The Best Bunkhouse Camper for Sale or Rental

bunkhouse camper for sale

Why bunkhouse Camper for Sale?

A bunkhouse RV is the type of RV that will allow you to bring your entire family on a camping trip.

What RV is easy to pull behind a small car?

This is because it will have the sleeping space, the living area, and the amenities you will need to ensure everyone relaxes and have fun during the day, and has their own space to sleep at night.

Bunkhouse RVs are manufactured by almost all the major RV manufacturers.

What motorhomes have bunk beds?

They are typically more expensive than other campers because they are bigger and generally have more features and amenities.

The different Bunkhouse campers manufactured by different companies differ in terms of luxury, the number of bathrooms, the finishing, the position of the master bedroom, and amenities. Their prices also differ.

What travel trailers have 2 bunk beds?

What motorhomes have bunk beds?

After we conducted a market survey with our team, we came up with the list of motorhomes that have bunk beds. 

The Gulf Stream Conquest Class C 63111,

Newmar Bay Star Class A Motorhome,

Thor Chateau Class C Motorhome,

Fleetwood  Bounder Class A Motorhome,

Tiffin Allegro Class A Motorhome.

What travel trailers have 2 bunk beds?

If a single bunk bed isn’t what you need, here’s a list of travel trailers with 2 bunk beds:

  1. The 2021 Grand Design – Imagine Floorplan: 2400 BH, 
  2. The 2021 Forest River – Cherokee Floorplan: 274 DBH, 
  3. The 2020 Keystone – Hideout 272 LHS and,
  4. The 2020 Jayco Jay Flight SLX 154BH.

What is a bunkhouse in a camper?

It is the space that has bunk beds. Most bunkhouses have two or four beds. They are mostly suitable for kids although some are also perfect for adults.

What is special about the air mattress on your camper bed?

Bunkhouse Camper for Sale: 5 vital features

It is not easy to choose a recreational vehicle because many models exist and even the models differ significantly in terms of floor plans, features, and amenities.

If you desire a good camper but you are on a budget, you don’t have to buy a product that is smaller and that won’t give all your family members their own place to sleep at night.

You simply need to get a bunkhouse camper.

What is a bunkhouse in a camper?

Many bunkhouse campers are compact and it is often not easy to tell that they can accommodate many adults from the outside.

However, they definitely can. All bunkhouse campers have bunk beds often in addition to a queen or king-size bed plus a convertible sofa bed.

By getting one good one, you should be able to ensure everyone in your family will have their own place to sleep at night.

When purchasing a bunkhouse RV, below are the features you should consider keenly.

What is motorcycle bunkhouse camper?

  • Available space

Because RVs have limited space, manufacturers often utilize clever designs and engineering to maximize the spaciousness of their living area.

The best bunkhouse RVs are those that have a floor plan with a spacious living area. Or a floor plan where a big family can relax without feeling crowded.

So they are not necessarily the smallest bunkhouse travel trailer models. They are just the travel trailers with the cleverest floor plans.

What motorhomes sleeps the most?

  • Sleeping areas

The best bunkhouse travel trailers have multiple sleeping areas.

However, as you will naturally expect, not all bunkhouse travel trailers have the same number of sleeping areas.

Some bunkhouse trailers have only four sleeping areas, while others have as many as eight or nine sleeping areas.

Therefore, depending on the number of people you want to go traveling with, the best bunkhouse RV for you should be the one that has enough sleeping areas for them.

What are the best campervan bunk beds?

  • Comfort

The best bunkhouse travel trailers are comfortable in every sense of the word.

I know of bunkhouse RVs that are insulated and have a furnace to provide you with warmth when the weather outside is terrible.

I also know of bunkhouse RVs that have an A/C to make hot summer days more bearable.

What is special about the air mattress on your camper bed?

The very best campers have a furnace and an A/C.

They also have comfortable seats, an easy to use kitchen area, a brilliant bathroom, and multiple cabinets.

So if you want to end up with a good RV make sure you consider the comfort and convenience it can provide you and your family.

  • Ease of towing

When choosing a camper trailer, make sure it is lightweight and easy to tow.

What brand is the best bunkhouse motorhome?

Because if it is not, it is going to give you a lot of problems on the road. The very best bunkhouse travel trailers are the lightest bunkhouse travel trailers.

Some of them are so lightweight that you can tow them using an SUV or a light truck.

So if the vehicle you already have is not a powerful heavy-duty truck, make sure the bunkhouse you buy is lightweight and easy to tow.

