Uhaul Vs Budget Truck Rental – Which Has Cheaper Prices and Better Values?

Comparing Budget Truck Vs Uhaul on Cost & Customer Service?

In every facet of the human experience, change is constant. From how we communicate to how we move. 

If, for instance, you want to clear out your apartment and relocate to a new part of the city, you will need help with moving.

You can either hire a professional moving company to do the job or do it yourself (DIY).

Is Budget Truck Rental Cheaper Than Uhaul?

For the latter, which is cheaper, all you have to do is rent a moving truck, pack your items, load the vehicle and get moving.

And that’s where rental trucks companies, such as Budget and U-Haul, come in. 

Both Budget Truck Rental and U-Haul are moving truck rental companies in the United States.

Overall, they have almost the same service quality, with only slight variations. 

In this article, we’ll be succinctly discussing Budget moving services and U-Haul rental – trucks & storage; their main offers, similarities, as well as differences.

Budget and U-Haul Similar and Different Offers

In closing, some frequently asked questions will also be answered.

Let’s go. 

Budget and U-Haul main offers

While both companies tend to provide nearly the same standard of service, the ways they go about it are quite different.

Here we go: 

Do Budget rental have better customer service then Uhaul?

Budget main offers

  • Offer better rates for local moves. 
  • Have relatively more discounts
  • Offer low mileage rates. 
  • Have fewer locations (1,600) and service outlets in the United States.  
  • Offer 5 truck sizes.  

U-Haul main offers

  • Generally better rates for long-distance moves. 
  • Have more locations, which amounts to about 21,000 service outlets in the United States and Canada
  • Fetching from the many locations, U-Haul has a wider availability. 
  • Offers fewer discounts. 
  • Have 7 truck sizes.  

Budget and U-Haul similarities

Budget and U-Haul share several similarities, such as moving assistance, long-distance rentals, great insurance coverage options, etc.

As a way of information, let me fill you in quickly before jumping to the differences between the two companies.

Is Budget Van Lines cheaper than U-Haul?

Offer local and long-distance rentals

Typically speaking, a local move is considered to be under 100 miles while a long-distance move is anything more than 100 miles. 

Also, long-distance moves are often referred to as one-way moves.

Why Is U-Haul More Expensive Than BudgetThe reason is simple; because you usually return the rental truck to a different location other than where you rented it.

In the same vein, local moves are also referred to as round-trip moves.

And as you might have guessed, it’s because you return the rental truck to the same location you got it. 

Budget and U-Haul have rental trucks of various sizes available for both moves.

In this way, they both stand head above local moves-only competitors like Enterprise and Home Depot (unless in a few locations where they partner with Penske). 

Why is Budget truck rental cheaper than Uhaul?

Both have poor customer feedback

Even a cursory glance through forums like Yelp and Google Reviews will reveal that both Budget and U-Haul received terrible reviews.

Can I use a tow dolly for long distance?The average rating for both of them, no matter where you look, tends to be 1.3 star.

From this number, it’s safe to assume that both provide customers with similar levels of satisfaction, which is to stay not very good. 

Customers generally complain about different things. A common one is no guarantee of reservations by both companies, complaints are higher for U-Haul.

For Budget, unclean and malfunctioning complaints top the chart. 

Do U-Haul and Budget give military discounts?

Moving assistance services

The whole point of renting a moving truck in the first place is to do it (packing, loading, and unloading) yourself, thereby cutting costs.

But doing it alone can be one hell of a burden.

You don’t necessarily have to go full DIY. You can always hire assistance for aspects that might be too daunting to pull off alone. 

Budget and U-Haul offer help services to help you with everything save for driving.

Naturally, these services incur additional costs. Factors like location and duration determine the exact pricing of the help.  

Who is Uhauls biggest competitor for pickup rental?

Both offer good coverage options

First of all, moving coverage is optional. However, it’s recommended that you purchase as much as you can afford to protect your properties, truck, and yourself.

This is where Budget and U-Haul come in handy. They both offer comprehensive coverage options. 

