What is Commercial Truck Rentals and How To Get Bargain from Companies?

Commercial Truck Leasing Vs Rental and Full Lease Service!

To understand commercial or business truck rental, you must first understand what a commercial truck is.

A commercial truck (e.g Flat bed vehicles) is basically any truck used for commerce/business.  In other words, it is any large truck that is used to transport cargo by a business or used to provide certain services

Now that you know what a commercial truck is, it is time to define it. Commercial truck rental is the renting of trucks for business use.

Contrast this to normal truck rental that involves renting trucks to anyone including the many people who rent them to move houses.

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Who is the cheapest business truck rental company?

Three companies offer relatively cheap truck rental rates across the United States. They are U-Haul, Penske, and Budget.

U-Haul has been providing truck rental services since time immemorial. The company has different size trucks for rent. They include both small and big trucks.

To make it easy for clients to use their trucks, U-Haul has a ramp under the truck bed of its big trucks. You can use the ramp to easily load or unload any U-Haul truck.

There are over 20,000 U-Haul locations across the United States. Just like U-Haul, Budget also offers relatively low truck rental rates.

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Many Budget locations across the United States offer cheaper truck rental rates than those offered by other truck rental businesses.

The company also offers discounts to students, seniors, military men and women, and law enforcement.

So on top of getting a cheap loan from them, you can also get a discount. Just like U-Haul, Penske has thousands of locations across the United States. 

Lastly, we’ve got Penske – also a big moving company with a presence across the country. What many Americans like about Penske is that it always has got a relatively young fleet of trucks.

Its relatively new trucks are easier and safer to drive than other rental trucks.

They also rarely suffer from breakdowns. Penske has four different size trucks and each of them is rented at a relatively low price especially for local moves.

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Does Enterprise Rent heavy duty lift gate trucks?

Yes, it does. You can rent a 24’ heavy duty box truck with a lift gate from Enterprise. You can also rent a 16’ cabover truck with a lift gate underneath from Enterprise.

Both the 24’ and 16’ trucks from Enterprise are rented at Enterprise Truck Rental Locations and not the more famous Enterprise Rent A Car locations spread across the United States.  

How To Get Best Bargain in Commercial Truck Rental

Certain things in life are constants, and no matter how the times change and evolve, they will still be relevant. An example is man’s need for shelter, clothing, security, and, very importantly, transport.

Moving the things associated with them also cannot be over-emphasized. It is this constant need to move that sustains the trucking industry.

There is always a high demand to move and haul goods across states and zones making the trucking industry a very lucrative one.

Trucking plays a crucial role in economies globally. Trucks help haul all kinds of goods over the state and country lines and are an indispensable part of the supply chain.

Every producer who wants to expand his network needs to own a truck or use a reliable trucking service company.

However, if you have limited capital, you’re managing a limited cash flow, or struggling with a constant breakdown of your trucks, then renting a truck should be on your list of priorities.

Truck rental prices vary based on timing, location, and price.

So how do you get a truck that fits your needs without breaking the bank? How do you merge quality and a budget?

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  1. Outline your parameters

First, you have to determine what kind and size of truck you need for your business. Consider your needs. What are you transporting?

Do you need a box truck, a stakebed, a delivery truck/van, or a pickup van? How far is the distance you need to transport your goods?

Once you have determined your exact needs, the hunt for a bargain can begin.

  1. Compare Prices

Now you’ve figured out what exactly you need. The next step is to use your search engine. Search for truck rental agencies around you and compare the prices.

You might be surprised by what you find. Also, don’t be in a hurry to click on the first option you get. You could move around to different shops before finally settling on a particular truck.

And be sure to check the details and review before going with whatever truck you decide to get. Learn more about grey areas by asking experts and people around. Don’t rely on marketing packs or the great reviews you read on the internet alone.

Suppose you need to track down the least expensive truck rental reservation. In that case, you’ll need to get quotes from a few distinct organizations to compare their prices before settling on one.

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  1. Consider Leasing

If your business requires the long-term rental of trucks, it might be in your best interests to lease.

Leasing commercial vehicle is great for those looking to get trucks for the long-term but are on a budget and lack the resources.

Leasing is often the choice of businesses looking for a truck or fleet to use while keeping overhead costs low.

Some rental companies’ rental agreements even come with the option of a lease to own.

Lease to own allows you to build equity in the truck over time, with the option to purchase the remainder of the truck at the end of the lease agreement.

  1. Keep an eye out for bargains

Some rental companies regularly offer bargains on registering with them or on their apps. Keep an eye out for these deals and make use of them. They will help you save money.

Budget, Thrifty.com, and Ryder have pages with deals and codes for commercial rentals, moving trucks, and special codes for students.

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  1. Consider a combo deal

Some rental companies often offer a combination-deal of storage space with the truck rental, which cuts down on costs that could be incurred from having to rent additional storage space for your goods.

  1. Optimize your spending options

While looking out for a great bargain and rental location, make sure you have a little knowledge of the types of charges and their rates.

This way, you can get a good price with no extra charges camouflaged somewhere.

  1. Beware of secret charges

It would help if you were mindful of hidden and secret charges when renting trucks for moving. Things like returning the trucks late can incur additional costs.

Pricing structure also varies if Truck companies sometimes operate and run on similar business models, but usually, their pricing varies.

Some might charge based on distance, while others have a base fee. Whichever it is, ensure you know what you’re paying for.

  1. Time your truck rental

Just like carrier tickets, the cost will skyrocket when there is higher interest in moving trucks. Summers are continually going to be high season.

Children are out of school, and guardians, for the most part, need to get comfortable with their new residence before the finish of August.

