What Are The Average Costs to Rent Penske Truck for Day or Week?

Penske rental company-best for long-distance moving

Penske is one of the leading truck rental agencies in the United States.

The company has hundreds of thousands of vehicles available for rent. You can rent a Penske truck from any of its hundreds of locations across the country.

The company’s trucks are relatively new. Because of this, they are very reliable and they rarely break down. And in the rare event of a Penske truck break down, you can always call the company for emergency assistance. 

In this post, you will learn everything important you need to know about the cost to rent a Penske truck. 

What Does It Cost To Rent A Penske Truck a Day?

Penske trucks are some of the cheapest trucks to rent across the United States. You can rent one for as little as $130 a day.

Of course if you want one of the bigger Penske trucks for long distance transportation, you will need to pay more a day. You can end up needing to pay as much as $1,200 to rent a Penske truck for a day. 

Why is Penske so expensive than U-Haul?

Penske trucks are generally newer than U-Haul trucks. They also have lift gates installed. Because of these two reasons, they are generally more expensive to rent compared to U-Haul trucks.

How much does Penske charge per mile?

The Penske charge per mile is about $0.99 for round-trip moves. 

How much to rent a Penske truck for 7 days?

To rent a Penske truck for seven days, you should expect to pay about $2,600. The actual price will more likely depend on the number of miles you want to travel. 

How much does it cost to rent a Penske truck from Home Depot?

You do not need to pay more than usual to rent a Penske truck from Home Depot. So expect to pay between $130 and $1,200 to rent a Penske truck for a day through Home Depot.

How much does it cost to rent a 26 foot Penske truck?

To rent a 26’ Penske truck, you will have to pay about $2,200 for a long distance one-way move. To rent the same truck for a day, you will have to pay about $180.

Do Penske trucks have a lift gate?

Yes, they do. The Penske 22’ box truck comes with a  lift gate and so does the Penske 26’ box truck. The lift gate in both trucks can lift as many as 3,000 pounds at a time.

Cost to Rent Penske Truck


Does Penske rent pickup trucks?

No. Penske does not rent pickup trucks.

Does Home Depot sell their rental trucks?

As of now, this information is not available to the public. So it is unknown if Home Depot do or they don’t.

How much does Penske truck rental cost in Europe?

While Penske does have branches in Europe, the branches are not truck rental or car rental branches. They are branches only involved in providing logistics solutions. Therefore, it is unknown how much Penske truck rentals would cost in Europe.

Do I need insurance to rent a Penske truck?

You do not need to but you should purchase coverage. This is especially true if you have no experience driving big trucks.

Because the lack of experience makes you more likely to experience an accident. So get insurance to protect yourself in case you do experience an accident.

Can you rent a Penske truck with a debit card?

No, you cannot. Penske does not accept debit cards or prepaid cards.

How many miles per gallon does a 26 ft Penske truck get?

The 26’ Penske box truck gets 13 miles per gallon, which is very impressive for such a big truck. 

How long can you rent a Penske truck?

Probably for as long as you need to. 

What do you need to rent a Penske?

To rent a Penske truck, you need to first be 18 years old and then you need to produce at least 2 forms of identification.

Most people often produce their driver’s license and their passport or state-issued ID. Other forms of identification that can be accepted by Penske include social security card, credit card, military ID, phone bill, and vehicle registration. 

Since Penske trucks are not too heavy, you do not require a CDL to rent one or drive one.

What Does It Cost To Rent A Penske Truck a Day?



Penske trucks cost between $130 and $1,200 to rent for a day. The bigger the Penske truck you want to rent, the more you need to pay.

Moreover, the longer the distance you need to travel, the more you will need to pay.

So renting a small Penske truck for a short distance is going to be much cheaper than renting a long Penske truck for a long distance. You can rent a Penske truck from Penske locations and from select Home Depot locations.

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