Who makes the bunkhouse motorcycle camper?

  • Ease of maintenance

The best bunkhouse is simply that which is easy to maintain.

Make sure the bunkhouse you buy has plenty of spares on the market and is one that you can easily repair if you need to, or is cheap to repair if you need to take it to a car mechanic.

No need to buy a fancy bunkhouse that is not going to serve you the way you need to be served.

Or that is going to be difficult to repair or maintain when it does need to repair.

Which brand comes with a queen size air mattress and inflator?

New Bunkhouse camper for sale: Average Prices

New bunkhouse campers cost between $17,000 and $27,000.

There are quite a number of models that cost more than $27,000. The range I have stated is just the range where you can find most bunkhouse campers.

Used Bunkhouse travel trailers: What prices can you get?

Used bunkhouse campers for sale cost between $13,000 and $20,000. Generally, the older used bunkhouse travel trailer model cost less than the newer model used bunkhouse trailer.

What brand is the best bunkhouse motorhome?

5 Popular bunkhouse travel trailers

  1. Jayco Jay Flight SLX 264BH

This is a very popular bunkhouse trailer.

It can sleep nine people comfortably at night and during the day it will have enough space for everyone making it feel not crowded.

How good is Jayco bunkhouse travel trailers?

The number one reason why this is a popular bunkhouse trailer is that it is low-priced despite having multiple sleeping areas, multiple amenities, and luxurious finishes such as plywood flooring and a magnum truss roof.

The bunk beds in this Jayco can handle the big weight.

This plus the size of them means that even adults or relatively older kids can sleep on them. It also means that they can handle kids’ play.

If you are an adventure person, you will really love this vehicle.

Because apart from having an outdoor shower that you can use to clean up after an adventure, this camper has a floor that is easy to clean.

  1. Keystone Bullet Crossfire 2430BH

Keystone is one of the most popular RV manufacturers in the United States. The company makes very exciting campers including the Keystone Bullet Crossfire 2430BH model.

This model is a small bunkhouse travel trailer that is lightweight, aerodynamic, full-equipped, and very affordable.

The types of features that you can expect when you purchase this vehicle include bunk beds, a queen-size bed, a big pass-thru storage compartment…

…a battery disconnect switch, a walkable roof, a heated underbelly, stabilizer jacks, Bluetooth radio, a relatively big refrigerator, and a powerful AC.

Additional options include a power awning, a television, a TV antenna, bathroom facilities, bathroom vents, a monitoring panel, and, dual wheels.

  1. Forest River RV Flagstaff Classic Super Lite
What travel trailers have 2 bunk beds?


Forest River is also a popular RV manufacturer just like Keystone.

The company makes many exciting RVs and this one is one of them.

This RV has a classic outside appearance but indoors it comes with multiple convenient features and amazing amenities.

Twelve floor plans exist and they are perfect for different needs. Some floor plans have a quad bunk layout, while others have a twin bunk layout.

Some have a large central kitchen, while others have an outside kitchen.

What they all have in common though is that they measure over 30 feet in length and they are bunkhouse trailers.

What travel trailers have 2 bunk beds?


Among the best models for big families are the 832BHDS and the 831BHWSS.

Features and amenities include an AC, a hot shower system, a stainless steel sink, solid surface counters, residential-style drawers, a recessed cooktop, a microwave, an oven, an outside shower, a bike rack, outside speakers, and an automatic awning.

  1. Crossroads Hampton 364MBL

Crossroads is a big name. Although not as big a name as Keystone or Forest River, it is a big name.

It makes amazing RVs and the Hampton 364MBL is a very good example.

The Crossroads Hampton 364MBL has multiple unbelievable features including tinted windows, a power awning, outside speakers…

…accent lighting, a recliner, an entertainment area, an HD LED TV, a big sofa-bed, a fully-equipped kitchen, a private bedroom, and a king-size residential bed.

It also has an enclosed or heated underbelly for maximum warmth.

  1. Dutchman Coleman Lantern LT 274BH

Like all the other four campers above, this one is too is a bunkhouse camper.

What is most significant about this trailer is that it is sold at a great price and it comes with a 36-month structure warranty plus a roof warranty of 12 years.

What I like the most about this camper is its kitchen.

It is a great center kitchen with bench seats and it is right next to a living area that has an entertainment center. The kitchen includes a 3-burner cooktop, an overhead fan, a mid-size refrigerator, a sink, a faucet, and so on.

