How Much Does it Cost To Rent Bucket Truck? What Are The Average Boom Truck Rental Prices?

Bucket Truck Ford

In this post, you will learn everything you need to know about bucket truck rental including uses, types of bucket truck rentals, and how to rent a boom truck in USA.

How Much Is It To Rent a Bucket Truck?

How Much Is It To Rent a Bucket Truck?

You will need to pay about $200 per hour to rent bucket truck. However, $200 is just an estimate as their many rental options.

The amount you actually will be required to pay for an heavy equipment lift will depend on a variety of factors including your location, the type of bucket truck you want, the maximum height of the truck you want, and how long you want it for.

How Much Does A Bucket Truck Cost to Acquire?

Whether or not you will need an operator will also determine your final price or cost. On average, it is cheaper to rent for an extended period of time like a week or a month.

Moreover, it is also cheaper to rent such trucks without an operator.

What is a boom on a bucket truck?

How Much Does A Bucket Truck Cost to Acquire?

It depends on the equipment types, averagely it costs between $40,000 and $150,000 to purchase a brand new light duty bucket truck.

A used light-duty bucket truck will obviously be much cheaper. In fact, you can probably get a good quality one for about $25,000.

What is the difference between a boom truck and a crane truck?

A heavy duty bucket truck with a bucket that can reach extreme heights will probably set you back between $90,000 and $250,000. Again, as you might expect, a used one will be much cheaper, and preferred by smaller construction companies!

How much does a bucket lift Cost?

The price of a bucket lift is mainly determined by its design (articulating/straight model) and by how high it can go.

How much weight can a bucket truck lift?

A bucket lift heavy equipment on duty!

Generally, a bucket truck that can take its bucket to between 15 and 160 feet goes for between $80,000 and $450,000. The higher it can go the more expensive it is.

The cost of renting a bucket lift also mainly depends on the model, how high it can go, and the time you need it for. You will need to pay approximately $220 a day, $750 per week, and $2000 a month.

Is Bucket trucking so hard?

Also designed as mobile elevating work platforms!

What is the difference between a boom truck and a bucket truck?

A bucket truck is sometimes known as a boom truck. The two are one and the same thing.

Probably the biggest difference between bucket trucks and boom trucks is that bucket trucks are generally smaller. Boom trucks are bigger and reach much higher.

Who makes the ETI bucket truck brand?

A flatbed designed used by construction companies!

What Does a Bucket or Boom Truck Do?

A bucket truck or a boom truck is designed to pickup and lift people safely so that they can easily work on places that they cannot safely reach using a ladder.

They are considered work trucks and are commonly used by power companies, equipment rentals, contractors, and utility departments that must provide workplace safety for their staff to work.

Are bucket trucks safe?

Remember maneuverability test and safety is vital!

Bucket trucks have many uses, and are therefore sought after rental equipment globally!

First, they are used by utility power company for telephone which deploys cable placer trucks, and electrical line maintenance.

Note that cable placer bucket is unique truck design for workers installing, managing overhead cables in telephone and broadband jobs!

Is a bucket truck a good investment?

Second, boom lift truck equipment are used by large farms for fruit harvesting.

Some fruit trees such as Washington apples grow very tall and, therefore, sometimes need a bucket truck during harvesting season.

Third, they are used by cleaning companies to clean the windows of tall buildings.

Bucket Truck Engineering

Most large equipment rentals have great diverse inventory!

Fourth, some design are called tree bucket or boom truck rentals been deployed by animal rescue to save kittens stuck in trees.

Also known as Forestry bucket trucks in the forestry management industry fitted with tree removal bucket parts.

How long does a bucket truck last?

Fifth, they are used by fire rescue to access tall buildings. Lastly, they are used for painting or renovating the exterior of tall buildings.

And there are now smaller designed known as backyard track bucket with articulating or telescoping boom style to work your home back yard!

Generally major rentals are Hertz, Penske, Altec tree bucket truck rental, Herc Rentals, TRL, United Rentals.

Who is the cheapest bucket truck rental?

Where Can I Rent Bucket Truck in US Cities and How What Costs?

The fact that not many bucket trucks are available on the market means only one thing – bucket truck for hire are not very cheap!

