Is It Hard to Get A CDL License and Why CDL Failure Rate High?

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To qualify to drive a large commercial vehicle or a vehicle that requires a set of skills, you will need to take and pass the CDL test. Now you worried how hard is it to get a CDL, perhaps as a beginner?

You are not alone because we receive a number questions from would be rig drivers asking, is it hard to get a CDL or wanting to understand what is CDL failure rates?

This guide answer above queries and much more. We have a guide about driving non CDL trucks if you are interested?

How Hard Is It To Get a CDL As A First-timer?

It can be a bit challenging for first-timers to pass the CDL. However, by attending a truck driving school training, and using the CDL test resources, it can become easier.

Is it Hard to Get a CDL or Pass The Test?

Students who prepare well using the CDL manual should not find it hard to pass the examination. They should also train behind the wheels of a truck driving school. Generally is not hard to pass, if you prepare well or alternatively, start with smaller 24 foot trucks.

How High is The CDL Failure Rate?

As compared to the automobile driver’s examination the failure rate of getting a CDL is usually higher. The CDL examination has a pass rate of about 90%.

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Requirements To Apply For A CDL

There are several requirements that you must meet before you can obtain a CDL. These are:

  • Be at least the age of 18 for intrastate driving and 21 for interstate driving
  • Submit your CLD application form and fee
  • Confirm your identity and verify your social security number
  • Provide proof of your residence
  • Submit a completed medical examination report form as well as a medical examiner’s certificate form
  • Perform a vision test
  • Pass the knowledge test to get the Commercial Learner’s Permit(CLP)
  • Schedule a skill test after 14 days
  • Pass the pre-trip inspection
  • Pass a road skill and driving examination using your vehicle.
  • Pay the requisite fee

Requirements To Pass The CDL

To pass the CDL, you will be required by the federal government and all states to:

  • Pass the written permit examination by 80%
  • Complete the CDL road test.

What The CDL Test Entails

Depending on the class of license you will be applying for and the endorsement, you will be required to pass at least a knowledge text.

Learners can use the general CDL manual that provides them with a broad and standardized set of information.

They should also study their CDL manual of tier states to ensure that they get a better understanding of the specific information needed for their jurisdiction.

When going for their CDL test, learners should carry their current IDs such as current driver’s license, and proof of their U.S citizenship (such as birth certificate and permanent residency card).

If you will be sitting for a knowledge test only, this should take 2 to 3 hours.

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The Skills Tests

After passing the knowledge test, students should be legible to sit for the skills test. This part of the test covers 3 areas.

  • Vehicle inspection test. This part involving walking with an actual inspector while explaining the inspection decision you take to him or her.
  • Basic control test. This usually takes about 30 minutes. You are supposed to sit behind the wheels to complete some maneuvers such as turning the vehicle in a defined area, pulling it forward, or backward, etc.
  • Road test. This should take between 45 and 60 minutes. It involves using routes designed by the Department of Motor Vehicles you will be driving.

FAQs On Passing The CDL Test

How hard is it to get a CDL Class A?

Getting a class A CDL isn’t very difficult for students who are well prepared

What will disqualify you from getting a CDL?

You can be disqualified from getting CDL for serious violations such as excessive speeding by more than 15 mph, reckless driving, and improper or erratic change of lane.

What is the hardest part of getting your CDL?

The most difficult part of passing the CDL is proving that you have the aptitude

Is it worth getting a CDL?

If you will be using your CDL, it’s worth getting it. But if you will not be using it, remember that it takes a lot of steps to get and is therefore not worth it. You can however use the CDL at a local business or long-distance job.

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Is CDL hard to get for 18 years old?

If you need a CDL to be driving intrastate, it should not be hard to get as many states to have a CDL for intrastate drivers who are above the age of 18.

How hard is it to get a CDL Class B?

With proper preparation, it should not be hard to get a Class B CDL.

Why do truck drivers quit?

Truck driving is a career that can result in burnouts that impact the personal, health, and job performance of the driver.

This is also one of the reasons why drivers quit. Studies on the link between job turnover and burnouts indicate that the majority of drivers quit as a result of great exhaustion, a cynicism feeling, and inefficacy.

How much does a CDL cost?

The cost of a CDL is affected by several factors. However, the average cost is about $85. View fees structure in Florida state!

Is 50 too old to become a truck driver?

There are lots of drivers who join the trucking industry at an age of over 50. The industry has no maximum age. Therefore, you aren’t too old to join the industry at 50.

How long is a CDL course?

It takes an average of 7 weeks to get a CDL when attending a full-time driver training program. However, the length of time it takes depends on various factors and can take anything between 3 weeks and 6 months.

Can you get a CDL without going to school?

Yes, you can get a CDL without going to school. However, without attending school at a company-sponsored training like UPS, it can be hard to get a company that will hire you to drive for them.

How old do you have to be to get a CDL?

You need to be at least the age of 18 to get a CDL. However, to operate interstate, you should be at least the age of 21.

Summary of how hard is it to get a CDL!

With the explosion in the demand for drivers, getting a CDL should be a priority for drivers looking for employment in the trucking industry. So how hard is it to get a CDL – just get prepared mentally and physically and you will surely pass it!

Is generally easier to getting a cdl hard if you follow our steps and guides on this report. If you are wondering where to start, we recommend that you join a truck driving school or find a company-sponsored CDL training.

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