Do Budget Trucks Have Cruise Control?

Do Budget Trucks Have Cruise Control

Bearing in mind the peculiarity of use of most Budget trucks, Budget does not encourage cruise control. Therefore, this option is not available in most trucks.

What is Cruise Control?

Cruise control, often known as speed control, auto cruise, or cruise command, is simply an option in an automobile that helps you set your car’s speed and maintains acceleration without your physical involvement of throttling. 

With cruise control, the speed of your vehicle will be uniform irrespective of the rises and deeps on the road.

Once your cruise control is activated, most often by the click of a button, you can take your foot off the throttle, and your car will keep moving at the set speed. 

In the early 1990s, automobiles such as Wilson-Pilcher had cruise control as an option.

Although the physical configuration was not as simple as a click of a button, it is safe to say this option has improved with time. 

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Cruise Control in Trucks

As we already discussed, cruise control helps drivers set and maintain the speed of their vehicle without throttling.

Most large trucks have cruise control in them, and to be honest, it works decently on slightly hilly and flat terrain.

Although this device in trucks can be of great help, things can quickly go south.

This deviation becomes apparent when its usage goes wrong in its application.

As a result, some companies have their cruise control in their trucks set in a distinct way that the cruise control only works when the headlights are off. 

This twist came into play because drivers often use the headlights at night when visibility is poor. Also, the company figured that drivers are prone to being less vigilant at night and sleeping off

Therefore the ability to fall asleep may be heightened, leading to an accident if the cruise control is active.

Furthermore, depending on the size of the vehicle, in very hilly terrain, your cruise control may disengage at some point.

When the cruise is interrupted, you should downshift to a lower gear.

If you decide to also put your truck on cruise control in a lower Gear, you may have to learn how to do so. 

Lastly, using your cruise control should only come to mind on a road that is not heavily traveled and has relatively light traffic.

If the reverse, with congested road traffic as the case, please do not engage your cruise control.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of CC in Trucks

Here are a few advantages and disadvantages of cruise control in trucks that we believe everyone should know.


  • Cruise control improves the truck fuel economy of your truck because of the steady speed, and it lets the engine do the work.
  • Reduction in fatigue and leg pain from acceleration.
  • It helps your truck to maintain uniform speed, especially with speed limit zones.
  • This option keeps you safe from receiving speeding tickets.

Do Budget Trucks Have Cruise Control


  • You may lose control of your vehicle when it begins to rain and in bad weather conditions.
  • Cruise control makes you prone to highway hypnosis
  • Because your attention is not always needed, accidents may occur.

On cruise control, it is possible for your car to skid out of control when going through curves, especially on rough roads.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Penske trucks have cruise control?

Yes, Penske trucks have adaptive cruise control. The adaptive cruise control on a Penske truck applies the accelerator or brake depending on the following distance of the driver. View Penske 26 footer!

Other options also aid this system. Examples are the new side object detection (which alerts the driver of objects in his truck’s blind spot) and electronic instability control that helps to minimize rollovers and spinouts. 

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Does the budget truck have unlimited miles?

Unlimited miles packages are not a thing with Budget truck rentals. Budget Truck does not offer any unlimited miles package. 

Furthermore, all packages have limited miles applied. However, some rental companies may ask you to pay some extra cash for an unlimited package.

With Budget, payment is per mile for local movement, but if you are not moving locally, a mileage limit of $0.25 per mile is applied afterward. 

You can easily make a rental trust reservation online. All you have to do is visit Budget’s online reservation site.

You will need to enter some necessary information like your location, moving date information, among others. Then you can scout for truck availability, and you will get a quote. 

Do budget trucks have USB ports?

Yes, most budget trucks have USB ports. However, it all depends on what you want. We advise that if you intend to rent a Truck with USB ports, it will be wise to confirm it before renting.

Furthermore, most budget trucks have AUX ports and come with Bluetooth hands-free calling capability.

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Are Moving trucks with cruise control better?

It is safe to say that this option depends on the driver. The destination, driving experience, the distance of the journey, and the road network will all come into play here. 

When it comes to cruise control, it is more a thing of preference. Most drivers may want to go for comfort and convenience, while others may love to be in control.

Lastly, most often than not, the rental companies are the ones that decide the fate of cruise control in moving trucks, considering the danger it poses when things do not go according to plan.

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Why do most U-Haul trucks not have cruise control?

U-Haul trucks now have Cruise Control in them. However, if you find a U-Haul truck without Cruise Control, it may be linked to safety reasons.

Are Moving Trucks With Cruise Control Better?For example, movement without town does not necessarily need the cruise control option. It is unnecessary and will only lead to accidents because of the congested traffic in the city. 

Another reason may be the inexperience of most drivers who rent such trucks.

Most of them have never driven a vehicle of that size before and lack experience.

Inexperienced drivers may use the cruise control under bad weather conditions, sharp curves, and rough roads.

These actions can lead to accidents. Rental companies will always be at a loss in the case of casualties. 

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