Can CDL Drivers Take Traffic School?

Can CDL Drivers Take Traffic School?

Yes, they can. In many states across the country, a driver can attend traffic school to remove points from their driving record.

For many years, CDL holders who got citations even when off-duty, risked losing their CDL and their jobs.

Fortunately, this is no longer the case in many states.

You can now get your off duty citations suppressed or dismissed by taking traffic school.

So in case you have gotten off-duty citations, you no longer need to worry about losing your job.

Apart from getting citations suppressed or dismissed, attending and completing traffic school will also help you to learn or relearn safer driving techniques.

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The Law in The State of California

In this section of this post, you will learn about the law on CDL holders and traffic school in California.

Understanding this law will give you a good picture of what the situation is in many states across the country.

In California, points received for qualifying violations are removed from a CDL holder’s personal driving record if they attend and complete a traffic school.

The violations can and will probably still affect the holder’s insurance rates because the insurance companies can still see them.

Moreover, the CDL record will also contain all the violations.

While many traffic violations can be suppressed or dismissed from a CDL holder’s personal driving record, there are some violations that cannot be suppressed or dismissed.

They include all violations involving drugs or alcohol, reckless driving, tailgating, or excessive speed (15 mph over the set limit).

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Common PPA Questions!

Can CDL drivers take traffic school in Texas?

Yes, a CDL holder can take traffic school in Texas.

The only difference between traffic schools in other states and in Texas is that in Texas they are known as Defensive Driving. View how much it cost in Florida!

How do I know if I’m eligible for traffic school California?

Courts in California send to you a notice that says you are eligible for traffic school if indeed you are.

If you have not received this notice then it most probably means you are not eligible.

But if you think you are, you should call the court that has been named in your citation and ask them about it.

What disqualifies a CDL driver?

What Disqualifies A CDL Driver?There are some violations that will disqualify you as a CDL driver.

They include excessive speeding (15mph over the speed limit) and driving a heavy vehicle without the right license or endorsements.

Can you do traffic school if you have a cdl?

Yes, you can.

Can CDL drivers take traffic school in Texas?

Yes, they can. CDL drivers can take online or physical traffic school in Texas to have off-duty citations dismissed or suppressed.

Does traffic school remove points?

Yes, it does. But not always and the points can still be seen by insurance companies in some states.

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What is California traffic school eligibility?

First, your driving license must be valid. Second, your violation must be a moving violation.

Lastly, the vehicle must be a noncommercial vehicle.


Yes, CDL holders can take traffic school in most states to remove demerit points from their records.

However, frequent citations can still lead to harsh consequences for CDL holders.