Class A Toy Hauler: Thor Motor Coach, Winnebago Toy Hauler RV Reviews

Toy haulers are becoming more and more popular with each passing day. This is because they enable campers to travel with their toys e.g. bikes, canoes, ATVs, or golf carts so as to have adrenaline-packed fun when they reach their destination.

With a toy hauler RV sitting around your RV or trying to find something useful to do while on holiday will be a thing of the past.

Because whenever you feel like your campsite is getting boring, you simply have to release your toy from your RV garage and go about exploring what nature has to offer.

In this post, I am going to tell you all you need to know about class A toy haulers.

What is a Class A Toy Hauler?

Before I define Class A toy haulers, let me first define toy haulers in general. Essentially, any recreational vehicle that has a garage is a toy hauler.

Most toy haulers have a garage or a separate room at the back that allows you to travel anywhere with your motorcycle, ATV, golf cart, bikes, or kayaks.

The majority of toy haulers on the market are either travel trailers or large fifth-wheels. However, quite a growing number of toy haulers on the market are Class A RVs.

Class A RVs are the biggest and most luxurious non-towed/motorized RVs on the market. They are built on a truck or bus frame/foundation.

Therefore, Class A toy haulers are Class A RVs (aka motorized RVs) that have a garage at the back, and many runs on diesel pushers.

Almost all toy haulers have got a ramp that you can deploy to easily offload your ATV, golf cart, or any other wheeled toy you carry in them.

The Advantages of Class A Toy Haulers

  • They have a garage

Only toy hauling RVs have got a dedicated garage with a big door for carrying toys such as motorbikes, ATVs, golf carts, bikes, and the likes.

This means with a Class A toy hauler you can enjoy your hobby even when you are away from home because you can bring with you whatever toy you use for that hobby.

  • They have extra storage space

All Class A toy haulers have a garage at the back. The garage is obviously for toys.

However, most of the time even when you put in one or two toys in it, there will be plenty of space left that you can use as storage space to carry all the supplies you need even for a long off-grid trip.

Many classic RVs do even have a lot of space for carrying all the basics.

  • They are more durable

These toy haulers are built on the foundation of tough bus or truck chassis and feature powerful engines.

Because they are frequently built on a tough and sturdy chassis and have a powerful engine, they can go for thousands of miles without even showing any significant signs of wear and tear.

They can also last for a lifetime if well taken care of.

  • They have a big windshield

Unlike truck RVs, some van RVs, and so on, toy hauling motorhomes typically have a large windshield which allows the driver and the front passenger to have magnificent views of the road ahead and the surrounding phenomena.

  • They have big amenities

Because they are built on the chassis of big buses or trucks, toy haulers tend to have enough room for big amenities.

They typically have a big entertainment/living area, a big bathroom, a big kitchen, and a big bedroom/ sleeping area.

  • They have more features

Because toy haulers have a lot of space and are usually sold at a very high price, they often have many more features than ordinary or classic RVs.

Should You Buy a New or Used Class A Toy Hauler?

Class A Toy HaulerIf you have a lot of money and you want the best quality hauler with new/unused features and amenities, you should go for a new toy hauler.

This is because it will be absolutely new and unused and it will have everything you want. How will it have everything you want?

Well, you will make sure it has because it will be up to you to choose which among the many Class A motorhomes on the market is best for you.

Moreover, since you will be buying it new, you can choose any upgrade package to get it exactly as you want it. Many manufacturers have sports, off-road, off-grid, and luxury upgrade packages.

They allow you to purchase a package and upgrade your RV just the way you want it before it leaves their assembly floor and comes to you.

If you are on a budget but you still want a Class A motorhome, you should buy a used one. This is because used RVs are typically much cheaper than new ones.

Furthermore, since they are on the second-hand market and are often owned by individuals, you can negotiate the price and the payment terms.

This means you can get a highly affordable Class A hauler on the market to actualize your dream of going camping with your favorite mountain bike, motorcycle, dirt bike, kayak, or ATV.

The only disadvantage of buying a used toy hauler is that it will probably not have everything you are looking for. Moreover, you will probably have to upgrade it and change a few things to make it very safe and suitable for your use.

What are The Best Class A RV Toy Hauler Manufacturers?

If you have been asking yourself who makes a Class A toy hauler, this is the section for you. In it, you will discover all the top Class A manufacturers.

  • Thor Motor Coach

This company is renowned for making some of the most beautiful toy hauling motorhomes. The company’s toy haulers have amazing driving chambers and are spacious despite having sizeable garages.

The best hauler from this brand is the 2021 Thor Motor Coach Axis RUV. It has a big garage and plenty of standard and extra features and amenities including a water heater, Wi-Fi, a TV, and an electric locking system.

The Thor Motor Coach Axis is regarded by many as the best Class A toy hauler. Other top specs/floor plans are Vegas RUV, A.C.E., Hurricane, Windsport, Miramar and Challenger

  • Winnebago

This is also a big brand. It is most known for making motorhomes that can keep families warm during winter and cool during summer.

Its motorhomes are also known for their luxury.

The best toy hauling motorhome they have is the Winnebago Sightseer that comes with an outdoor entertainment center, hallway storage, an outdoor shower, AC, a generator, a microwave, and an oven. They also make some of the best class A RV toy hauler motorhome diesel specs!

  • Holiday Rambler

Holiday Rambler is a popular brand known for the quality, durability, and top-notch craftsmanship of its vehicles. The company makes motorhomes and other RVs. The Holiday Rambler Admiral its best toy hauler boasting of 5 floor plans: 28A, 29M, 32S, 34J and 35R


What is the smallest Class A toy hauler?

The smallest is the InTech Flyer Explorer. It is tiny but feature-rich.

Which Class A Motorhomes Designed By Thor Motor Coach?

Thor Motor Coach makes the Outlaw Class A toy hauler and the Axis hauler.

What is the Newmar Class A toy hauler?

This is a brilliant hauler made by Newmar. It is regarded by many as one of the best class A haulers.