Undergrads are additionally moving during the start and end of summer. Winter will be a slower season, with occasional cases like Thanksgiving, Christmas, and the New Year.

The best arrangements will ordinarily be found toward the start of the month or mid-month, especially on Mondays to Thursdays.

If your move is adaptable, have a go at picking specific pickup dates when making an online reservation to check whether there is any distinction in valuing.

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  1. Choose the rental location shrewdly

You must choose your pickup and drop-off location wisely, as this greatly influences the pricing.

For example, return a truck to the original pickup location. The price will be much less than if you did otherwise.

For local moves, rental truck prices could vary by location in the same town.

If truck rental costs seem high at one location, you might check on prices at the next closest location. Prices could vary depending on available inventory.

  1. Choose the right moving truck size

When you’re leasing a moving truck, it is insightful, to begin with, the size you need.

On the off chance that you attempt to reduce expenses and get a more modest track, you may wind up completing a lot of trips between your old and new spot.

This can prompt more mileage, gas, and time spent moving. Getting a bigger truck than you need is additionally a misuse of cash.

The objective is to have the option to make only a couple of trips and move the entirety of your things. This way you wouldn’t have to pay so much.

Many trucking organizations and truck rental spots will offer an aide to assist you with choosing what size of truck you need.

The following is a short outline of what size truck fits what.

On the off chance that you aren’t sure, call and request that an organization agent assist you with deciding the best fit for your family merchandise.

  • A 10-foot or 12-foot truck or freight van fits a studio condo.
  • A 17-foot truck could turn out better for a two-room home.
  • A large 26-foot truck might be suggested for a home with at least four rooms.

There you have it. These tips will help you get the best bargain on commercial truck rentals anywhere, anytime.


What are the benefits of commercial Enterprise truck rental?

You get several benefits when you go for a commercial truck rental with Enterprise Truck Rental. First, you save money.

Enterprise Truck Rental offers flexible, convenient, and affordable commercial truck rental solutions.

You do not need to spend insane amounts of money on leasing or buying trucks. Second, you get to choose from a wide variety of trucks and vans available.

Whatever type or size of commercial truck you want, you can rest assured that you will find it at an Enterprise Truck Rental location.

The variety of trucks rented by the company include medium duty trucks, heavy-duty trucks, stakebed trucks, pickup trucks (either for rent or long term pickup leasing), delivery vans, delivery trucks, and commercial box trucks.

Third, you get to use the truck you need, exactly when you need it. Business does not normally wait. When you get a job that needs a truck, you need a truck to do it immediately.

You do not need to start looking for the right truck all over the place. Enterprise has plenty of trucks that you can rent and use exactly when you need it.

Lastly, you get award-winning service. Enterprise staff are known to be among the best professionals in the truck rental business.

They have great knowledge of Enterprise trucks and equipment and they are always ready to provide great assistance whether on phone or in person.

They will help you to achieve the efficiency and effectiveness you desire when renting a commercial truck.

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Who has the largest commercial vehicles rental fleet in the USA?

The entity that owns the largest fleet of commercial vehicles in the United States is Enterprise Holdings. This entity is behind some of the most popular car rental companies in the US including Enterprise, National, and Alamo.

According to some estimates, the fleet is estimated to have over 1.2 million vehicles plus thousands of locations across the country.

Are Penske trucks considered commercial vehicles?

Yes, they are. The company says on its websites that it has both commercial vehicles and moving trucks in its fleet of over 50,000 vehicles.

The key word in this statement is that it has commercial vehicles. The commercial vehicles include tractors and light-duty trucks

You can rent a Penske commercial vehicle from many of its many locations across the US.

When you rent a Penske commercial truck, you can always rest assured that a breakdown is highly unlikely because Penske has a relatively young fleet with plenty of modern vehicles.

What kind of trucks does Hertz rent?

Hertz rents trucks for cargo transportation and commercial use. The company has several types of trucks in its inventory including the Ram 1500 truck. This truck and similar trucks available at Hertz are tough, reliable, and great for heavy-duty work.

What are the brands, types and specs of Enterprise rental services?

You can rent just about any type of vehicle from Enterprise from big box trucks to sleek luxury cars. Enterprise Rental Services is one of the largest car rental companies in the world.

It has thousands of vehicles in thousands of locations across the US. They include stakebed trucks, straight trucks, cabover trucks, parcel vans, cargo vans, compact vans, and pickup trucks.

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Between Budget and Ryder, who has better moving vans and trailers for interstate?

Ryder has the better moving vans and trailers for long distance moves. This is because, unlike Budget, Ryder’s vehicles are mostly used privately by the clients leasing them.

Therefore, they are much better cared for compared to Budget vehicles that are rented by every Tom, Dick, and Harry, and sometimes driven recklessly.

Does Decarolis offer more reliable truck rental services than Penske?

Decarolis is known for having reliable trucks. The company’s vehicles are very well-maintained and cleaned.

However, while the company’s trucks are clean and reliable, they are not necessarily much more reliable than those in the Penske fleet. Furthermore Penske has nationwide presence unlike Decarolis.

Who offers the best deals on commercial flatbed renting?

Penske. Penske offers the best deals on flatbed medium duty truck rental.

The commercial flatbed trucks rented by Penske are so lightweight they do not need a special license to be driven.

They have great features such as a 3,000-pound lift gate, a high payload capacity of 10,000 pounds, power steering, air conditioning, USB input, air brakes, and seating for three. In short, they are great flatbed trucks for rent.


Commercial truck rental is the renting of trucks for business use. Among the companies known for cheap commercial truck rental are Penske, Budget, and Enterprise.

Each of these companies has its own advantages and disadvantages. However, the very best one among them is Enterprise because of its flexible commercial truck rental terms and solutions.

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