How Late Can You Pick Up a Rental Car at Airport With Enterprise Car Rental and Hertz Car Rentals?

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Picking up a rental car very late can result in losing your reservation, settling for any available car, or paying extra for late pickup, depending on the rental company and pickup location.

This article will explain what you need to know about picking your car rental late and various rental companies policies about it.

What Happens If You Run Late To Pick Up Your Car Rental?

In general, car rental companies will have specified in your reservation voucher when they consider the contract terminated due to non-arrival.

But it is important to know that there are varying policies for picking a rental auto late, depending on whether you prepaid or requested one with a valid credit card. 

Below are top rental companies in the US with their policies and charges on arriving late.

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  • Hertz behind schedule pick up

In Hertz, guaranteed reservations will be honored for one hour after the pickup time for non-airport and non-railway locations and two hours at railway and airport’s rental car locations.

Prepaid bookings will be honored at non-airport and non-railway locations until the end of the working day and at railway and airport car rental locations for two hours.

  • Enterprise Grace Period Pickup

Now, how late can you pick up a car you rented from Enterprise? Enterprise honors reservations up to two hours after the scheduled time at no additional cost.

Reservations for delayed flights are valid for up to two hours after the actual landing time, and charges will not begin until the time.

Typically, Enterprise will prevent the car from being re-rented and will try to contact you before re-assigning the car. If no one shows up after this, a fee of $100 is charged.

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  • Budget

Reservations are honored up to one hour after the scheduled time. And delayed flight reservations are honored up to a reasonable time after landing for baggage clearance and arrival at the Budget counter.

After this time, arriving behind time for approved reservations is charged $75, and prepaid reservations are charged $150.

  • Avis pick up policy

Avis honors reservations until the end of the business day, so your rental will not begin until you pickup the vehicle.

If renting at an airport, you must include your flight number in your reservation voucher. You can also call the rental location if you know you will be delayed for longer than an hour.

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  • Alamo

Alamo will honor reservations until the end of the business day or 12 hours after the collection time, whichever comes first.


Grace periods

Extra fees

Enterprise Two hours grace for normal reservation and two hours after landing time for flight reservation


Budget One hour grace for normal reservation and ‘reasonable time’ for flight reservation $75 for guaranteed reservation

$150 for prepaid reservation

Avis Honors reservation till the end of the business day Varies from $10
Hertz One hour for guaranteed reservation and till the end of the business day for prepaid reservation $69 
Alamo Honors reservation till the end of the business day or 12 hours from pickup time. $50 for guaranteed reservation

$100 for prepaid reservation

What Must Happen To Avoid Paying Fees Or Penalties to Car Rental Company?

You should do the following to avoid incurring a fee or being penalized by the rental company:

  • Contact the company

If your flight is delayed or you are otherwise unable to meet your scheduled time, notifying the rental company is one of the safest ways to avoid paying a fee.

They would either backdate the rental vehicle to the right time or change it so that your drop-off time is moved back.

Also, suppose you enter your flight details in your reservation voucher when making a reservation, they can track your flight and be notified of delays ahead of time, ensuring that your reservation is not affected and avoid incurring additional expenses.

  • Grace period

Different rental companies offer different grace periods for which your reservation will be held if you arrive late, which is permitted till the end of the business day by companies such as Herts, Alamo, and Avis.

These extra hours are free as long as they are available. So you might want to consider meeting them if you will be late for a pickup.

How does Hertz after hours pickup works?

Can I Pick Up A Car Rentals After Hours With Any Company?

You certainly can. After-hours or out-of-hours is when rental companies are not open for business such as around midnight too or very early in the morning.

There may be times when you cannot pick up your vehicle early; it is best to call your rental car agency to learn about the procedure for after-hour pickups and the additional fees that may apply.

Almost every car rental company allows after-hours pickup; however, the pickup policy governing it varies by company.

Hertz provides after-hours pickups for a price of $57, while Ace Rental provides after-hours for a fee of $57. Enterprise only allows after-hour pickups for flight reservations, whereas Alamo does not allow after-hour pickups.

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How Late Can You Pick Up From Rental Company At Airport Vs Office?

Various car rental companies have different policies regarding the extent to which you did pickup your rental car late.

Companies like Herts, Alamo, and Avis allow later arrival at their offices until the end of the business day without a charge.  

Budget allows a reasonable time for flight reservations and a maximum of one hour for non-flight reservations.

At the same time, Enterprise allows two hours grace period for non-flight reservations and two hours following the time of landing for flight reservations.

Is Turo Legit and Safe?

No doubt, Turo is a legit set up as peer-to-peer autocar renting online. It basically works by letting people rent out private cars to would be customers or renters.

While the platform is legit, there are yet possible risk, so we advice you follow Turo’s laid down risk-proof procedures, including provision of liability insurance and screening of renters and car owners.

First step is to always carefully review each listing and reviews before booking. Secondly, thoroughly do business on Turo by following its policy reservations guidelines as well the host.

In addition to above, you should take advantage of Turo 24/7 customer support and roadside assistance designed to to help rectify any problems in the course of your rental in all top cities and sates including, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Atlanta, San Francisco.

FAQ about behind schedule return your rented car!

How does Hertz after hours pickup work?

Hertz may offer an after-hour pickup, depending on the vehicle group and location. Note that after-hour pickup needs to be done with a minimum of 72 hours’ notice and costs $69 (tax included) if the pickup is at a Hertz location and $35 if it’s not.

Can I enjoy grace for late to pick up rental car Enterprise?

How do customers pick up or drop off rented autocar after hours?

If there is any reasons to pick up or drop off a rental car after hours, then following these steps will ensure a smooth and safe process for you.