However, while they are not very cheap to hire, they are also not very expensive, especially for businesses and contractors.

How much does a bucket lift Cost?

So if you’re asking where can I rent bucket truck and cost implications, the below answer your queries. Plus remember you can apply for credit application.

A bucket truck rental price will depend on several factors including its type, its brand, model, the duration you need it for, and your location.

Probably the biggest determinant of price is the type of bucket truck it is and price may varies cities to cities.

How much does it cost to rent a Genie boom?

Large Equipment Rentals  – Prices Per Day and Weekly…

You will need approximately $200 an hour to rent a cherry picker truck.

For a two-person operator boom truck rental price, you will need approximately $250 an hour. And for a material handling truck, you will need approximately $300 an hour.

What is the difference between a cherry picker and a bucket truck?

Bucket truck cost per hour vs weekly? It is usually cheaper to rent trucks weekly rather than hourly or daily.  Therefore, if you have a long-term project, you should consider renting weekly instead of hourly or daily.

It frequently costs about $750 a week to rent a bucket truck.

Why are bucket trucks called cherry pickers?

Which are best bucket equipment for tree care and landscaping?

Bucket trucks are essential pieces of equipment for construction companies, tree trimming services, and landscaping operations.

A truck can be rented with buckets for a variety of tasks such as moving or raking materials or watering landscapes and trees.

To determine which landscaping tools and equipment your company requires, consider the type of job, landscaping style, location, and the size of the tree you are working on. In many cases, you will require more than one type of equipment to complete your task.

The following are some bucket equipment examples for yard landscaping and tree care based on their needs and functions.

Operation type

Bucket equipment needed


Hedge trimmers, hedge shears, hedge loppers, chain saws, and other chain-driven tools. 

Tree Care

Chainsaw scabbard, pocket handsaws, hand pruners, tree loppers, axes, and wedges


Mini bucket loaders, mini excavators, skid steer loaders, side-loaders, and bucket road graders

Bucket Truck Rental NY, Houston, Los Angeles, Dallas, Maryland, New York, Richmond VA

In addition to NY, Los Angeles, there are supplier and bucket truck rental in Houston TX, Maryland, Atlanta GA, Dallas, Chicago, CT – Connecticut, Illinois, NJ, California (both southern and northern California), Denver, Ohio, MA, Michigan, Long island, Seattle, Florida.

How much does a bucket lift CostBucket truck rental New Jersey – NJ, New York, Columbus Ohio, Massachusetts, Richmond VA, NH, Knoxville TN, Indianapolis…

… NY, Maine, as well as bucket truck rental Long Island, Charlotte NC, Denver, Atlanta GA, New York, Maryland, Memphis TN, Tampa FL.

Please note that bucket truck rental Dallas, Los Angeles, Miami, Florida offer diverse budget deals to rent and fairer prices than most cities!

Other US cities with good Boom or bucket truck rental rates

Services like bucket truck rental in NJ, San Diego, Chicago, Austin, provide rental equipment inventory and services with diverse options and cheaper rates, overall.

What is the difference between boom lift and cherry picker?

Bigger and more advanced bucket truck for rent are usually rented more expensively than less advanced and small bucket trucks.

Therefore, when renting a bucket truck, get exactly what you need, including size and weights value. Do not choose an advanced bucket truck while a simple cherry picker truck rental can do.

What is the difference between a crane and a cherry picker?

How to get Cheap trucks for rent

In addition to above advice, the best way to get cheap trucks for rent (something cheaper than normal deals) then consider using your credit card.

Or, maybe credit application financing?

Average Bucket / Boom Truck Rental Price

Bucket / boom lifter renting prices vary depending on the size of boom lift, type of vehicles, age of truck, and even transport fee.

There are options for hourly, daily, weekly and monthly pricing structures! We shared only average cost and prices!

Type of Vehicles Average Price
Electric unit  $157 – $219 per hour
With a single operator $179 to $215 per hour
With 2 operators $230 – $245 per hour
55 ft / 60 ft truck with one operator $415 and $720 per day

Types of Bucket Autos for Rent

There are several types of bucket truck for rent.

The equipment rentals industry is very vast, so is imperative when considering renting a bucket or boom lift bucket truck, you must carefully choose the right vehicles suited for the project.

