Are These The 8 Biggest Box Truck Load Brokers?

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We don’t have time to carry extra weights in our fast-paced environment. Nowadays, every business requires lean management; the transport and export sectors are no exception.

The transport or export industry has two major players involved: shippers and freight carriers. While shippers want a smooth order delivery, the freight carriers need hassle-free transportation and a clear agreement for export. 

Therefore, these two parties should have clear terms through communication or agreement, and this need for communication gives rise to the need for box truck load brokers. 

To know more about box truck load brokers in the current industry, we would recommend you go through the article. 

Man loading a truck with boxes

What are Box Truck Load Brokers?

The box trucks transport heavy appliances, furniture, bigger boxes, and different kinds of loads or freight in a single piece as quickly as possible.

Therefore, the shippers and carriers would need to have a connection and agreement properly. 

The box truck load brokers or freight brokers help them accomplish bulk product deliveries from one place to another. 

The load-brokers are intermediates for both shippers and carriers while moving freight from one place to another.

The brokers facilitate clear communication between shippers and carriers. As a result, safe and timely freight delivery can be possible. 

Stacked pallets of boxes

Why are Box Truck Load Brokers Important?

As mentioned earlier, the box truck freight brokers help cargo, and straight truck owners ship available goods and products without any issues. 

There are numerous box truck load brokers available in the market USA, such as C.H. Robinson, Total Quality Logistics, Coyote Logistics, Worldwide Express GlobalTranz, and others. 

  • Rise Of Load Boards

With the advancement of trucking systems, digital load boards are preferred by freight broker agencies. 

The box truck load board can optimize the truck freight brokerage systems with advanced features. Therefore, the digital load boards are new-age box truck load brokers in export and import.

Graphic of a transparent truck with boxes

  • Significance Of Load Boards

The box truck load boards help carry heavy loads from one location to another and find freight routes through different applications. 

The freight owners operate effectively to save money and maximize tracking capability with the load boards. 

These load boards help to find freight during delivery, preferred lanes, and even unlimited searching for the best options (for the vehicle, drivers, and cargo vans) will be possible.

Therefore, the market condition of digital load boards for box trucks, vans, semi and even flatbeds, is developing.

Some Eminent Box Truck Load Boards 

1)  DAT

DAT is the leader in box truck load boards with a daily 900000 load posting. 

With affordable pricing, unlimited searching, alarm notifications, market conditions analysis, and broker credit scores, DAT has become one of the best load board brands. DAT TruckersEdge offers three load board products such as:

Graphic of a forklift loading a truck

  • DAT Standard:

The pricing of the product is $39.95/ month. Some product features are unlimited search results, reviews, notification alarms, and available load status.

  • DAT Enhanced:

This product gives credit scores, the average payment per day, and the average rate for the last 30 days features with all standard services in $75/month in pricing.

  • DAT Professional:

With all the available enhanced features, this product offers tri-haul access, better rates of paying, and an IFTA tax calculator for $125/month.

Graphic of a small forklift loading a truck

2)  Truck Stop

TruckStop is one of the first online box truck load board sites. The box truck load board offers a streamlined booking experience with a cost-saving attitude. 

The company has a large community that claims more than 600000 reliable owners, operators, and community.

3)  123Loadboard

With hundreds of LTL or Box Truck Loads as members, 123LoadBoards is one of the best load boards for straight box truck loading services.

They provide prominent tutorials with three high-demand plans. 

Standard Plan: 

  • Pricing: $35/ month
  • Services: load board access, real-time alerts, and cross-platform access

Premium Plan:

  • Pricing: $45/ month
  • Services: all standard services with mileage detection and mapping, document management, and storage

Premium Plus:

  • Pricing: $55/ month
  • Services: all premium services with the best truck freight rates, better quality mileage detection, and box truck location mapping

4)  Trucker Path

 Maximum truck drivers in the United States utilize this load board app. It is a free platform with a high-demand user base. 

You can find a free straight box truck load board in the “trailer type” option of the site. With filtered search results, you can check the weight and preferred lanes for the same day.

It will help to show credit scores to the truckers.  You can get better features by upgrading the account to a premium feature with a paid subscription.

heavy duty trucks packed

5)  Direct Freight

It is one of the best load boards with free services. However, you will not get the premium services without a paid subscription. 

But if you want to track box truck loads and save money simultaneously, it will be a great choice. 


Most of the posting for load boards or straight trucks are sized 48 or 53-foot trailers in the sites. 

To find loads for light vehicles such as box trucks, select all trailer types that might fit your trailer, considering that partial loads can range from one pallet to 35,000 pounds. Just make sure to pick (LTL) partial for the load size.

Loaded cargo package

6)  C.H.Robinson

One of the best load boards for box trucks is this one. C.H. Robinson is a free load board service provider who can be contacted by a free call. 

You should apply and register as a carrier with them for using their load board. You must meet some fundamental requirements, such as proper insurance coverage and safety ratings.

7)  Uber Freight 

Uber Freight is mostly relevant for last-minute loads. They have more than 70,000 carriers and organizations worldwide. You can select the load board features by managing regional or long-distance routes. 

The payment cycle shows that the bill will be paid fairly within the seven days cycle. Fast delivery without any time waste. The business partners will get fast deliveries at a proper cost.

graphic of workers and forklift loading a truck

8)  Shiply

It is another free load board app for straight truck logistics. There is no payable amount associated with using their load board data. They offer different types of load boarding facilities, but the website has mainly featured box trucks. 

Therefore, it will deliver the orders through the mentioned vehicle mainly. Moreover, you can use the load boards to deliver timely without hassle.

Disadvantages of Box Truck Loads Boards

The matter of meeting customer expectations and satisfaction is the biggest downside of load boards for drivers. You might not constantly be prepared to adhere to your schedule or get the desirable freight rates.


Business partners such as truck drivers, owner-operators, and fleets of all sizes benefit from load boards because they provide them complete control and independence. 

Load boards provide the unique option to bid on loads, submit quotations, or take assignments in advance and complete online support via broad mobile networks, ensuring one’s freedom on their own terms.

Graphic of forklift operator loading a truck


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