How Much is Bucket Truck Rental? (Discover Cost to Rent Bucket Truck Rentals And Boom for Tree Trimming, Constructions)

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Truck rental is a convenient and cost-effective way to move large utility items or transport material and huge equipment.

Whether moving furniture, transporting construction material, or fixing things at a height, rentals offer a range of options to meet your budget with varying cost and get things done.

Bucket trucks works great for people looking to access high places for fixes. Renting a utility boom vehicle sounds ideal for businesses that need a safe and secure way to deliver stuff.

Additionally, bucket truck rental cost may vary greatly from tree trimming cost, so make sure you do your research before getting one for work.

Why Bucket Trucks?

A bucket material handling is typically a medium size to large utility vehicle that allows you to reach high places to perform tasks such as tree trimming, electrical work, aerial photography, painting, or building maintenance.

Renting bucket trucks allows you to do the job quickly and efficiently without buying or maintaining expensive machinery.

Additionally, when you hire bucket trucks, you save money by avoiding costly repairs or downtime caused by breakdowns; hence with no hefty upkeep cost to pay, you won’t have to worry about other expenses.

Finally, a aerial lifts is cost-effective because it eliminates the need to purchase expensive equipment or vehicles. The average bucket equipment cost is around $200 per hour, and may it varies according to the:

Best bucket truck rental

  • The size of the truck: Depending on the size and its front and side reach, you may expect to pay anywhere from $250 – $600 per hour.
  • The type of job: Depending on how difficult it is, the charge may be added up or reduced.
  • The location: Generally, aerial rentals in large cities cost more than in rural areas.

Additionally, renting bucket trucks is better than leasing or buying because you won’t have to worry about making any long-term commitments or paying hefty up-front costs. Make sure you connect with a reliable and reputable company that offers quality equipment and quick response times for your projects.

How Much Bucket Truck Rental Cost For A Day Vs Week?

A lift bucket truck is an all-terrain vehicle that can elevate to a height of up to 200 feet. This makes it essential when handling large-scale projects, such as construction and industrial applications while working height.

Typically, the rental price in the US is $275-$1,700 per day or $650-$4,700 per week. So, how much does it cost to hire buckets for a day, especially a telescopic and articulating truck?

While you can have a telescopic boom trucks for around $245 a day, the cost of an articulating machine can go as high as $790 a day.

It is best to prefer renting these two trucks types over leasing because it is cheaper and more convenient, and you won’t be spending extra on service.

Get top boom truck rental

Tree Trimming Rental Equipment For A Day

Tree trimming is cutting and maintaining trees with some pruning or removal to improve the tree’s health, safety, and aesthetics.

Bucket lifts truck for tree trimming costs anywhere between $400-$700 per day or more than $800-$1,500 per week, depending on the truck’s size, features, and engine power. Companies like Elliot, United Rental and Versalift offer more affordable costs for these utility machines.

Tree trimming-truck companies like Elliot, United Rental, and Versalift charge different prices for different features, so you need to consider your options before you rent equipment.

Benefits of Small Bucket Truck Rentals

A small bucket vehicle is a heavy-duty vehicle that can carry personnel and supplies up to a certain height safely and securely.

Additionally, small sized bucket truck rentals are typically smaller than traditional bucket trucks, making them ideal for use in tight spaces or areas with limited access for easier controls.

They offer flexibility when working in high places and a variety of features to make the job easier. On the other hand, a small model is an excellent choice for any project requiring a crane.

fixing traffic light illustration

These trucks are typically smaller than traditional cranes, which makes them more suitable for tight spaces and maneuvering in challenging environments.

Additionally, people and contractors rent bucket trucks because they offer increased flexibility and mobility, allowing the operator to move quickly at working side, and easily between different sites or locations.

For those who do not know, the average bucket trucks rental cost for small bucket trucks measuring 60′ is around $400-$700 a day, but it varies from company to company. 


Cost (per month)









Where Can I Rent A Bucket Material Handling Really Cheap?

You can charter bucket trucks to haul or lift material cheaply from a variety of local rental companies like:

  1. Budget Rental
  2. Palfinger
  3. Terex
  4. Versalift and more

Depending on the size and model of the bucket you’re looking for, prices can vary greatly, so it pays nothing to shop around and compare rates from multiple sources before deciding. 

Is Ladder Truck Rental Different?

