Do Budget Trucks Have Aux?

Do Budget Trucks Have Aux - Auxiliary Ports in All Vehicles?

Earlier vehicles had a lot going for them, but the audio feature manufacturers used during the period was not one of them.

From tape decks and CD players to cassette adapters. It’s been one hell of a journey. 

Now, those old features are gone. Today, a new and more efficient option that offers far better quality and portability, “AUX” or auxiliary (a port on a vehicle’s stereo unit), now exists. 

Your truck no longer has to go through the technical trouble of routing the output from your external audio source through the stereo cassette player before the stereo can play the cassette.

The AUX port only has to route the signal directly into the truck’s stereo for a more seamless connection. 

This article will try to discuss AUX in Budget trucks; what they are, why they are needed, and how they work.

Some frequently asked questions will also be answered. 

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What is AUX in Trucks?

An auxiliary port or AUX, as it’s commonly called, describes an additional input option in your truck’s stereo.

The auxiliary port (AUX) is also known as auxiliary jack or auxiliary input.

It’s a 3.5 mm jack that you can plug anything that has a standard headphone connection. 

As an asynchronous serial port, the interface allows it to serve as the auxiliary input signal for MP3 players, headphones (not advisable for use when driving), phones, portable music players, amplifiers, and speakers.

As you may already know, the AUX jack is typically designed for audio devices that can receive peripheral sound sources.

Data can then be transmitted one bit at a time. 

AUX stands out because it can be used with essentially any audio device, so long as the device supports it.

Is It Important to Drivers? 

The simple answer is yes, but answers like these are hardly ever simple. Mostly, the importance depends on two things. 

First, do you like music while driving your truck? 

Second, is the AUX the only medium to transfer sound between your device and truck?

For instance, if there are other options available, the AUX may not be so invaluable.

Especially since other options may have charging facilities, a feature that the auxiliary jack lacks.

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How Does it Work?

First things first, any audio device that has the 3.5mm socket can be connected to the truck.

All you need is an auxiliary cable that has the same standard headphone plug in both ends to connect the two.

It’s easily the simplest kind of media connection. 

Although, you may have to control it from the device itself if you want to, for instance, change track.

Unlike connections like Bluetooth and USB that allow you to use the car’s control. Furthermore, it won’t charge your device. 

Other than these few limitations, it’s a seamless way of sending sound to your truck’s multimedia system, allowing you to play music directly from your device through the truck’s speakers.

In this way, it’s similar to USB, Bluetooth, HDMI, Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, auxiliary connection, headphone connection, etc.

How to use it 

While your AUX cable will work with virtually all your portable devices, some may still require adapters.

It’s a simple case of disconnecting from one device, then plugging in another one, and you’re done.

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How to connect your device (step by step)

  • Ensure your Budget truck is equipped with a standard 3.5mm auxiliary port. It’s easy to find, it’s usually labeled “AUX.”  
  • Move to change the audio input function in your truck to auxiliary. 

This process may vary from truck to truck. 

In some trucks, it’s labeled “AUX.” Push this AUX button to switch the audio input to auxiliary.

If it’s successful, the truck’s radio should read either “AUXILIARY” or “AUX.”

If your truck doesn’t have the “AUX” button, search for one labeled “FUNCTION” or “INPUT.”

Depending on the type, you may have to push or turn it (usually more than once) to get to the required auxiliary function.

The truck’s stereo display should also read either “AUXILIARY” or “AUX.”

Note: Check the user’s manual (located in the glove box) for further instruction if your truck has none of the buttons or dials. 

  • Using a 3.5 mm auxiliary audio cable, plug one end into your truck’s auxiliary jack. And then, connect the other end of the cable into the headphone port your device.
  • Using your device, set the volume to about 50 percent or thereabout, and start playing. 

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How Does AUX Work in Budget Trucks?

What extra devices are drivers allowed to use? 

Generally, hands-free electronic devices are less likely to cause accidents as opposed to handheld ones. So, most hands-free devices are allowed. 

What to do if your Budget truck lacks an auxiliary port?

If you have looked and didn’t find an aux jack in your truck, it’s probably just because it doesn’t have one.

Not every truck comes equipped with an auxiliary jack. This doesn’t, however, stop you from playing your music through your truck’s radio. 

Several third-party adapters can connect your device to the truck’s radio, for example, via the 12-volt (cigarette lighter) socket. 

The following are some of the ways by which you can connect your device to the truck’s stereo:

  • FM transmitter
  • Cassette tape adaptor
  • Bluetooth hands-free phone app
  • Android Auto and Apple Car Play
  • 30 pin connector
  • USB stereo jack.

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Questions and Answers!

Do Budget Trucks have Bluetooth?

Yes, they do. Their trucks come with Bluetooth hands-free calling capability. 

Do U-Haul trucks have AUX jacks?

Yes, most of them do. It depends on what you want. If you want a truck with aux ports, confirm before renting it. 

Do Budget rental trucks have GPS?

Yes, they do. Budget rental trucks use where2® Global Positioning System (GPS) navigation devices with guidance by Garmin®.

They are the first consumer truck rental company to offer GPS options.

For $11.95 per day or $59.75 per week, you can rent these GPS devices at Budget in locations throughout the United States. 

How fast can you drive a Budget truck?

Save for when towing a trailer, Budget doesn’t stipulate a maximum speed for driving a truck. For towing a trailer, 45 mph is what is recommended. 

Is Budget Truck Rental cheaper than U-Haul?

To put it simply, yes. Budget is less expensive than U-Haul. On average, U-haul local offers are about $10 more than Budget.

Budget has what’s arguably the lowest local prices in the truck rental business. Budget is your best bet for local moves. 

More so, U-Haul charges more than what Budget does for mileage. Consequently, you can go farther and complete more trips in a Budget truck. 

In addition, Budget also offers more discounts, some of them include: 

  • US military discount (20% off truck rental).
  • AARP member discount (20% off Sunday – Thursday and 10% off Friday and Saturday). 
  • Fire, Police, and EMT personnel discounts (20% off for local moves and 15% off for one-way moves). 
  • Motor Club member discounts (20% off for local moves and 15% off for one-way moves). Do Budget Trucks Have Bluetooth?
  • Bar Association member discounts (20% off for local moves and 15% off for one-way moves). 
  • Student discounts (20% off for local moves and 15% off for one-way moves​). 

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Do Budget trucks have cruise control?

Yes, only in some models. As a rule, Budget doesn’t recommend using cruise control, and as a result, have it only in a few of their trucks. 


Auxiliary ports in vehicles, including trucks, are receiving increasing scrutiny.

As a result, many questions have been asked. This article has tried to answer some of those questions while providing more insight into AUX in trucks.