Discover Budget Truck Gas Mileage for 16 Foot, 12ft and 26ft and Gas Tank Size

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Fuel economy is one of the most crucial aspects of driving a vehicle; this is also true for Budget trucks. When it comes to renting, Budget truck gas mileage is an factor for negotiations, and for good reason. Whenever trucks are discussed, fuel economy hardly comes to mind.

And when it does, it’s usually because of how considerably low they are or you just need to estimate how much fuel you would need to drive it for as long as you might require. Therefore, we cover gas mileage and tank size for various sizes – budget 16 foot truck mpg as well budget 12 foot truck mpg and their tan sizes.

What is Budget Truck Gas Mileage (MPG for Different Truck Sizes?

Budget Truck Rentals have trucks of varying sizes and capabilities available for rent. And all of them have their respective manufacturer-estimated gas mileage an tank size. The following are Budget trucks and their corresponding gas miles per gallon: 

Truck type Fuel  MPG 
12-foot gas 8-14
16-foot gas 6-10 
26-foot diesel 8-10

Note: The above estimates are for empty trucks. So, fully loaded trucks would get lower miles per gallon.

Other extraneous circumstances like road conditions and driving style might also take away from the MPG. We equally publish about Uhaul MPG and their 15″ gas mileage here!

Budget 16 Foot Truck MPG and Gas Calculator?

Let’s say the total distance traveled by the 16-foot truck is 40 miles, the average MPG is 8, and the average fuel cost is $20.

Using this formula: miles traveled ÷ average miles per gallon x average fuel cost = total cost of gas

The calculation will go like this: 

40 ÷ 8 x 20 = 100

The total cost will be $100. 

What are Budget 12 foot Truck MPG and Gas Tank Size? 

The fuel tank size in a Budget 12-foot truck is 35-gallon. 

Branded Budget long box truck

What’s MPG in Moving Trucks?

MPG, also commonly known as miles per gallon, is the distance, which is measured in miles, that a moving truck can cover running on one gallon of fuel (gasoline or diesel).

A less popular and alternative form of measurement is KPL or kilometers per liter. MPG is the primary measurement for determining a truck’s efficiency.

The higher the MPG of a truck, the more fuel-efficient it is, and vice versa. The actual gas mileage of your truck tends to almost always vary from the manufacturer-issued estimates. 

The reason is simple: your driving habit, the road condition, the weight of the load on the truck, the condition of the truck, to name only a few, will influence the eventual miles per gallon of each Budget truck. But the estimate is good as it gives you an informed idea of what to expect.

Why is Gas Mileage Very Important?

Gas mileage is important for a number of reasons, all of which are related to how it determines a truck’s fuel efficiency. 

  • Helps with decision making

For customers, calculating budget truck gas mileage and, even any truck’s fuel efficiency is a matter of common sense, rather than a case of mechanical capability.

You have to be sure how much distance one gallon can travel so you can know how much you are going to spend on fuel. More importantly, to see if it’s worth it. This is especially true in this time of increasing gas prices.

Budget company truck and van Aid proper route planning

Knowing the gas mileage of a rental truck also gives you another advantage. It enables you to know how much you will need to travel a certain distance.

And it also helps you plan your trip; how you drive, how much load you carry, the strategic point you stop to pump gas, etc.

  • Assist in making business decisions 

For rental companies like Budget, it’s mainly how it’s good for business. Trucks with higher gas mileage are understandably in higher demand than ones with lower gas mileage. This can helps direct the company’s effort towards acquiring more fuel-efficient trucks. 

  • Cleaner environment

Also, a critical understanding of gas mileage helps rental companies make the environment safer.  Fuel-efficient trucks burn less fuel, and as a result, generate lower greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, which is the leading cause of climate change.

Top rentals that consider themselves environmentally friendly will generally buy more fuel-efficient trucks. 

Branded Budget moving truck

Calculating Miles Per Gallon(MPG) for Budget Fleet

  • Record

This is the first stage. 