Note: Always refer to your rental agreement to understand the complete information seeing as both coverage options have their respective exclusions and limitations. 

Budget and U-Haul differences

Now that we are done with their similarities, let’s talk about the various things that differentiate them, including pricing, extra services, truck sizes, and availability. 

How much does a trailer dolly cost?

Budget is better for local moves

Throughout the truck rental industry, Budget categorically has the best deal for local moves.

On average, U-Haul’s local prices are about $10 more than Budget’s.

Moreover, Budget doesn’t charge as much as U-Haul does for mileage.

This means that you can travel farther and complete more trips to and fro driving a Budget truck. 

U-Haul is better for long-distance moves

Alternatively, U-Haul outperforms Budget price-wise in just about every scenario that’s not a local move.

Something to note here, however, is to always get a quote from both companies before you rent irrespective of how far you are moving. 

Can I use a tow dolly for long distance?

Budget offers better discounts 

Budget is the clear winner when it comes to discounts as they have deals for different groups from the United States military personnel to AARP to students. 

U-Haul has more truck options

U-Haul has more truck sizes than Budget does. 

U-Haul truck size

  1. Cargo van
  2. Pickup truck
  3. 10-foot box truck
  4. 15-foot box truck
  5. 17-foot box truck
  6. 20-foot box truck
  7. 26-foot box truck

Budget truck sizes

  1. Cargo van
  2. Pickup truck
  3. 12-foot box truck
  4. 16-foot box truck
  5. 26-foot box truck.
  1. Cargo van
  2. Pickup truck
  3. 12-foot box truck
  4. 16-foot box truck
  5. 26-foot box truck.

U-Haul has more range

Thanks to its 21,000 locations scattered between the United States and Canada, U-Haul offers a wider range of availability than Budget which operates a measly 1,600 locations only in the United States. 

Budget has a more responsive customer service 

While both companies receive nearly the same level of complaints, Budget tends to be more responsive and proactive about solving them. U-Haul, not so much. 

What is the biggest size U Haul trailer?

Hired assistance

Both companies offer the option but go about it a little differently. 

Budget partners with HireAHelper. 

U-Haul, on the other hand, operates a marketplace that services moving assistance needs.

Various local labor companies compete to get hired. So, you get to handpick the company that eventually helps you move. 

Coverage plan

Budget offers five coverage options to protect you in the event of unfortunate circumstances ranging from something as mild as locking your keys in the truck to a more serious case of getting in an accident. 

U-Haul, on the other hand, has four coverage options, which protect you in case of water damage, burglary, or accidents.   

Is Budget Van Lines cheaper than U-Haul?

FAQ about Both Rentals!

Is Budget truck rental cheaper than Uhaul?

It depends. Budgets are generally cheaper than Uhaul for local moves, they have the cheapest in the whole moving industry. It’s not the same for long-distance moves. 

Why is Budget truck rental cheaper than Uhaul?

Budget charges are cheaper than half of what is charged by U-Haul for mileage, so you can drive long-distance and make several trips back and forth in a Budget moving truck while you still save money.

Local moving prices at Budget are the cheapest in the moving truck rental industry.

Why is Budget truck rental cheaper than Uhaul?

Why is U-Haul more expensive than Budget

Because Budget is set up to be pocket-friendly, especially for long-distance moves. 

Which is cheaper: U-Haul, Penske, or Budget?

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Generally, Penske’s local moves are slightly costlier than U-Haul’s but almost always cheaper than Budget’s. Penske’s long-distance prices are also higher. 

Note that this is just a general estimation obtained from a series of quotes. 

Do U-Haul and Budget give military discounts?

Does Budget Truck Rental accept Debit Cards?

Yes, they do. If you choose it as a mode of payment, you must be present with the credit/debit card at the time of rental. 

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As I believe you have seen, Budget and U-Haul are both fine truck rental companies with peculiar challenges and unique solutions.

The information in this article will, no doubt, help you choose whichever is best for you. 

Lastly, always take quotes from the two companies and more before going with the most suitable. 

Why Is U-Haul More Expensive Than Budget