Budget Truck & Auto Services, Terms and Affordability!

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Budget trucks are built to be tougher and more resilient than regular vehicles.

A standard Budget truck can carry a max load of up to 10,000lbs and can help move a large family.

You would think that for a vehicle of such specifications, it will be difficult to have it break down.

But it’s still a machine and over time, it might need some basic repairs or even body work done on it to have it looking good as new.

Now it begs the question, are there any reputable auto repair shops for budget trucks? What are they and what unique services do they have to offer?

You’ll find all the answers you need after reading this article.

Man with airbrush spray paint a vehicle

What are Budget Trucks & Auto?

Budget trucks and auto are a renowned auto repair shop that serves a range of vehicles; from your standard passenger vehicle to your semi-trucks, RVs even big destination trailers, etc.

Conveniently located in the midwest in Janesville WI, they are a family-owned auto repair shop with years of experience under their belt and the best place for any truck owner to entrust the repair or bodywork of their vehicle.

It’s not easy to find a certified gold class collision repair business.

Luckily for you, Budget trucks and auto have technicians that have been trained in the proper techniques and procedures needed to repair and restore your vehicle to its former glory.

The Core Services & Benefits

Budget trucks and auto work on different kinds of vehicles that roll in through their doors and meet the repair needs of that vehicle by providing exceptional services

Collision repair

No one is immune to a classic fender bender, and when this happens, budget trucks and auto provide the right technical skills for the job.

Their technicians aren’t only skilled at dealing with passenger vehicles, but also your semi-trucks, RVs, etc.

They also work directly with your insurance company to ensure you get the financial backing you need and can also handle the paperwork necessary to get your car fixed.

Custom paint

When it comes to providing you with the highest quality custom paint finishes, Budget trucks and auto are the right people for the job. Your vehicle won’t only be restored to its original performance level, but also its former glory and beauty.

Frame repair

Their team of expert technicians with years of experience under their belt use their new, super-sized Gold Medallion Collision Repair Systems Centurion™ Frame Machine to repair major collision damage on Semi Trucks and large service vehicles. 

The unique and versatile design of the centurion makes for easy installation and accessory additions.

Vinyl graphics

If you need vinyl graphics to promote your business, then Budget trucks and auto provide the installation of full vinyl wraps, partial vinyl wraps, vinyl decals, banners, stickers, perforated window decals, etc to put your business out there.

Paint protection

Budget trucks and auto renders paint protection to auto vehicles. Paint protection film (PPF) is a durable polyurethane film that adds an extra layer of protection to the vulnerable areas of vehicles. 

The most common parts of your vehicle that need this extra layer of protection are hoods, bumpers, rocker and quarter panels, and mirrors.

Paint protection helps protect against blemishes that might be a result of fender benders for example scratches, chips, debris, swirls, stains, and corrosion.

Questions about Services

Is budget auto the same as budget collision?

Budget auto and budget collision provide services that restore a vehicle both in performance and appearance.

While budget auto oversees everything from collision repairs to installation of vinyl art to promote your business, budget collision is strictly for the repair of cars damaged in fender benders and any other kinds of vehicular accidents.

Technically speaking, one can’t say that both of them are the same, but for the most part, they do offer similar services.

Is budget body shop cheap?

Custom painted vanAn auto repair shop that offers the full works for different kinds of vehicles may not sound cheap, but the prices for the different services rendered by a body shop vary.

On average, you can expect to pay from $75-$2500, and this price range is still largely dependent on many factors including the severity of the job.

Also, keep it in mind that labor costs vary according to each auto shop, with some charging less than others. What’s most important is that you’re provided with excellent services.


Depending on what services you want for your vehicle, Budget trucks and auto are always ready to deliver.

This renowned gold class collision repair shop is the perfect location to have the auto repair needs of your truck tended to.

You can expect nothing short of exceptional with their services. An appointment and visit is all that it would take to fix your vehicle.


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