cargo area (also called box containers) designed to be loaded either from the side, rear, or side, making them good for parking and hauling large items, including machines and furniture.

In this free report, you will discover important facts about rental box prices, renting companies, and the well average cost to pay for a month depending on a few extra amenities such as air conditioning, year of manufacture, transmission types, power steering models, and cargo space.

how much to rent a 26ft box truck for a month

How Does Box Truck Rental Work?

A box truck rental is an alternative to buying a new or used truck outrightly. Usually, the truck rental agency gives out the truck at a daily or weekly rate, depending on your rental agreement and reservation. 

How do you hire for business? If you want the box van for a business like cargo trips, then a commercial truck rental would be cheaper than a box truck lease.

Average Box Truck Renting Prices For A Month & Daily?

You can rent a box van for a month at $1,500 to $1,000, depending on the size of the truck and its model. Daily costs vary from $39 to $200. However, these prices are only estimates of what companies charge as cost.

The actual fee for truck rentals for small businesses varies depending on the rental terms and other peculiar conditions, such as additional towing equipment. It often excludes extras like liability insurance, otherwise known as liability protection.

 Companies like Ryder and Penske offer considerably low-cost rental fees and are suitable for small business truck rentals.

how much to rent a box truck for a month

How Much to Rent 26-ft Box Truck for A Month?

How much does it cost to rent a box truck for a month? It costs $2,200 to $2,400 on average. Depending on your travel distance and the truck’s size, you may get a bargain. 

Rental charges for local moves often get charged per mileage, while longer distances get estimated fees. 

Short-term rentals are inexpensive compared to paying the full cost for a bob truck or getting one via financing

Renting one month is a great option if you need the truck for a short period instead of getting it for long-term business activities. 

Ensure you know what it all entails in your rental document before signing up.


Monthly rate
Penske $2,500
Ryder $2,400 – $2,600
Budget $1,970
Enterprise Truck $1,500
Idealease Customized rate per agreement


NOTE: Our in-house team estimates the above based on what each company charges when typing this. Rental service providers are different, as are their cost changes and promo.

Sometimes some companies, like Penske, may not offer monthly rates but grant you only weekly, and some charge extra per mile. Good, you contact each provider and get a quote for your location- pickup and drop-off areas.

What Price to Pay for a Week?

The cost varies depending on size, location, seasonal sales, and the company’s pricing structures.

The current 2023 average rates are approximately $300 to $700 per week. Remember, you must factor in extra charges such as mileage, insurance, and fuel.

Are There Rent to Own Box Trucks and Vehicles Programs?

Yes, there are rent-to-own box-truck programs. Typically, a rental covers a short duration, after which the truck returns to the company. 

However, rent-to-own programs are created through lease agreements. 

Such programs allow you to make daily, weekly, or monthly payments towards ownership of the truck over some time. 

Companies like Penske, Ryder, Enterprise Truck, and Home Depot offer rate-to-own programs.

Why Rent a Box Truck?

These very versatile vehicles can be used for many commercial and personal purposes.

Are you moving to a new house, transporting products to your buyers, or just needing a truck for a short-term project? Hiring a box van is a great cost-effective route to take.

Here are some reasons why renting a box truck may be a good choice:

Cost-effective Solution

As stated above, it’s cheaper than buying a used or brand-new truck, especially if you only need it for a short time.

And you save a lot on repairs and daily maintenance as well you can avoid paying upfront expenses associated with purchasing, such as a down payment and financing fees.

More Flexibility

One of the biggest advantages of rentals is the vast flexibility you enjoy. Every rental agency does parade different sizes and configurations, so you can choose the one that best fits your needs and budget.

Box trucks are versatile vehicles that can be used for various purposes, from moving furniture to transporting equipment.

This versatility makes them a popular choice for businesses and individuals who need a truck for a short-term project.

Many conveniences

These benefits fit in for both small/medium scale businesses and individuals. Multiple rental offices and booking locations make picking up and dropping off your rental truck easy.

There are also online booking and reservation systems, making reservations from the comfort of your home or office easy.

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Types of Box Trucks You Can Rent?

