Learn What Storage Van (Container Trailer) Cube Rent Entails

Cube Rent Container Storage

Do you want to move bulk cargo? If yes, you should think about renting, leasing, or purchasing a cube van.

Renting is the cheapest way to move bulk cargo if you simply have plenty of cargo that you want to move and you don’t expect to do it again.

In this post, you will discover all you need to know about cube vans for rent.

What Is a Cube Van?

A cube van is another name for a box truck. It is simply a truck with a box-shaped cargo trailer.

The box-shaped trailer is cuboid. And this is why a box truck can also be referred to as a cube van.

There are many cube vans on the market. This is because cube vans are perfect for moving, transporting bulk cargo, and for carrying certain equipment.

How much does average cube rent goes for?

The average cost of renting a cube van is about $100 for short moves.

Are cube vehicles fitted with lift gate hooks?

Not all cube vans are fitted with lift gates. Some do but many don’t. It is an extra cost for cube van rental companies to fit a lift gate to their trucks.

Therefore, most do not do it. And those who do often charge a bit more for their trucks compared to those who don’t.

How much is a cube storage?

It costs between $90 and $300 to rent a cube storage. This is mainly based on size.

How much does a pod typically cost?

A PODS storage unit costs about $150 a month.

How much does a 16-foot Pod cost?

Delivery costs $100, the first month costs $200, and the subsequent months costs $165 a month.

How much is a UBOX per month?

UBOX costs about $1,080 for a short distance move, and $5,630 for a long distance move.

Are cube vehicles fitted with lift gate hooks?

Benefits of Cube Rent

When you rent a cube van, you can expect the following benefits:

  1. You get plenty of space

Compared to cargo vans, cube vans are generally very spacious. Therefore, you can pack more things in them. This is why they are perfect for moving.

  1. You get better load capacity

You can load more weight in a cube van than in a cargo van. This is because cube vans are generally built to handle more weight compared to cargo vans.

  1. You can probably tow your car

Most cube vans can tow a car behind even one that is moderately heavy. Most cargo vans cannot tow a heavy car.

Most Popular Cube Van Rental Companies

  1. U-Haul

U-Haul has over 20,000 locations across North America. It is one of the leading moving companies in the world, let alone America.

Because this company has thousands of locations, it means that there is likely a location just a few miles from where you live.

The company has different size cube vans that you can rent to move houses. And you can do it easily through its online booking portal.

  1. Penske

Penske also rents cube vans across the United States. Unlike U-Haul cube vans, Penske cube vans are not for moving only. They can be used for business needs and logistics.

Penske has more than twice the number of locations U-Haul has. This means you are more likely to find a Penske location than a U-Haul location.

Furthermore, Penske allows one-way moves with its cube vans. However, this is not possible in all locations.

Penske’s prices are also reasonable and negotiable.

  1. Budget Truck

Budget Truck Rental has about 3,000 locations nationwide. The company is known for providing excellent services at its locations. It is also known for its low prices.

Budget cube vans are always clean and reliable. And the company often has many discounts to help people like you to save money.

  1. Enterprise Truck Rental

Enterprise is a worldwide car rental brand. You may have probably used Enterprise in the past to rent a vehicle. What many people do not know about Enterprise is that the company is also a big player in the truck rental industry.

The company has cube vans of different sizes to help you move wherever you want. You can also use the vans to transport various goods.

The biggest issue with Enterprise is that it does not allow one-way moves.

  1. Ryder

Ryder rents various cube vans that you can use for business or household moves.

You can reserve a 22FT cube van from Ryder at any time and cancel your reservation whenever you like.

One more amazing thing about Ryder is that its rates are relatively affordable.

How much does average cube rent goes for?

FAQ about Cube Truck Rentals

What is a Penske 15 ft. cube van?

It is a 15-foot long cube van perfect for one and two bedroom moves.

It is quite spacious despite its appearance making it perfect for moves. It is also perfect for cargo transport.

How do I cancel my CubeSmart lease?

To cancel your CubeSmart lease, you have to call the company’s customer care service and ask to speak representative about your lease.

You will then be asked for details about your lease and then you can request cancellation.

You will receive an email to confirm the successful cancellation of your lease some time after your call.

Does CubeSmart require insurance?

Yes, you do. CubeSmart offers third-party protection plans at its facilities.

How do you pay on CubeSmart?

You can pay in many ways on CubeSmart. You can pay using AutoPay, the CubeSmart App, the Phone Payment Line, a check, or by paying in cash at the store.

Is Pods cheaper than U-Haul?

Yes, it is a bit cheaper.

How big is a 5×10 storage unit?

It is 5 feet by 10 feet. This means it is quite big. You can store about twenty large boxes in such a unit and you will still have plenty of room left.

What should you not pack in a Pod?

You should not pack perishable items such as refrigerated foods, fresh produce, frozen treats, ice cream, yogurts, and butter.

What happens if you abandon your storage unit?

If you do, some storage unit companies can call you or email you. If you do not respond within a given time, they will open your unit and auction your items.

How much weight can a cube van hold?

It depends on the cube van. For example, the 15FT U-Haul cube van has a maximum load capacity of 6,385 pounds.

Which is cheaper Pods or U-pack?

How much does a 16-foot Pod cost?U-Pack is much cheaper than Pods in most locations across the country.

How do you insure contents in a storage unit?

Most storage unit companies offer third-party insurance protection at their facilities.


Cube vans are box trucks. They are called cube vans because of their cuboid trailers.

You can rent one for a local move or a long distance move. In case you want your valuables stored somewhere safe, you can rent a storage unit to store them in.