Can I Rent A Car Without A License? What Are Companies Policies?

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Top rental companies and US state laws make having a valid driver’s license a must for renting a car. So can you rent a car without a license or not?

The policies of each rental company and the relevant state law will determine whether there are any exceptions to this requirement.

This article explains all you need to know about renting a car with or without a license from top rental companies in the United States.

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Can You Rent a Car Without a License? Major Companies Policies

In the United States, renting a car without a license is impossible. This is because you are regarded as being unable to drive legally.

However, depending on the circumstance and the rental company in question, the exception of being disabled or possessing a temporary license may apply.

The major rental companies in the U.S. and their license policies are detailed below.

  • Budget: Budget requires that all renters have a valid and active license. Renters with expired, revoked, suspended, or no license would be unable to rent cars.
  • Enterprise: All renters must provide a current and valid driver’s license issued by the renter’s state of residence to be inspected during the car rental process. They do not accept temporary licenses or learner’s permits.
  • Avis: Avis requires that renters have a driver’s license that is valid at the time of the rental and would be valid throughout the rental period. 

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  • Thrifty: Thrifty requires a valid driver’s license from the renters at the time of the rent and also accepts temporary licenses.
  • Hertz: Renting a car from Hertz requires a valid driver’s license issued from the renter’s state or country of residence and must be presented at the time of rental.
  • Dollar: Dollar demands all renters must provide a valid driver’s license at the time of the rental, and temporary licenses are also accepted.
  • National: National requires a valid, unexpired government-issued license which includes a clear photograph of the renter.
  • Alamo: Alamo requires that all renters have a valid and active license. An expired or temporary license will not be accepted.

License policy


Only valid license


Only valid license


Only valid license


Only valid license


A valid or temporary license


A valid or temporary license


A valid, unexpired government-issued license


Only valid license

Why Do Some People Ask For No Drivers License Car Rental Service and What Law Says?

Renters inquire about rental companies’ no driver’s license policy for various reasons, as most top rental companies won’t lend out a car if the renter doesn’t have a valid driver’s license.

These reasons include:

  • Suspended license

Rental companies must abide by federal and state rules that forbid those with suspended licenses from operating vehicles, making it difficult to offer their vehicles to such renters.

It is common for renters to ask about the rental company’s stance on it because a renter’s driver’s license may be suspended for different reasons. 

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  • Disability

Since disabled persons are typically regarded as unable to drive or possess a driver’s license, most want to know if they can rent a car without a valid driver’s license.

The general rule is that a disabled renter must have a surrogate driver who meets all other standard rental requirements, including having a valid driver’s license and being of the required age.

  • Lost license

You could lose your license on the plane, at the airport, or between boarding a flight and picking up the car from the rental agency.

These circumstances could be an exception, so renters should inquire about the company’s no license policy to see if the exception covers them.

They may make an exception if you rent from an agency and have a valid license on file. But companies may need you to acquire a police complaint reporting its loss or theft in cases like this.

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Can I Rent A Car With Suspended License In My Possession?

No, you can’t. In general, anyone without a driver’s license is not permitted to drive because it is regarded as a criminal offense, making it nearly impossible to drive or hire a car in such circumstances.

They are regarded as possessing no genuine government-issued document allowing them to rent or drive a car.  Suppose your driving license has been suspended by the authorities.

In that case, no rental company will let you rent a car because they adhere to state laws that prohibit anyone with a suspended license from legally driving or renting a car.

They risk getting into legal difficulties or significantly punished if they do anything otherwise.

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Can Person With Disability Rent Car Without Drivers License?

They certainly can. If a renter does not have a valid driver’s license owing to a disability, they may still rent a car if accompanied by a surrogate driver with a valid driver’s license.

Minimum age criteria and other standard rental conditions apply. However, there is no extra price for the surrogate driver, and the driver is not required to provide a credit card or pay cash rental or meet the company’s financial underwriting requirements.


Can you rent a car with a passport?

No, you can’t rent a car with a passport. You must have a valid US or international driver’s license to rent a car. No other kind of identification is accepted.

When traveling outside your native country, you may be required to provide your passport or an international driver’s permit in addition to your driver’s license.

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Can I rent a car with a temporary driver’s license?

You certainly can. A temporary license is issued when a driver’s original license is lost, missing, or expired.

It is occasionally provided to people whose presence in the United States has been permitted by the federal government for a particular period.

Drivers with such a license and are of the appropriate minimum age can use it as a legitimate driver’s license for rental.

Can I rent a car with a picture of my license?

You may not be able to because a picture is not a complete guarantee that you actually hold a valid driver’s license.

But if you rent from an agency with a valid license on file, they may be able to make an exception. This is also a possibility if your license is misplaced.

The corporation can demonstrate its authenticity in various ways, allowing customers to rent a car without a license.

Is renting a car for someone without a license possible?

Unless the person is disabled, you cannot rent a car for someone without a driver’s license. The surrogate driver must satisfy the minimum age criteria and hold a license for disabled renters; otherwise, it would be impossible.


The license requirements vary for rental companies, and they risk facing legal consequences from the federal or state government if they go against the law.

To avoid being denied renting a car when you need one, you must first learn the company’s requirements and the laws of your state.

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