All You Need To Know About Budget Moving Rental

What Is Budget Moving Rental?

Budget moving rental is the hiring of trucks at pocket-friendly prices for hitch free relocation.

Moving apartment or offices is very expensive because it often costs a few hundred dollars to rent a moving truck.

However, there are moving services that rent trucks at low prices.

These are known as budget truck rentals. Examples include Budget Truck, U-Haul, and Penske.

Should You Hire a Moving Company?

While considering the below factors, create a proper template and moving checklist to cover all important aspects. 

Now consider these important things to consider when hiring a moving truck for your relocation.

  • Reputation

It is best to hire a delivery truck company that has a good reputation for handling personal or family possessions.

Hiring one without a good reputation can result in delays or your possessions and valued properties misplaced or stolen.

  • Customer Service

Since moving is hectic and complicated, people usually have a million and one questions before moving; they need answers and assurances.

Therefore, it is important to consider if a moving company has good customer service before renting a truck from them.

  • Lifting Equipment

If you have big and heavy furniture in your apartment you will need lifting equipment to make it easy for yourself to safely lift and move your furniture.

Make sure the moving truck company you are working with, has the necessary lifting equipment.

  • Labor

Many moving companies only have a handful of people working for them.

If you have a big house or multiple things that need to be moved, you will need to ask the company you want to work with if they have the right equipment to make your move possible within the amount of time you are comfortable with.

  • Moving or Delivery Truck Sizes

Consider the truck sizes of the company you want to work with.

Some companies have small trucks, while others have big ones. Therefore, make sure the company you want to work with has a truck you can use conveniently.

  • Moving Budget Template

You will do well to create a realistic moving budget template.

In addition to above steps, write down your inventory, over all research, exact date to move out, conserve some extra funds, patiently cover all expenses plus emergency funds etc.

There are services online you can use to help you create a perfect moving expenses spreadsheet template at affordable prices, or even free!

Best Budget Moving Companies – Costs and Comparison

  1. U Haul Moving

This is the best known moving rental business in the United States, offering complete service including moving storage facilities over 24 hour or more.

This is because it has many locations across many states and it each location has many trucks of different sizes – even smaller vehicles like the cargo van moving rental.

The best thing about Uhaul is that it has very cheap/ low prices. However, this low prices are usually only possible if renting a truck for more than two days.

The second best thing about U-Haul is that its trucks come with special ramps for easy loading.

It costs about $60 to rent a U-Haul truck for a couple of hours.

The total estimated moving expenses can get to about $100 when you include mileage, fuel, and parking.

budget moving

  1. Penske Moving

This company has some very well-maintained trucks and budget moving van models across the country, and allow customer to enjoy moving storage.

Their vehicles are also known for being super reliable, which is understandable considering they are well-maintained.

Penske moving services are available in over 2400 locations globally, including Washington DC, Arizona, Michigan, Rockville MD, Illinois. It costs about $150 to rent a truck for about a day.

Mileage is very important when renting a Penske.

  1. Enterprise Moving Truck Rental

Enterprise has many different types of trucks you can rent to use to move houses. However, they only allow local moving – long distance moves are not allowed.

The best thing about Enterprise is that their cheap or budget moving trucks for rent have a very high weight limit. This means you can use them to carry heavy stuff.

Are you in Washington DC area? Enterprise has lots of Box Trucks, Moving Vans, Pickup Trucks, Cargo Vans over DC!

It costs between $90 and $706 to rent budget delivery truck from Enterprise. You have options to buy protection plans at $26 a day.

Note Enterprise have newer vehicles including cargo van autos, straight trucks, towing equipped pickup trucks.

  1. Budget Truck

Budget Moving Company has one of the cheapest moving trucks in the whole of the United States.

It also has trucks in many cities across the country including Chicago, San Diego, Washington DC, Los Angeles, NYC, Atlanta, Miami, Seattle, and so on.

Budget truck rental cost usually has discount offers in addition to its low delivery truck rental prices, including the Budget cargo van rental vehicles. Remember you can cover your precious property by signing up for for insurance and protection plans!

The Budget rental price for most trucks is between $20 and $100 a day.

Total moving costs for long distance moves usually amount to about $500 less than what most competitors offer.

Facts about Renting A Moving Truck for Relocation!

Below are some key facts about budget truck rentals.

  • One Way

Most truck hiring services do not allow one way truck rental. They want their trucks dropped off at pick up point. I mean budget moving trucks one way isn’t very common to get.

  • Round Trip

When you hire a truck to move houses, you will use it and then take it back. This is a round-trip. Only some companies allow out of state round trips.

  • Moving On Your Own

You can definitely move on your own if you want to. It is cheaper. However, if you have no one to help you, no time/ day to waste, or no big size truck, you are better off using a budget moving van or truck.

  • Moving Permit

You need a moving permit to move in some jurisdictions. So get one before hiring a moving truck.

  • Budget Truck Sizes

There are several sizes of budget moving trucks. The most popular ones are the 12 foot truck, the 16 foot moving van, and the 26 foot truck.

  • Pick Up Truck Movers

A great options that allows you hand-free. The mover comes to your abode, place or park the goods in the truck and move to your destination.

Yes the mover also unload all goods for you. The pick up truck movers is also known as pick up and delivery services and 100% hands free!

Can You Save Cost With Professional Movers?

Absolutely, when renting a moving truck in USA states/cities or even counties such as Arlington VA in Washington DC, NYC, Miami, Atlanta, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Seattle, Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, or anywhere else, you can save cost with professional movers.

This is because they know how best to move you quickly and efficiently without wasting your money.

Budget Truck Rental Cost & Moving Apartment

Budget truck rental cost may save you some cash, but moving cheaply is not easy.

You have to find the right moving company to work with especially if your possessions are quite valuable.

Ensure to get the right offers and discounts, plus ensure you have proper moving expenses spreadsheet template and moving checklist already as guide.

Some of the best budget moving truck rental businesses include Budget Truck, Penske, and U-HAUL.