A ladder truck is a vehicle used to access areas that may be out of reach. This type of vehicle typically has an extendable, telescopic ladder mounted on top which can be raised and extended to allow rescuers access to higher floors or roofs of buildings. Some models may also include hoses, ladders, and other specialized equipment. 

But is a ladder type any different than a regular bucket trucks? The answer is yes. Ladder trucks are specifically designed for reaching heights and performing tasks safely, whereas bucket trucks are typically used for line work in the telecommunications, cable factories and transmission industries.

Where you can pay for bucket trucks for as low as $200 per hour, the cost of a ladder may start from $350-$550 and increase according to the features and size of the vehicle.

bucket truck lift wood cutters

How much does a bucket lift truck rental cost?

The price of a bucket lift is mainly determined by its design (articulating/straight model) and by how high it can go. Generally, bucket trucks that can take its bucket to between 15 and 160 feet goes for between $80,000 and $450,000. The higher it can go the more expensive it is.

The cost of renting a bucket lift also mainly depends on the model, how high it can go, and the time you need it for. You will need to pay approximately $220 a day, $750 per week, and $2000 a month.

Which are best bucket equipment for tree care and landscaping?

Bucket trucks are essential pieces of equipment for construction companies, tree trimming services, and landscaping operations.

To determine which landscaping tools and equipment your company requires, consider the type of job, landscaping style, location, and the size of the tree you are working on. In many cases, you will require more than one type of equipment to complete your task.

The following are some bucket equipment examples for yard landscaping and tree care based on their needs and functions.

Operation type

Bucket equipment needed

Trimming  Hedge trimmers, hedge shears, hedge loppers, chain saws, and other chain-driven tools. 
Tree Care Chainsaw scabbard, pocket handsaws, hand pruners, tree loppers, axes, and wedges
Landscaping  Mini bucket loaders, mini excavators, skid steer loaders, side loaders, and bucket road graders

Common Bucket Equipment Questions

How good are Palfinger aerial lifts rental Vs Elliot?

Definitely Palfinger company remain one of the biggest boom trucks maker and supplier in USA with global outreach. It has proven to help meet machinery needs of many construction and telecoms firms as well monthly rates from their partners.

Elliot equipment competes favorably with Palfinger in general equipment and new products line, however, Elliot a smaller company.

Cherry picker truck rental or bucket lift price?

On average, bucket lift rentals in the United States cost between $279 and $1,750 per day, by major service firms. The average price for cherry picker hire ranges from $250 to $400 per hour. The actual cost may also depend on the number of operators.

tree branches trimming

How much is Genie rental cost?

Genie makes some of the best quality aerial work platforms on the market. Many businesses and workers across the United States and Canada trust Genie booms and depend on them daily for wok.

The cost of a Genie will be chiefly determined by its load-bearing maximum capacity, its maximum working height, its lift power, and its age. Generally, Genie cost approximately $200 a day or $20 an hour.

Which Companies Have Cheapest Material Handling Rental Cost?

Rental cost varies according to the type, size and rental period. But on an average, the cost is expected to be between $275-$1,700a day or $650-$4,700.

So, how much does it cost to hire bucket trucks from companies that promise the lowest rates? Here is a quick price comparison!


Cost (per hour)

Broadway Rental


Set Pacific Inc




Benefits of Renting Boom Cranes Near You?

Crane truck rental near you can provide several benefits for your construction project or business. Firstly, renting the crane from a local provider is often more cost-effective than importing one from overseas, reducing delivery costs and time delays. 

Renting also eliminates long-term costs such as vehicle service and repairs, allowing you to return the crane once completed.

It also gives you the flexibility to upgrade or downgrade your crane if needed and allows you to complete tasks that may be too large for the equipment you already own.

Finally, a crane rental near you ensures that you have quick access to replacement parts and access to specialized technicians should anything go wrong during the operation.

These benefits ensure that your project is completed on time and within budget. Simply approach a company near you with your personal information and machine requirement details!

Summary of bucket truck rental 

While considering lifts rental, you should consider several factors to get the best deal, as you would for every equipment rental.

Some of the vital rentals rates include the vendor’s reputation, type and working height of the vehicle, and work-specific requirements.

For example, do you need an insulated boom rental (with or without a crane), lift truck for repair work rental, or a material handler bucket? Or even a more complete crane trucks for rent?

If your project is light or home-based, then you better hire a mini backyard bucket trucks. Finally if full payment might be an hindrance, you may consider applying for lease credit application.

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