Everything You Need To Know About Bullet Travel Trailer Ultra Lightweight RVing

Who makes the bullet travel trailer?

Bullet travel trailers are campers that are manufactured by Keystone – one of the most popular RV manufacturers in the United States.

They are lightweight travel trailers that are perfect for those looking for a camper that is both lightweight and good quality.

There are several Bullet travel trailer models on the market. They differ in terms of floor plans. Despite differences in floor plans, most Bullet travel trailers have all the basic features plus a few extra features.

They are designed to ensure anyone traveling in one will have everything they want to have a fun and enjoyable experience.

Moreover, Bullet travel trailers are also engineered to provide maximum comfort. If you travel in one and set camp, you will enjoy superior comfort and maximum luxury.

Learn more about Keystone bullet travel trailers below.

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What is so unique about Keystone bullet travel trailer models?

Very many things are unique about Keystone bullet travel trailers. They all have a great master bedroom.

This means that wherever you end up camping, you will always have great sleep at night because of the bedroom. The bedroom typically has a large comfy bed, reading lights, and a charging port.

All Keystone bullet travel trailers also have a great bathroom.

The bathroom is very well equipped with everything you would expect in a standard bathroom. It has got a toilet, a shower, storage shelves, and a medicine cabinet.

Almost all Keystone bullet campers have got a plush interior with features such as brilliant LED lights, high-quality furniture, cabinets with hidden hinges, a big dinette, and a big countertop.

Keystone RV Bullet Ultra Lightweight Models

  • Bullet travel trailers

Keystone Bullet travel trailers are ideal for individuals looking for very lightweight and aerodynamic RVs.

They do not affect the gas mileage a lot making them great for individuals looking for a product that will not significantly increase their fuel cost.

Many Keystone bullet reviews conclude that Bullet trailer campers make it extremely easy for both amateur and experienced RVers to travel and camp because they are quite easy to tow.

In fact, they are so easy to tow that they can be pulled easily by most light-duty trucks and most SUVs. They also make traveling and camping easy because they have all the basic amenities.

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  • Keystone bullet crossfire ultra-lite

Many people hate camping because it involves having to give up on many luxuries including sleeping in your comfy bed and not being able to use the bathroom anytime you want.

However, if most people had access to this vehicle, they would definitely go camping. Because it has a comfy bed, a standard bathroom, and everything else you need to have a wonderful and enjoyable camping experience.

Furthermore, it weighs no more than 4,000 pounds and has tongue jacks and power stabilizers.

  • Keystone bullet premier premium travel trailers

These campers are both lightweight and perfectly equipped for luxurious camping. They have multiple big floor plans and superior quality amenities. The average weight of these trailers is approximate 5,500 pounds.

The Best Keystone Bullet Floor Plans and Why?

In my opinion, the best Keystone Bullet Floor Plan is the Keystone 230BHS. The reason why I say this is that it is a big but lightweight travel trailer that has a brilliant interior design and amazing features and amenities.

The maximum number of people who can sleep in this camper is six. Two can sleep in its Queen-size bed, two can sleep in its convertible sofa bed, and two can sleep in its two bunk beds.

Brand Bullet Travel Trailer
Courtesy: keystonerv

As the owner of this camper, you will have fun sleeping in its comfortable master bedroom that is located at the front.

The bathroom in this camper is very easy to clean because it has vinyl flooring.

It is located at the back away from the master bedroom. The shower in it has a curtain door.

Like most big trailers, this one too comes with a kitchen and a living area.

Both of these areas are fully equipped. It also comes with an air conditioner (a 13,500 BTU conditioner).

The air conditioner makes this trailer perfect for traveling to summer destinations such as Miami and Orlando.

For winter and cold nights, this vehicle comes with a massive 30,000 BTU heater. It will make you warm and cozy while relaxing or sleeping. This camper also comes with a hot shower for hot showers.

The entertainment area in this Keystone Bullet camper includes a radio, a CD player, quality speakers, and a television.

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Bullet camper for sale: average prices of both new and used models

New Keystone Bullet travel trailers go for about $30,000, while used models go for about $12,000.

The new models are new hence they have modern features and amenities, while the used ones tend to have older features and amenities.

It is also important to note that most new bullet travel trailers have got a warranty, while used ones tend to have nearly expiring or expired warranties.

So if you want a medium or small Bullet camper with new features and amenities plus a warranty, you should get a new one. But if you are on a budget, getting a used one should still give you something nice to travel and camp with.

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Bullet campers are lightweight, affordable, and have great amenities. They are pretty amazing by all standards.