I also like the fact that up to ten people can sleep in this vehicle and that it has a powerful air conditioner.

bunkhouse camper for sale

Bunkhouse Motorhome vs. Bunkhouse Travel Trailer?

If you have the money, you should go for a bunkhouse motorhome. Motorhomes are often more expensive than travel trailers but they are usually easier to maneuver and are more spacious.

They also look better than most travel trailers in my opinion and parking them is often not a big issue.

What is motorcycle bunkhouse camper?

This line of RV is been manufactured Bushtec in their Tennessee factory, USA.

The small bunkhouse camper is foldable or pop up camper when not in use. It affords the owner to easily assemble whenever needed on site.

What is special about the air mattress on your camper bed?

What motorhomes sleeps the most?

Class C Motorhomes sleeps up to 8 people. If you have a large family, this works perfectly for you. If you’ve got a small family, you can bring your friends along! 

What are the best quality travel trailers?

It can be a hard process in deciding the quality travel trailers right there in the market. To make the process less strenuous for you, here are the best quality travel trailers you’ll ever find.

Airstream Classic Smart Trailer,

Winne bago Micro Minnie, 

Jayco  Jay Flight RV Trailer, 

TAB Teardrop Camper Traveler, 

Happier Camper Traveler, 

Avia Travel Trailer, 

Casita Spirit. 

Who makes the bunkhouse motorcycle camper?

Currently, bunkhouse motorcycle campers are made by Bushtec manufacturing. Bunkhouse originally began making them in 1974 but it became acquired by Bushtec.

There are two models: the compact Bunkhouse Queen and LX. They are both produced by the company’s factory in Tennessee.

What is the best motorcycle camper trailer?

If you’d like a camper trailer for your motorcycle, the Kompact Kamp Mini Mate Motorcycle Pop Up Camper Trailer is surely the best one for you.

In terms of durability, it has a fiberglass exterior, with its tent made from heavy-duty canvas material, resistant to UV damage.

It comes with a full-sized bed that can sleep two people, exterior awning, and a “packable” patio. 

Which brands have sleeping space for 4 or more persons?

Can you pull a motorcycle camper with a car?

Yes, you can. Any compact or full-sized car or truck can tow a small pop up camper.

They can be towed by a tiny Smart car, a three-wheel Spyder, or a mid-sized motorcycle.

What brand is the best bunkhouse motorhome?

Forest River makes the best bunkhouse motorhomes including the Georgetown 7 series 36K7 Class A motorhome and the Berkshire XL 40C Class A motorhome. Jayco, Thor, Winniebago and Newmar equally make great bunkhouse RVs.

bunkhouse camper for sale

What RV is easy to pull behind a small car?

If you’re worried about buying an RV that your small car can easily pull, we’ve asked some people who have once been in your shoes.

Here are the models of RVs you can pull easily behind your small car:

  1. The 2020 Hutte Hut Teardrop Trailer, 
  2. The 2018 Forest River R-Pod  RP-180 Ultra Lite Travel Trailer, 
  3. The 2018 Forest River R-Pod RP- 180 Ultra  Lite Travel Trailer, 
  4. The 2020 Forest River Flagstaff  176LTD Pop-Up Camper and the 
  5. 2019 Pro Lite Mini 13 Travel Trailer.

What is special about the air mattress on your camper bed?

Air mattresses are easy to pack and easy to use. However you can get many benefits simply by using one.

First, you get more space to sleep in, meaning you can sleep more comfortably.

Secondly, air mattresses add extra height to beddings. So, you will be elevated farther than the ground, with more cushioning. You can even adjust the firmness. 

Which brands have sleeping space for 4 or more persons?

Brands like Jayco, Dutchmen, Winniebago, and Grand Design are perfect for people who have large families or who just need room for extra people.

The floor design in some models can accommodate double bunks, even three beds high. You can also find RVs with sleeping space for up to 8 people!

What motorhomes have bunk beds?

Which brand comes with a queen size air mattress and inflator?

If you want to explore brands that come in queen sizes and built-in pumps or inflators, here you go:

  • The Intex Comfort Plush Elevated Dura-Beam air bed, 
  • Sound Asleep Dream Series Air Mattress, Insta-Bed Raised Air Mattress, 
  • King Koil Luxury Air Mattress, and  
  • AeroBed Air Mattress for kids.

Summary of Bunkhouse RV for Sale

Bunkhouse travel trailers are perfect for individuals looking for a camper that can accommodate up to eight, nine, or ten people comfortably at night and feel spacious and uncrowded during the day.

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What travel trailers have 2 bunk beds?