First, best steps to picking up after hours:

  • Very important to ensure the rental company do actually offer after-hours service, so do this early in advance.
  • Confirm any necessary paperwork or payment arrangements ahead of time.
  • Find out where the car rental will be parked or stored and make sure you have clear instructions on how to access it.
  • Arrive at the designated location during the agreed upon time frame.
  • Every company do provide instructions as per how to retrieve auto keys and do inspection before driving off.

Now follow these steps to dropping off after hours:

  • You must have to be sure that the rental company truly offer after-hours deals, so do this in advance.
  • Check the vehicle for any damage or cleanliness issues and document them with photos if necessary.
  • Ask and be clear the exact spot the vehicle will be parked and have clear instructions on how to return keys.
  • Follow laid down instructions about key returns as well other details including locking the car or leaving it in a specific place or office.

Does Thrifty behind time pick up attract fees?

No, it doesn’t. Thrifty will allow you a two-hour grace period before canceling your reservation at the location if you don’t show up.

If you let them know in advance that you could be late, they’ll hold your reservation and charge you upon arrival.

Thrifty car rental late pickup

What happens if my flight is delayed?

In many occasions, flights get delayed even after you’d booked a car reservation. So what should you? Simply call the car rental agency to intimate them of the delay.

Most top car renting companies have a grace period for delayed flights, so they will keep your reservation over a set time or hours, without asking for additional fees.

However if the delayed flight will lead you to miss the rental pickup period, is best to reschedule your rental reservation.

Each company have slightly different policy, so you should read their rental agreement and ask directly for more clarifications, especially about fees or penalties associated with rescheduling and having a smooth rental experience.

In some cases, the car rental may be able to hold the car for you until you arrive, but this is not always guaranteed, especially during peak travel times when demand is almost, always very high.

  1. Hertz:

If your flight is delayed and you miss the rental pickup, Hertz allows a grace period of 2 hours. After that, the reservation may be cancelled or rescheduled, and additional cancellation fees may apply. However you may pay no-show fee if you fail not cancel your reservation before the time.

  1. Avis:

Avis allows a grace period of 3 hours. After that, the reservation may be cancelled or rescheduled, and additional fees may apply.

  1. Enterprise:

Enterprise allows a grace period of 2 hours. After that, the reservation may be cancelled or rescheduled, and additional fees may apply.

  1. Budget:

Budget allows a grace period of 1 hour. After that, the reservation may be cancelled or rescheduled, and additional fees may apply.

Can I enjoy grace for behind time pick up at Enterprise?

Yes, you can. If you will be late for your pickup, Enterprise car rental provides a two-hour grace period without any fees.

Flight reservations have a two-hour grace period after landing. Enterprise also offers calls to customers to confirm their reservations, holding your reservation until you pick it up. 

Does rental car pick up time matter?

Does pick up time matter?

Yes, the rental car pick-up time does matter. When you make a car rental reservation, you are typically given a specific pickup period. This time is important because it is when the rental company expects you to be there to pickup the car.

If you arrive too early, the car may not be ready yet, and you may have to wait until it becomes available. If you arrive too late, the rental company may give away your reservation or charge you extra fees for arriving outside of the designated time frame.

Additionally, some rental companies have a grace period for delayed flights, meaning that they will hold your reservation for a certain amount of time without charging you extra fees.

However, this grace period varies by company, so it’s important to check the rental agreement or contact the company directly to find out their policy.

In general, it’s a good idea to arrive at the rental car location as close to the designated pick-up time as possible. This will ensure that the car is available and ready for you, and can help you avoid any additional fees or complications.

What is best time to pick up autocar?

Weekends are generally the best times to pick-up. Many rental companies charge daily during the week, whereas weekend specials attract discounts.

As a result, picking your rental car on weekends, may afford you to enjoy possession of the car for the week at a reduced rate, would benefit you.

To avoid losing your reservation, always be on time whenever you pickup or notify the rental business of any delays in pickup ahead of time.

Should I book in advance or at airport?

Are there any best time to rent a car before trip? Not really any best time, but we recommended you book in advance before your trip, rather than waiting until you arrive at the airport, due to these reasons:

  • Price: Car rentals prices is usually priced higher at the airport because airport authority charging companies taxes and others business fees. So, if you book earlier, getting better deal and avoiding surprise fees is possible.
  • Availability: Have you thought of arriving at a busy airport and could not find a single car available? Yes it does happen and may happen again and again. During peak travel times, rental automobiles do sell out fast and you come at the time no cars left in the lot.
  • Rewards: Many car rental companies offer rewards programs that allow you to earn discounts and point codes for buying ahead of your trip. Taking advantage of these programs can save you money on future rentals.
  • Convenience: Doing your business in advance, you can easily compare prices, auto grades, types and select one that best suits your desire

What is the 1 800 number for Avis autocar hire?

The 1-800 number for Avis car rental in the United States is 1-800-352-7900. This is Avis preferred phone number available to be deployed for customers reservations, vehicles availability, discussing rates, programs and policies.

This number is also available for Avis customer service hours, which varied for different rental locations.

Avis also offers online customer service through their website and mobile app, which allows for easy reservations management, get live assistance and making preferred order changes. Do you prefer mailing? Communication via customer service email and social media channels are also available.

Summary and more way to enjoy pickup

Rental companies rely on constant flow of cars to maximize profits and avoid congestion in the pickup station. But customers often get delayed through no fault of their own.

To avoid losing your car paid-for reservation, it is safe to constantly communicate with the rental companies in such cases, even if you believe you may meet the grace period as well read and fully understand any additional policies in your agreement.

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