What are the different types of bucket trucks?

  1. Telescopic Bucket Trucks (With Man Lift Basket)

Telescopic bucket trucks are those that have telescopic arms. They are also referred to as stick booms because their arms stick out or extend just like a telescope.

Telescopic booms can only be extended in one direction and may even be fitted with lift basket to pick up and lift 2 people.

What is the difference between a cherry picker and a bucket truck?

The best thing about telescopic bucket trucks is their impressive horizontal reach. And with lift capacity as little as 1 ton to even more than 60 ton!

This makes them perfect for accessing areas that have limited access.

Most forestry bucket truck for rent (used for forestry and sometimes fitted with tree removal bucket) are telescopic bucket trucks.

Do you have to wear a harness in a bucket truck?

  1. Articulating Bucket / Boom Truck for Rent

Articulating bucket trucks aka knuckle booms are best known for their ability to extend like normal knuckle booms and having an additional telescopic feature.

The best thing about them is that they increase side-reach at high elevations and have reduced tail swing and are, therefore, safer to use.

Why are bucket trucks called cherry pickers?Known as bucket van rental, great options for smaller capacity truck of 1 ton or less or little more, with simple or 2 man bucket truck for rent for larger workload.

Good examples of articulating bucket trucks for rent include the Versalift VST-7500-E108 and the Terex LT40 van bucket truck.

One of the most popular type is the ‘2003 ford f550 4×4 Altec at 37g 42’ articulating bucket van rental. The Cresco equipment rentals has large inventory of this!

  1. Overcenter Bucket Trucks

Overcenter bucket trucks are known for buckets that can extend beyond their centers. They have great side reach and are perfect for construction, utility, and forestry jobs.

A great example of an over center bucket truck is the Terex HRX55.

What's the tallest bucket truck?

  1. Insulated Bucket Trucks

Insulated bucket trucks are insulated for the safety of utility company workers – such as electrical grid management. Most are mounted with bucket up 40 ft – or less or more!

They protect electricity power company workers from electrocution when they are working close to live wires.

To make insulated aerial lifts, suppliers and manufacturers often use dielectric materials such as fiberglass.

What kind of work can you do with a bucket truck?

In contrast to insulated bucket trucks, non-insulated bucket trucks are made of steel and do not provide a lot of protection. The majority of bucket trucks are non-insulated.

  1. Material Handler Trucks

Material Handler Bucket trucks are bucket trucks with boom/ arms strong enough to pickup material along with workmen.

In other words, they are strong enough to lift both workmen and heavy material especially the 2 man bucket truck designs.

How much can a bucket truck lift?

However, they do have weight limits, which should be observed for maximum workplace safety. Many Penske bucket truck rentals are material handling equipment or boom truck for rent.

  1. Cherry Picker Trucks – Bucket Lift

Cherry picker trucks are bucket trucks with an aerial lift that can only lift one individual at a time. Cherry picker trucks are usually the cheapest to hire because they are effectively a one-person bucket truck.

They are often used for animal rescue and light exterior painting jobs.

How does bucket crane rental works?

    7. Cable Placing Truck – Custom Design Aerial Bucket

Unique bucket truck fitted with placer bucket specially designed for laborious works in communication industry like cable installation on different utility poles, management, repair, landscaping, tree care and restore broken electricity / telecommunication lines.

Some of the most popular brands are Altec cable placer, Versalift, Palfinger and Terex cable placer bucket and reaches height of 30 ft, 40 ft, 49 feet and even up to 60 ft.

How Much Does A Bucket Truck Cost to Acquire?

Renting a Bucket Truck Vs. Boom Trucks Rental?

Is there any difference between boom trucks rental and renting a bucket truck? There is no difference between both! 

A boom is simply the extending arm of a bucket truck. The two terms (bucket truck and boom truck crane) are, therefore, synonyms and can be used interchangeably.

This means instead of searching online for “bucket truck rental near me,” you can search for “boom truck rental near me” and still get roughly the same results.

How Much Is It To Rent a Bucket Truck?

Common Bucket Equipment Questions

Can a bucket truck tip over?