As previously espoused, you have the advantage of choosing based on sizes, dimensions, special features, and fuel options:

Size Options

Box trucks come in different sizes, ranging from small to large, and what you eventually pay for will depend on the cargo you need to transport. The most common sizes available are:

  • 10ft box truck
  • 15ft mover
  • 16ft box truck
  • 20 foot
  • 24ft box truck
  • 26ft box truck

The 10ft and 15ft / 16ft are ideal for small moves, while the 24ft and 26ft are suitable for larger moves.

Special Features

Some vehicles have special features that make moving or transporting goods easier. These features may include:

  • Lift gates for easy loading and unloading of heavy items
  • Refrigeration units for transporting temperature-sensitive goods
  • E-Track systems for securing cargo in place
  • Side doors for easy access to the cargo

When renting a box truck, it is important to consider which special features are necessary for your specific needs.

Fuel Options

Generally, they are designed to run on different fuel types, including gasoline, diesel, and propane. The type of fuel you choose will depend on your budget and the distance you need to travel.

Diesel models are best fuel-efficient than gasoline, while propane users are more environmentally friendly.

So always consider the fuel options and choose the most suitable for your needs.

How Do You Rent a Box Truck?

Start By Finding a Reliable Company

Finding an agency that offers reliable and strong vehicles and excellent customer service is important.

You may read past and current customers’ reviews and carefully make online research comparisons. Settling for a provider with a solid reputation wide fleet of trucks is ideal.

Enterprise Truck Rental, Budget Truck Rental, U-Haul, and Fluid Truck are all popular options for box truck rentals.

Comparing Prices and Services

Now is the time to compare their pricing offers and deals matching your needs and budget. Are they competitive in prices, services, promo, and policies?

Some companies may charge additional fees for mileage or fuel, so read the fine print before making a reservation.

In addition to pricing, consider the services that each company offers. Do they offer 24/7 roadside assistance? Do they have multiple pickup and drop-off locations? These are all important factors to consider when choosing a rental company.

Make Your Reservation

The next step is to make your reservation, either offline physically or online, and select pickup and drop-off locations, dates, and times that work best for you.

If you decide to hire from a company requiring deposit or credit card information, please carefully read the reservation confirmation and keep a copy for your records.

Tips for Renting a Box Truck

Check the Condition of the Truck

Ensure the truck’s condition is good and serviceable. You or a specialist you consult should inspect the exterior for any damage, such as dents or scratches, and check the tires for proper inflation and tread depth.

Also, inspect the interior, including the cargo area, to ensure it is clean and free from debris or damage.

What is the Rental Agreement?

To avoid any regrets, carefully review and understand the rental agreement, including the rental period, rental fees, and any additional charges or fees that may apply.

Understand the terms and conditions of the agreement, including any restrictions on using the vehicle and any requirements for returning the vehicle.

Drive Safely and Responsibly

When driving a box truck, it is important to drive safely and responsibly. It includes following all traffic laws and regulations, including speed limits and traffic signals.

Knowing the vehicle’s size and weight and adjusting driving is also important. It is also important to properly secure any cargo in the truck’s cargo area to ensure safe transport.

Overall, renting a box truck can be a convenient and cost-effective way to transport cargo. By following these tips, renters can ensure a safe and successful rental experience.


Can I Charter a Truck For A Year or Any Similar Reservation?

The leasing cost varies depending on the lease agreement and the leasing company. So, how much does it cost to lease for a year? Typically, cube vans are leased for a 2-3 year duration, while payments are made at a monthly rate. 

Although you may find a lease agreement allowing for a yearly lease, spreading the payments over several months is more favorable, especially for business owners. Your lease contract will determine how much it costs to lease for a year.


Box truck rental remains important for families, individuals, and businesses transporting large cargo quantities.

Whether you are moving from 1 bedroom to 5 bedroom or you are a delivery service or logistics company, box trucks can help you get the job done.

U-Haul, Budget rental, Enterprise Truck Rental, Ryder Corporation, and Rent-It Trucks are all reliable options for box truck rental. These providers offer diverse fleets with commercial features to rent in all states.

And remember to factor in pricing, availability, and customer service. You should also ensure the company has a good track record for maintaining their vehicles and providing reliable service.

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What are Box Truck Rental Prices? (How Much to Rent a Box Truck for A Month or Weekly)?

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