Conversion Van Rental

What is a conversion van?

A conversion van is a vehicle that has a functional living space. Many are passenger van or buses that are redesigned or remodeled or converted to class B luxury homes on the go.

For example, Mercedes Benz Sprinter vans are normal vans.

However, several manufacturers and rental service providers convert Sprinters and other passenger van models into class B vans complete with a kitchen, a bed, and sometimes a bathroom.

Speaking of Sprinter vans, considering their size, they can be converted into luxury conversion van rentals.

In other words, they can be made more luxurious. And as is the case with most luxurious things, luxury Sprinter vans are more expensive to rent.

However, just because Sprinter vans are expensive, doesn’t mean you cannot rent a conversion van to hit the road from New York to the white sandy beaches and amazing national parks of Florida.

Most RV rentals have cheaper conversion van models including Nissan minivan conversion vans that are cheaper to rent.

And all cities and states in United States have at least a dozen services. Search conversion van rental near me if you are in these cities: Charlotte NC, Nashville TN, Detroit, Austin TX, Atlanta, Seattle, Columbus Ohio, Philadelphia, Las Vegas, Miami, even the Twin cities.

Conversion vans are also known as campervans or RVs. RV stands for recreational vehicles. RV rentals can be converted or passenger van, converted buses, or converted trucks.

Twin cities, Charlotte NC, Nashville TN, Detroit, Austin TX, Atlanta, Seattle, Columbus Ohio, Philadelphia, Las Vegas, Miami etc

Why Do People Rent Conversion Vans?

Conversion van hire is a big business in New York, Florida, and Los Angeles, and many other cities across the United States. This is because people love using conversion rentals for various purposes.

First, people love using conversion van rentals for traveling to vacation destinations.

For example, parents who are adventurous often rent conversion vehicles to travel with their kids to vacation destinations. The purpose of doing this is usually to turn the traveling into a road trip and have fun together.

Second, people love using conversion van to save on expenses. Hotels are crazy expensive especially during the holiday season.

They are also expensive around tourist destinations such as national parks and amusement parks. For this reason, some families use RVs to travel to tourist destinations. Because all they have to pay for is parking space at an RV campground.

Upon paying for parking, some campground usually offer amenities such as free Wi-Fi and free hot shower.

They do this to attract customers to their business and this helps RV users to minimize costs. There are many RV campgrounds for RVs in popular tourist destinations such as Florida, New York, and North Dakota.

Third, a lot of people rent conversion van / bus rental to avoid the hassle of needing to set up a camp. According to them, this is a modern world.

There is no need to camp as if we are in the 1930s or 1940s. For this reason, they choose conversion vans to camp.

Nevertheless, it is important to note that in camps with a camper van section and a tent section, choosing to sleep in a camper van / conversion bus or van, will most likely cost you more.

Lastly, families and individuals using conversion van vehicles to live the van life for a couple of months.

The van life is simply giving up living in a stationary home for life on a home on wheels. Individuals and families usually try the van life for reasons such as seeing the world, escaping toxic relationships, eliminating many bills and taxes, and so on.

Most of those who wish the van life usually head down to Florida campgrounds or west to Los Angeles.

The Best Conversion Van Rentals in United States

1. Escape Campervans

This business is probably the most famous conversion rental business in the world!

I say this because it is very popular in the United States. Its vans usually have a distinctive colorful, fun, and playful coat of paint to get you in the mood for a fun road trip.

The company was started in 2003 in N.Z. but it shifted most of its operations to the U.S. in 2009. It offers van RV rentals in Seattle, Denver, New York, Las Vegas, Miami, San Francisco, and Los Angeles.

They have van rental models. A converted Ford E150 called Mavericks and a converted Dodge Caravan called Ventura. The former sleeps 3 while the latter sleeps 2. Both come with picnic chairs, a two burner stove, a refrigerator, a sink, and sleeping quarters.

