Cargo MiniVan – a Different Kind of Van?

Cargo minivans are small cargo vans.

Many businesses across the country have fleets of cargo minivans of different sizes.

They rent these to people who want to use them to carry their belongings, move houses, carry cargo, or carry work equipment/ tools.

Cargo MiniVan Value or Benefits

Below are the benefits of cargo minivan rental:

  1. Spacious

Cargo minivans may be smaller than bigger cargo vehicles. However, they typically have much more space than sedans and SUVs.

Therefore, if you want maximum space to carry something or some things, you should consider getting a cargo minivan.

  1. Not Difficult to Handle

Cargo minivans are smaller than big full vans. Therefore, they are typically easier to drive, maneuver, park, and handle.

  1. License

Like big trucks and buses, big vans require the driver to have a special license. This is because big vans are big hence they are much more difficult to handle.

In contrast, small cargo vans can be driven in most states without the need for a special license.

  1. Gas Mileage

Because of their size, mini cargo vans generally have a better fuel economy than big cargo vans.

Therefore, if you want to carry things that can fit into a small cargo van, you should use a small cargo van rather than getting one that is unnecessarily big for your situation and will consume more fuel.

  1. Rental Price

Mini cargo vans are often much cheaper to hire than full cargo vans and trucks. So if you are on a budget and your things can fit in a cargo minivan, you should get a cargo minivan.

The Best Cargo Minivans to Rent

  1. Mercedes Benz Metris

This is one of the best cargo minivans to rent because it has a good fuel economy and it is very reliable. Its cargo space is 199 cubic feet.

  1. RAM ProMaster Van

This is also a mini cargo van because its minimum cargo space capacity is 259 cubic feet.

The best thing about dodge cargo minivan is that it has a high roof that makes it more spacious than normal minivans.

  1. RAM ProMaster City Van

This is also a great cargo van by all measures. It does 28 MPG on the highway, has great speed, and 9-speed transmission. Its special features include GPS navigation and internet connectivity.

  1. Ford Transit Connect Van

With a cargo space of 128 cubic feet, this is a small cargo van. It is perfect for carrying cargo and for working.

This Ford cargo minivan is sold with either a liftgate or swing out doors. Therefore, when hiring one, make sure you ask for one with a lift gate if you are looking to lift some heavy stuff.

  1. Nissan NV200

This is a minivan with a capacity of only 123 cubic feet. It does 26 MPG on the highway, has minimal liftover height, has cargo mounting points, and drives very well.

Top 5 Small Cargo Van Rental Companies

  1. Enterprise Car Rental

This is the biggest car rental company in the world. It offers various types of passenger and cargo vans for rent including the Nissan N200 cargo minivan.

You can rent Enterprise minivans from San Francisco, San Diego, Orlando, Orange County, New York City, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Houston, Denver, Dallas, Chicago, and Atlanta.

This company has a deals and discounts page where you can get great promos to pay less for rentals.

  1. Alamo

Alamo is a reputable car rental company. It has compact cargo vans including the reliable Chevy Express.

You can rent Alamo vans from anywhere in the country. And if you become a regular client, you will start enjoying heavy discounts.

  1. Hertz

This is a massive car rental company in the United States. It rents all sorts of small cargo vans including some of the best cargo vans for small business such as the Nissan N200 and the Ford Transit Low Roof.

This firm operates everywhere in the United States and it has a offers page and a loyalty program that you can take advantage of to get cheaper rental prices.

  1. Empire Rent A Car

This is a New York-based car and van rental business. You can rent various types of small size vans from it including the Ford e250 and the Nissan n200.

It is very affordable to rent vehicles from this business. 


Cargo minivans are great for business and for carrying small cargo.

Nissan, Ford, and GMC make terrific small cargo vans. And the best cargo minivan rental businesses include Hertz, Empire, ALAMO, and Enterprise.