Budget Truck Rental Price – Discover Why It Is Considered Most Cost Effective!

Budget Truck Rental Price for Different Sizes of Vehicles!

Renting a truck for your upcoming move can be a bit of a hassle. Most truck rental companies are similar if you look at them on a broad scale.

However, there are some significant differences you should know. These differences will affect and influence your decision-making process. We have gathered the relevant information and distinguishing factors in this piece to make this evaluation process seamless.

The focus of this piece will be to give you a quick guide to Budget truck rental prices, relevant specifics, truck options, among other relevant factors. 

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Most people prefer to rent a truck than to pay a professional moving company to help them out. The reason for this is because hiring a professional company to help with your moving is a lot more expensive than renting a truck. Notwithstanding, there are several truck rental companies to choose from.

It will be best if you base your research on at least three rental companies. The details of your research should include information on truck features like weight, interior size, its terms and conditions, and lastly, price and additional costs.

Without much ado, let’s get down to the main business of this article. We seek to enlighten you on what you should expect and know about Budget truck rental.

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What is Budget Truck Rental?

Budget truck is up there among the biggest truck rental companies in the country. Budget has 30,000 rental trucks and boasts of about 2,600 service locations in North America alone. The likelihood of finding a Budget truck for rent in your area is very high. Its availability almost everywhere gives it an edge in this business. 

Budget has four non-commercial truck options available for rent. These trucks come with add-on equipment that can help you tow your car if the need arises.

Kindly follow the sequence of this article as we break down these four truck options for you. We will emphasize and throw more light on areas, like its specifics, rental prices, and different sizes available. 

Types of Budget Truck Rental Options

Let’s take a quick look into the four truck options that Budget offers.

Cargo Van

Cargo vans are limited to small moves such as moving out of dorms and studios. This option is the smallest of the lot. The Interior capacity of Cargo vans on Budget is 11 feet long, bearing 357 cubic feet of loading space. 

This van weighs up to 3,400 pounds and stomachs 8 to 14 miles per gallon. Special features on this cargo van are the power steering, dual-faced mirrors, tie-down slats, and power brakes.

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12-foot truck

A 12-foot long truck on Budget is larger than the Cargo vans. This 12-foot truck can help you move a standard-size one-bedroom apartment or about one or two rooms.

The Interior capacity of this truck is 10 feet long and has 380 cubic feet of loading space. This truck weighs about 3,610 pounds and stomachs 8 to 12 miles per gallon. 

Special features include automatic transmission, non-slip wood floors, cargo tie rails, translucent roofs, and interior lighting.

16-foot truck

The truck on Budget is arguably the most popular and often the most sought after. This truck fits without any hassle, three rooms to four rooms. In other words, this 16-foot truck on Budget can handle a one-bedroom home. 

Its interior cargo capacity is 16 feet long alongside 658 cubic feet of loading space. Its weight capacity is up to 4,600 pounds and has a fuel efficiency of 6 to 10 miles per gallon.

This model has some features such as an automatic transmission, translucent roof, and interior lighting, cargo rails, and available walk ramps and lift gates. 

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26 foot truck 

The 26-foot Budget truck is the largest in its pecking order. This truck can house five to eight rooms. Therefore, a Budget 26-foot truck will comfortably move most two-bedroom homes or three-bedroom homes.

The Interior capacity is 26 feet long alongside 1,698 cubic feet of loading space. The weight capacity of this 26-foot truck is up to 10,000 pounds, and its fuel efficiency racks 8 to 10 miles per gallon. View 26 foot by U-haul here!

Other unique features associated with Budget’s 26 footer are automatic transmission, translucent roof and interior lighting (in most trucks), cargo tie rails, available walk ramps and lift gates, and diesel engine (depending on availability).

What are Rental Prices Of Budget Trucks?

Courtesy: Budgettrucks

Rental Prices of Budget Trucks

When it comes to renting Budget trucks, just as its name, Budget is one of the money-friendly truck rentals available. The rental price ranges between $80 and $1,500 per day, while one way trip average $99. The quote you get depends on the truck size you need and the distance you intend to travel.

Furthermore, you should know that renting a Budget truck often comes with additional charges. By implication, the quote you get when booking may not be the only money you will be required to pay. 

You do not need to worry about the additional charges. We have a brief breakdown of the reasons for the extra fees you may encounter when renting a Budget truck.

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Here is a list to help you prepare adequately for the additional charges

  • Mileage charge: Budget charges $0.25 per mile after exceeding your mileage limit.
  • Add-ons: a typical example is a dolly rental or towing equipment 
  • Taxes and fees, 
  • Gas usage and mileage,
  • Liability coverage: this fee is optional
  • $150 deposit: this deposit is fully refundable after you make the return of your rental in good condition.   

From Sunday to Thursday, the prices are moderate; on weekends the prices go up. Hence, the rental rate for Budget trucks varies based on availability and demand. 

Choosing Budget rental for your move opens you up to the discounts on its platform. To be more specific, Budget often offers special rental discounts of 20% to all active and veteran military members.

These discounts (10%-20%) also extend to AARP members such as police, fire, and EMT workers such as Motor Club members, students, and Bar Association members.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which state has the best prices for budget truck rental?

Best prices on Budget truck rental depend on several factors like the destination and truck option you choose. 

How much does it cost to rent a budget truck in Canada?

Renting a Budget truck in Canada has no fixed rate. Rental depends on the truck size, destination, and rental option. You can visit the Budget truck reservation site to get a quote peculiar to your move.

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How much is it to rent a budget truck plus a car dolly?

Tow Dollies are rented together with a Budget Truck reservation. You cannot rent tow dolly separately. Reservation cost depends on the availability and distance you intend to travel.

Where can I get a budget truck rental quote online?

To get a quote on a Budget truck, visit the Budget truck online reservation site and fill in your location and your moving date information, which will enable you to check for its availability, after which you will get a quote.

The quote you will get will appear in different truck size options alongside the add-ons. 

Does Budget Truck charge per mile?

Budget rental charges per mile when you move locally. However, you have a mileage limit when you are not moving locally. When you exceed your mileage limit, Budget will charge you $0.25 per mile afterward.

Is Budget Truck Rental cheaper than Uhaul?

How Much Does It Cost To Rent A Budget Truck In Canada?For local moves, Budget truck rental has the best pricing in the truck rental industry.

For instance, Uhaul charges a lot more for mileage than Budget. Therefore, for long-distance trips exceeding your mileage limit, Budget will charge you less than Uhaul. 

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With the ever-increasing price of renting a professional moving company to help you with your move, most individuals have switched to renting trucks.

Renting trucks and driving them yourself across town or to a different city is a lot cheaper than hiring a professional moving company. On this basis, Budget trucks stand out as an excellent option as they boast competitive rental rates.