Certainly. However, it often does not happen because bucket trucks are designed to provide a safe and stable platform from which workers can access tall buildings, power lines, trees, and so on.

Nevertheless, there are situations that can make a bucket truck to tip over. They include an uneven terrain/soil, high wind speeds/storms, and mechanical failure.

What is the difference between a boom truck and a crane truck?

How good are Palfinger aerial bucket Vs Elliot?

Definitely Palfinger company remain one of the biggest boom maker and supplier in USA with global outreach. It has proven to help meet equipment needs of many construction and telecoms firms as well monthly rental rates from their partners. 

Elliot equipment competes favorably with Palfinger in general equipment and new products line, however, Elliot a smaller company!

Is U-Haul or Penske cheaper?

U-Haul is cheaper than Penske. However, this is not the case in all locations because there are some locations where Penske rates are cheaper than U-Haul rates.

Therefore, you should always ask for a free quote from nearby moving companies to get to know which one exactly offers the best rates.

U-Haul pros include cheaper rates, multiple locations almost everywhere in the United States, and plenty of trucks.

How much weight can a bucket truck lift?

The cons include hidden charges such as cleaning fees, fuel surcharges, and environmental fees.

Penske pros include fuel-efficient trucks and plenty of discounts. The cons include the lack of true nationwide availability.

Rent a bucket lift or cherry picker truck hire price?

On average, bucket lift rentals in the United States cost between $279 and $1,750 per day, by major rental service firms.

The average price for cherry picker truck hire ranges from $250 to $400 per hour. The actual cost may also depend on the number of operators.

What is the difference between a crane and a cherry picker?

Who is the cheapest truck rental company?

Budget truck Rental Company is the cheapest truck rental firm. The company has very cheap rates for both local and long-distance moves.

The company also provides discounts for customers who book online or book for long distance moves. But while truck rental firm is cheap, it has high insurance and fuel costs.

Despite having high insurance and fuel costs, Budget truck rental is still much cheaper than its competitors. The average cost of local moves is $80, while the average cost of for long distance moves is $1,500.

Who makes the ETI bucket truck brand?

Are bucket trucks safe?

Generally, bucket trucks are very safe. Bucket trucks are special trucks that provide a platform for individuals to work safely at elevated heights.

They are very stable, which means workers standing on their platforms can work efficiently with both their arms.

Are bucket trucks safe?

But while bucket trucks are safe, it is important to say there that is a need for all safety rules to be followed to avoid accidents such as falls, tip-overs, mechanical failures, and so on.

The rules include observing the maximum load capacity of the bucket, observing weather conditions, checking hydraulic/electric systems for leaks and failures, and checking the ground or soil for instability.

Is a bucket truck a good investment?

How much does it cost to rent a Genie boom?

Genie makes some of the best quality aerial work platforms on the market. Many businesses and workers across the United States and Canada trust Genie booms and depend on them daily for wok.

The cost of a Genie boom will be chiefly determined by its load-bearing maximum capacity, its maximum working height, its lift power, and its age.

Generally, Genie booms cost approximately $200 a day or $20 an hour.

Bucket Truck Engineering

What is a boom on a bucket truck?

A bucket truck has a bucket aka an aerial work platform. A boom is what connects this bucket to the truck.

It is what lifts the bucket to the height you desire. Many booms are powered by a motor and hydraulics to lift buckets to an elevated height of 50 feet or more.

How long does a bucket truck last?

Summary of Bucket & Crane Trucks for Rent 

When renting a bucket truck, you should consider several factors to get the best deal, as you would for every equipment rental.

Some of the vital rent bucket truck rates include the vendor’s reputation, type and working height of the vehicle, and work-specific requirements.

How much does a bucket lift Cost?

For example, do you need an insulated bucket (with or without a crane), lift bucket truck rental, or a material handler bucket? Or even a more complete crane trucks for rent?

Also, for best boom truck rental cost, consider the best equipment rental companies such as Penske bucket truck rental price with diverse fleets and customer care.

How much does it cost to rent a Genie boom?

If your project is light or home-based, then you better hire a mini backyard bucket truck.

Finally if full payment might be an hindrance, you may consider applying for lease credit application. Go read full truck renting guide!

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What is a boom on a bucket truck?