Also have a collection of custom of Class B campervans that are easy to drive, better night sleep motohomes than regular RVs.

2. Native Campervans

This Denver-based company is one of the leading holiday van rental companies in the United States. You can rent minivan rentals and big vans from this business.

Native campervans allows both short and long term rentals. The firm is kind of like a car rental in the sense that it charges van hire per night just like car rental companies charge car rentals per day.

It costs $80 a night to rent its small van. its big van costs $180 a night. So there is a significant difference between the two, and this is because the bigger van is a luxury conversion compared to the small van RV rental.

The vans include sleeping quarters for 2 people, picnic chairs, a folding table, a small kitchen, a sink, and window blinds for privacy.

3. Lost Campers

This RV rental company allows you to rent a conversion van in Salt Lake, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. You can take a Lost Campers van RV rental from L.A. to as far east as Florida because it is cheap to do so.

So whenever you are ready to hit the road and you are in Salt Lake city, L.A., or the golden gate city, you should check out Lost Campers.

Available conversion vans for rent include luxury minivans converted from Ford E350 and Dodge Grand Caravan vehicles.

All Lost Campers vehicles come with cooking utensils, an outdoor kitchen, 2 picnic chairs, a foldaway table, linens, and a sleeping area.

The agency is best known for excellent customer service. It is also known for offering dozens of free miles.

Conversion van rental

4. Vintage Surfari Wagons

This rental agency has vintage wagons made from original VW camper wagons. It is the perfect agency from which to get a car to relive camping as it was back them.

Because this agency’s vehicles are unique and classic, it costs $129 per night to rent them and this is only during the low season. In the high season, Vintage Surfari Wagons RV rentals cost more.

Vintage Surfari rents out vehicles from Los Angeles (sorry, New York). The amenities include updated interiors, sleep quarters, a fridge, a sink, and a stove.

This agency also offers dozens of free miles just like Lost Campers.

5. Wandervans

Wandervans is based in the iconic city of Boise in Idaho. If you want a van with multiple amenities that will take you to multiple locations without breaking down, you should consider Wandervans.

The agency has reliable Ford Transit conversion vans in three sizes. The biggest size sleeps 4 people.

All Wandervan vans have a shower, a table, picnic chairs, a screen door at the rear, a fridge, and a cooking area. They are all the perfect conversion vans for living the van life.

The daily rates for the van rentals range from $95 to $120.

6. Adventure Travel Sports Rentals

This van rental agency is based near Denver. It has some of the toughest conversion vans for rent. The vans are made to travel long distances including on rough terrain without clients ever needing roadside assistance.

You can travel with them from Denver to Florida, New York, or L.A.

Because this Adventure Travels vans are designed to be tough and to take on challenging environments, their daily rates are expensive. They cost $350 a day to rent. This is definitely not a low budget daily rate.

7. Campervan North America

Campervan North America has good vans for renting and they can be rented in many a location including Denver, Vegas, Seattle, and Bozeman. So whatever location you are in among the four, you can get a van from this firm.

Its rental vans have all the amenities you can think of including beds, a cooking area, a refrigerator, and a sink. And they come in different sizes perfect for people with different needs.

Conversion Van Rental FAQs

  • Does Enterprise rent conversion vans?

No, it does not.

  • Is it cheaper to rent an RV than to stay in a hotel?

Yes, it is especially during the holiday season when hotels charge customers an arm and a leg for simple accommodation. A rental van will only cost around $25 for parking and amenities.

  • Are conversion vans a waste of money?

No, they are not. A conversion van rental can enable you to have fun like you’ve never had before. Also take you places you’d never think of visiting before. Lastly, renting a luxury van can show you a life you’d never think you could live.


Conversion vans are nice for traveling to holiday destinations, for road trips, and for camping in style. When you are ready to travel, check out the conversion vans rental agencies above and choose whether you want a Class A, Class B or Class C camper motorhomes.