What is Cross Country Motorcycle Shipping and What Prices With Uhaul, Penske, Montway, Haul Bikes etc?

Cross Country Motorcycle Shipping

If you are relocating across the country and you have a motorbike, you will have to think about how to get your motorbike to your new place. 

If you want an adventure, you can ride your motorbike across the country.

However, this is generally not a good idea as it will leave you tired and you still have to monitor the relocation of your furniture and other stuff.

The best way to get your motorcycle to your new place is by using a cross country motorcycle shipping service.

There are many companies across the United States that can pack and carefully ship your motorcycle across the country.

By hiring one of them, you can get your motorcycle shipped to your new location while you take care of other things like moving your furniture and saying goodbye to your friends and acquaintances.

How Much Does it Cost To Ship a Motorcycle Cross Country?

You should be prepared to pay between $600 and $1000 to ship a bike across the United States.

Most motorcycle shipping companies charge about $500 on average to ship a motorbike.

Therefore, in case you intend to ship your bike to a location not more than 1,000 miles away, you probably won’t pay more than $600.

But if the distance is more than a thousand miles, you should be prepared to pay more than $600.

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What is the U Haul Motorcycle Trailer?

As mentioned above, the best way to relocate a motorcycle is to hire a motorcycle shipping service company. They will pack your motorcycle and ship it to your new residence. 

The next best way to ship your motorcycle is to use the U-Haul motorcycle trailer. So what is the U-Haul motorcycle trailer?

It is a 7’8″ x 3’9.5″ trailer with a towing capacity of 950 pounds that you can use to carry your motorcycle to your new location. 

Using this special U-Haul trailer is a great way to transport your motorcycle across the country as it is cheaper than using a motorcycle shipping service.

The trailer is lightweight and quite easy to tow. You can tow it behind your regular car or behind the moving truck.

Despite being lightweight, the trailer has a heavy-duty design. It can carry anything less than 1,000 pounds in weight. 

It comes with a ramp that makes loading and unloading easy plus heavy-duty tie-down rings to ensure your motorcycle stays in place when you secure it properly using tie down straps.

According to U-Haul, its motorcycle trailer is perfect for relocating your motorcycle, taking your motorcycle to a specialist repair shop, or taking your motorcycle to an out of state event.

The only issue with the U-Haul motorcycle trailer is that it is not available for one-way moves. However, U-Haul does have a 5’ by 9’ trailer that you can rent for one-way moves.

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How Much Does it Cost To Ship a Motorcycle Cross Country?

Credit: montway.com

The Top 7 Motorcycle Shipping Companies

  1. King Of The Road

This company can ship your motorcycle to any destination on continental USA. It can also ship your motorboat if you have any that also needs shipping across the country. 

The company can even ship vehicles. So if you want, you can hire them to ship your car and your motorcycle, and then hire another company to ship your things.

You and your family can then fly stress-free to your new residence. No need to drive your car behind the moving truck for several hundred or one or two thousand miles.

  1. Montway

Montway ships all types of vehicles to anywhere in the country. It can ship even to hard-to-reach destinations where other shipping companies might say no.

The best thing about Montway is that it has discounts for various groups of people including military, seniors, and students.

The second best thing about Montway is that it uses enclosed trailers to ship motorcycles. These offer better protection to motorcycles than open trailers.

  1. Sherpa

Like the two vehicle shipping companies above, this company is also involved in shipping all types of vehicles.

The biggest difference is that this company allows you to choose between an open-air and an enclosed shipping service. It is cheaper to use its open-air shipping service. 

The best thing about Sherpa is that it allows you to lock a price. Once a price is quoted to you, you will not need to pay any more than the quoted price. The company is also known for great customer service.

  1. Haul Bikes

Unlike the companies above, this company is a specialist motorcycle shipping/hauling company. It is only involved in the shipping of motorcycles.

The best thing about using Haul Bikes to transport your motorcycle across the country is that your bike will be handled by experienced professionals who only deal with bike transport.

This company can ship any type of bike with great care and provides insurance cover of up to $15,000.

  1. Motorcycle Shippers 

This organization is known for shipping motorcycles quickly. The best thing about this motorcycle shipping company is that you can easily and quickly get a quote from their website.

So if you want convenience, it is the company you should work with.

This company can ship any motorcycle that is less than 108” x 46”. One more thing you should note about this company is that it can do urgent shipments.

  1. AmeriFreight

This company has a price match guarantee. It can match any price from a similar retailer offering the same service it does within 25 miles of its location.

It also offers discounts. So if you want to ship your motorcycle at a very affordable price, you should choose AmeriFreight. 

The company has an insurance plan that provides extensive coverage for your motorcycle.So you can always relax when shipping your motorcycle or vehicle with AmeriFreight. 

