Are Box Trucks Automatic or Manual in Delivery Industry?

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Automatic transmissions have become common in vehicles today. Even then some drivers prefer driving manual transmissions.

Despite this technological advancement, most people cannot afford automatic transmissions which performs better.

Plus, you won’t find any difficulty with automatic transmission. Several box truck drivers cannot decide whether they want an automatic or manual transmission.

And if you are one of those box truck drivers and want to know and choose the best automatic or manual vehicle, you have come to the right place. We have discussed everything in detail. Scroll down to have a look.

Are UPS Trucks Manual or Automatic?

So, are ups trucks manual or automatic? The UPS fleets have become automatic, but some models still run on a manual transmission. Most UPS vehicles are shifting from manual to automation due to technological advancement.

But it’s worth noting that not every UPS truck is automatic. If you want a manual transmission, you need to be a good driver.

Parked UPS van

If you want automatic transmission, you can drive vans, but if you want a manual transmission, you can drive freight/semi trucks. Almost all the freight and semi-trucks are manual, with a little exception.

On the other hand, box trucks can be either manual or automatic. It’s because box trucks are used for delivering packages.

That means people are familiar with this type of truck. So, it is both automatic and manual. Depending on the facility you are working at, you can get an automatic box truck to drive.

Are Box Trucks Automatic?

UPS drivers use semi trucks for transporting large packages to great distances. For this reason, these trucks are manual. On the other hand, box trucks are the kind of trucks we commonly see in our neighborhood.

Box trucks can either make automatic or manual delivery depending on the requirement. In a nutshell, a box truck is only used for transporting goods from one place to another.

A white color double cabin truck

While UPS facilities have automatic box trucks, you need to have a good driving experience to drive a manual truck smoothly.

How To Drive Manual Transmission To Work At UPS?

If you are doing a job that requires you to operate heavy machines, you must follow the requirements.

Similarly, if you want to become a UPS driver, you must have:

  • Class D license
  • Pass a standard 5-panel urine drug screening
  • Pass a Department of Transportation physical examination.

Depending on the position you are applying for, you will be required to drive a manual or automatic truck. For example, if you want to become a semi-truck, freight truck, or box truck driver, you need to have a good truck driving experience.

Knowing how to drive will increase your chances of landing better jobs.

You need to keep in mind that semi-trucks and freight trucks are 100% manual, but there is no guarantee for box trucks. It can either be automatic or manual.

In contrast, if you want to drive a van as a UPS driver, you don’t need to know how to drive manual vehicles.

When you are applying to become a box truck driver or any other driver with UPS, you will be taught to drive on slippery surfaces and icy grounds. Your training will also include properly getting off and on the truck a hundred times a day.

image of a hand holding a steering lightly

Is Driving an Automatic Transmission Good?

As a box truck driver, you must know how to drive manual and automatic transmissions. But what are the benefits of automatic transmission? Is it better? Well, below are a few points that show how good an automatic transmission is.

#1 Ease of Driving and Training 

As an automatic truck driver, you can control the vehicle with a few buttons.

But thinking that driving an automatic transmission vehicle is easy might be wrong. A driver has to vary the vehicle’s speed and keep the truck running safely on the busy road.

Whereas, if you are driving a manual truck model, you must make constant gear changes so the truck stays on the road without any damage.

With an automatic model, you can keep your full attention on the road without worrying about gear changes.

Moreover, the automatic model seems to be an easier and more appealing method for driving as finding qualified truck drivers is not easy. Automatic models make it easy to train new drivers using a simple system.

Man smiling from inside a van

#2 Fuel Mileage 

Drivers like automatic models because it is easy to handle and because their simple system allows the engine to work smoothly.

As a result, the automatic transmission offers better gas and fuel mileage. A study has revealed that properly driving an automatic model can significantly reduce gas consumption by 5%.

#3 Control Over Vehicle 

When driving an automatic model, you get better control over your vehicle. The control means a lot when you are driving a massive truck.

You can change the gears and control the vehicle while driving a manual truck, but the automatic model offers a smoother driving experience. That means automatic transmissions are safer.

Since automatic models offer great benefits, they are slowly replacing the annual models, making it easier for the trucking industry to operate.

FAQ About Manual Vs Automatic Transmission Box Trucks!

Many companies are choosing automatic trucks over manual trucks because automatic models offer improved performance. They are easier to control and have simple operating systems.

Are Automatics Easier Than Manuals?

Honestly, it’s easier to learn how to drive an automatic truck than a manual truck.

If you want to drive a manual model perfectly, you should learn about different gear changes. But that is not the case with automatic models.


Some UPS trucks are manual, and some are automatic. For example, semi-trucks and freight trucks are fully manual. So, if you are applying for a job that requires you to run such a truck, you must know how to drive it.

But box trucks can either be manual or automatic. Since this vehicle is used for delivering goods in the neighborhood, the vehicle comes in both models.

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