  • Fill up the truck’s tank all the way with appropriate fuel (gas or diesel). 
  • Before you start driving, reset the trip odometer, if the truck has one. Otherwise, record the master odometer mileage. 
  • Move the truck as normally as you would if you were driving it and allow your gas tank to go down to at least half the tank. 
  • Then drive to the gas station and refill the gas tank and record the amount of gas it will take. 
  • Record the new odometer mileage or the elapsed trip miles (if you are using the reset trip odometer).
  • Calculate

With this information, you can now proceed and do your calculation. 

  1. Get the miles traveled you recorded. 
  2. Divide the number by the number of gallons it took you to refill the truck’s gas tank
  3. The result will be your truck’s average miles per gallon (MPG).

The simplified formula is as followed: 

miles per gallon = miles traveled ÷ gallons used.

How to calculate gas costs for moving trucks?

Knowing the gas mileage of a truck can help you calculate the cost of gas, it’s simple maths. 

Here’s how you go about it: 

  • First, record the distance (in miles) covered between the starting point and the ending point. 
  • Divide that recorded distance covered by the truck’s average miles per gallon (MPG). 
  • Then, multiply the result by the average fuel cost. 

The maths will look something like this:

miles traveled ÷ average miles per gallon = gallons of fuel used


gallons of fuel used x average fuel cost = total cost of gas

Note: On the official website of Budget Rental Trucks, there’s a truck fuel calculator that can help you do the calculation at the tap of a button. 

Why is Fuel Cost So important? 

When you go to Budget to get a truck, the price of fuel isn’t included in the cost of renting the truck. This is something you have to figure out on your own after you rent the truck.

This extra cost can greatly impact your moving budget. It may not be too much trouble when moving short distances. But if you’re moving a long distance, the fuel cost can go as much as double the cost of your move.

Branded budget vehicles

FAQ About MPG and Moving Truck Fuel Efficiency!

Why is the moving truck MPG calculator so important?

It helps potential customers know how much the fuel for moving will cost if they rent a particular moving truck. Also, the MPG calculator is an easy and seamless way to go about the average miles per gallon calculation. 

How many MPG does a Budget truck get?

As it is listed on their official website, Budget trucks get the following fuel mileage: 

12-foot truck (gas): 8 – 14 MPG

16-foot truck (gas): 6 – 10 MPG

26-foot truck (diesel): 8 – 10 MPG.

How does a budget truck gas mileage calculator work? 

This is it: 

Divide total distance traveled by the average miles per gallon of the truck, then multiply it by the average fuel cost. 

Are budget trucks diesel?

No, they don’t exclusively use diesel. The 12′ and 16′ trucks use gasoline, while the 26′ trick uses diesel.  

How many miles per gallon does a 16-foot Penske truck get? 

Packing a diesel fuel tank of up to 33 gallons, a 16-foot Penske truck gets up to 12 MPG. 

Truck gas cylinders

What fuel do budget trucks use? 

They use gasoline and diesel. 

How much does it cost to fill up a budget moving truck?

With the 12-foot, 16-foot, and 26-foot trucks packing 35-, 33-, and 50-gallon tanks and fuel price averaging $3.5 a gallon, it will cost you about $122.5, $115.5, and $175 to fill the respective tanks. 

What is a Budget cargo van MPG?

With the Budget cargo van featuring a 25-gallon gasoline tank, its MPG falls anywhere between 8 – 12 MPG. Note: Like moving trucks’,  the MPG of this cargo van varies with driving conditions and weight of the load. 

How much does it cost to fill up a 16-foot Budget truck?

It will take about $115 to fill a 16-foot Budget truck. 

What is a 16′ Budget truck gas tank size?

The size of a 16-foot Budget truck is 33-gallon and it runs on gasoline. 

Budget 26-foot truck gas tank size?

The size of a 16-foot Budget truck is 33-gallon and it runs on diesel. 

Summary of Budget truck gas mileage!

This article contains all you need to know to be informed about Budget truck gas mileage – the miles per gallon (MPG) of Budget trucks, including answers to frequently asked questions. 

Fuel measure meter


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