  1. CitizenShipper

Many people think CitizenShipper is the number 1 motorcycle shipper in the USA.

This is because the company can ship motorcycles quickly without damaging them at very affordable rates. So how does it work? The company allows people to sign up as drivers after vetting them.

The shippers are available in most cities throughout the United States. This is why you can always quickly get someone to ship your motorcycle for you on the platform.

You can choose whichever driver, whose profile you like. And you can contact them before hiring them. This can give you an idea of their bike hauling experience and skills.

FAQ Cross Country Motorcycle Shipping

Does moving my motorcycle in a moving truck save me money?

Yes, it does. If you rent a moving truck to move your furniture and other stuff and there is space for you to secure your motorcycle in it, you should do so.

This will save you money because it will mean you do not have to hire a separate motorcycle trailer or hire someone or a company to move your motorcycle for you.

Just make sure you tie down your motorcycle properly to avoid damaging it during your move. 

How much is a U-Haul motorcycle trailer?

Credit: uhaul.com motorcycle trailer

How much is a U-Haul motorcycle trailer?

It costs just $15 to borrow a U-Haul motorcycle trailer and about $8 for insurance coverage.

This is much cheaper than spending hundreds or thousands of dollars on a used or new trailer.

What is the cheapest way to ship a motorcycle?

The cheapest way to ship a motorcycle is to do it via an independent driver.

There are several motorcycle shipping companies in the US that vet and allow independent drivers to list their bike moving services on their online platforms.

They act like Uber and Lyft but they offer services to those who want to ship motorcycles.

A good example is CitizenShipper.

Because several thousand independent drivers are allowed on the CitizenShipper online platform, the competition between them keeps prices low.

This is what makes using a platform like CitizenShipper, the cheapest way to ship a motorcycle.

Can I move my motorcycle cross country with Penske or U-Haul?

Yes, you can. You can do it in several ways.

First, you can do it by getting a U-Haul motorcycle trailer on which you can secure it. This is, however, expensive.

Second, you can do it by building a frame for it and securing it inside the frame plus outside by packing things tightly around it in the truck so that it does not move around.

This, however, can be quite time consuming. 

Lastly, you can do it by packing soft stuff around it e.g. blankets, clothes, cushions, and so on around it.

This is probably the easiest way to move your motorcycle inside a Penske or U-Haul truck.

However, there is also the risk of damaging your motorcycle that you will have to think about. However, if you pack your motorcycle tightly with soft stuff around it, your motorcycle will definitely arrive safely.

What is the most reliable motorcycle delivery service in Europe?

The most reliable motorcycle delivery service in Europe is Eurosender. Eurosender provides motorcycle transport services across Europe and there are three reasons why people like them.

First, they are fast. Once you contact the company, they will quickly arrange the shipping of your motorcycle and ship it as soon as you are ready on your part.

Second, they are affordable. Compared to other motorcycle shipping companies in Europe, Eurosender ships motorcycles within countries and across the EU at relatively affordable rates.

Lastly, they work with trusted carriers. So no matter how expensive or delicate your bike is, you can almost always expect it to be delivered undamaged wherever you want it delivered. 

Does U-Haul make a motorcycle trailer?

Yes, it does. U-Haul has several motorcycle trailers that it rents out at affordable rates. The trailers have each got a loading ramp, a built-in chock, and tie-down rings.

How long does it take to ship a motorcycle cross country?

Shipping your motorcycle across the United States will take about five business days. However, delays can be experienced because of accidents, bad weather, blocked roads, and so on

What size trailer do I need for 2 motorcycles?

You can use a 5 by 8 trailer to move two motorcycles. You just need to make sure the motorcycles face opposite sides for them to fit properly. You also need to secure them tightly to avoid damage during transport.  

How do I get my motorcycle shipped?

Does moving my motorcycle in a moving truck save me money?

Credit: Haulbikes.com

Simply contact a motorcycle shipping company near you such as Haul BIKES and they will give you a quote and if you agree on the price and other details, they will ship it for you in no time.

How much does it cost to ship a motorcycle by courier?

It costs about $500 to ship a motorcycle by courier.

The actual cost will depend on the courier, the distance, the size of the motorcycle, and the urgency.

What is the best motorcycle shipping company?

Based on price and quality of shipping services, CitizenShipper is the best motorcycle shipping company.

CitizenShipper has independent drivers that are vetted and that provide great motorcycle shipping services at very competitive prices.


Cross country motorcycle shipping costs about $500. The longer the distance the more it costs to ship a motorcycle.

The cheapest way to ship a motorcycle is to use a platform that allows you to review and hire a vetted driver to haul your motorcycle. This is because such drivers often set low prices to beat their competition.