Discover How to Rent Budget Truck One Way – Costs, Deals, Discounts and Add Ons!

Budget truck one way rental always comes to the rescue whenever you decide to move to a different city across your state or simply from one state to another.

This one way rental makes it possible to pick up your moving truck in one city and return it in a different city. 

Budget truck one way rental is not limited to just moving across your state or to a different one.

This rental option also comes in handy when transporting items for events such as fundraisers and parties.

It plays a significant role in delivering and transporting items for renovating a property.

The peculiarity of such deliveries often demands that you pick up the truck in a different city or location from where delivery will occur.

Now, that’s where the Budget one way rental truck comes in to make your experience seamless. We have several popular one-way truck rental routes across and within states.

However, you can get in touch with a local Budget Truck Rental to check for the availability of renting a one-way truck close to you.

Budget truck in no distant time will get you moving!

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Budget Truck One Way Rental


Benefits of Budget Truck One way Rental

The budget truck rental has made a name for itself, and we would not be at fault to say this rental company is up there among the very best in the game.

The budget truck rental has the best rates for local rentals, making it the go-to option for local moves. 

This rental is extensively available throughout the country, and its service makes a DIY move seamless.

Budget Trucks are available in every state in the continental US but not in Hawaii or Alaska.

All moving truck rental companies charge a mileage rate in addition to the rental price for local moves.

The only company that does not do this is Home Depot. However, this feature works only with their Load ‘N Go rentals. 

This option on Home Depot comes with unlimited mileage and applies only to their small trucks.

However, if you need a medium-sized or large-sized moving truck, Home Depot will rent a Penske truck to you. It comes with the Penske mileage rate.  

Budget Trucks makes your moving process a lot smoother for you and offers you professional help with heavy lifting.

On this basis, Budget truck partners with – HireAHelper, which is a moving labor company. 

They specialize in helping people like you load and unload your moving truck.

Their services come at an extra cost, but it is nothing compared to paying for a full-service move.

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How Much Does One Way Rental Cost?

Budget truck rental costs are budget-friendly like its name. The price range is a lot better than with most moving truck companies.

Budget truck rentals for moves under 100 miles have an average price of $27.60, alongside a $0.47/mile mileage rate.

When you compare this to the industry average of $169.65 with a $0.75/mile mileage rate, you will come to one conclusion that Budget rates are the best for you.

Home Depot is the only rental company that comes close to Budget’s rates.

Sadly the sweet rates of Home Depot only apply to its super small Load ‘N Go Trucks. The size of this Home Depot truck limits it.

If you are moving locally from your home, ideally a one-bedroom, Budget Trucks are for you and not Home Depot.

Sadly, this fairy tale ends here as Budget’s long-distance rates seem off, from the set standards for shorter moves.

For moves that go over 100 miles, Budget has an average price of $2,080. The industry average for moves over 100 miles sits at $2,077.

However, the exact rates for moving trucks vary with time and hinge on supply and demand. Therefore, we cannot give you a specific price of how much your move will cost you.

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Nonetheless, there are a few factors that will affect your price quote:

  • Your moving date, 
  • when you book, 
  • taxes,
  • mileage,
  • moving coverage,
  • add-on rentals & services, and
  • your rental deposit. 

Budget’s Truck rental deposit

In addition to the rental cost, Budget charges a refundable $150 deposit for all moving trucks. 

This $150 deposit is fully refundable and will be paid back to you as long as you do not bring back a dirty truck with less gas than what you started with or past your return time.

However, the refund of this deposit may take weeks to arrive in your account. 

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Budget Truck discounts

In a bid for Budget to wade off competitors, Budget has devised a pretty decent discount system that helps you save money. Let’s take a look at these discounts.

  • Student discount: Students get a 20% discount for all local moves and 15% off for one-way moves.
  • US military discount: comes with a 20% discount.
  • Police, Fire, and EMT personnel discounts: 20% off for all local rental and 15% off for one-way moves.
  • AARP member discount: 10% discount for Friday through Saturday and 20% off for Sunday through Thursday.
  • Motor Club member discounts:  20% off for all local moves and 15% off for one-way moves.
  • Bar Association Member discounts:  20% off for all local rental and 15% off for one-way moves.

Does One Way Budget Truck Rental In Canada Cost Less Than In The USA?

Frequently Asked Questions

Does one way budget truck rental in Canada cost less than in the USA?

The rental rates for Budget trucks are the same in both Canada and USA.

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Which is the most affordable one way moving truck from Budget?

The affordability of a one way moving budget truck depends on the distance.

The distance and preferred truck size will, in turn, affect the quote. However, the cheapest one-way moving truck should be the 12-foot truck and the 16″ FT box.

How much is it to rent a moving truck one way?

One way truck rental costs an average of $1,780. However, local rentals cost an average of $150. However, it is subject to the distance and type of truck you need.

Is Budget one way move cheapest?

Budget trucks have the lowest overall prices and are very affordable for a local move.

This truck rental company is rated as one of the cheapest in the industry, and known for dishing out several discounts.

A typical example is the automatic discount of 9% for all clients who book their reservations online. 

How do Budget one way interstate truck rental works?

All you have to do is contact your local Budget Truck Rental center and arrange for a one-way interstate truck rental that best suits your needs.

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Is it cheaper to rent a truck one way or round trip?

This verdict depends on the distance to be covered by your trip. If your destination is far and, thus, a long move, a one-way rental is cheaper than a round trip. 

Budget one way truck rental comparison with Penske and U-haul

On a broad scale, a Budget one-way rental is better for local moves. Penske has the most expensive rate for long-distance truck rental amongst the three of them.


One way rental truck option on Budget helps you save money and reduces stress from your move.

With this option, picking up your rental truck in one city and dropping it off in another city is possible.

Most people prefer this option when moving from one city to another.

Budget trucks are arguably the best choice for a one way rental. You should consider using Budget trucks for this move.

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