How Many Cubic Ft Is A 26 Foot Truck?

How Many Cubic Feet In A 26 Foot Box Truck?

If someone is planning to move, they must consider hiring a 26-foot box truck as it has the ideal size, accommodating plenty of items.

In addition, 26-foot box trucks are manufactured by many companies. So, you can easily find it. 

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But do you know how big a 26 foot moving truck is? Do you know what 26 foot box truck cubic feet is?

As far as the truck’s gross weight is considered, it is 26,000 lbs, which does not require you to have a CDL license for driving. 

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It’s important to have the weight details before you start driving the truck, as it will help you avoid danger and damage.

Most of the time, the truck’s weight is stamped on the engine plate. But you can also check the owner’s manual to get an exact idea. 

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How Big Is An Average 26 Foot Moving Truck?

Different manufacturers produce 26-foot box trucks. That means even if the lengths of these trucks are the same, they have a different build.

This truck offers maximum space for a load of up to 10,000 lbs and 26 foot box truck cubic feet is almost 1,700 cubic feet. 

Large families and hometowns prefer budget box trucks of 26 feet as it typically takes between 150 to 200 cubic feet of space.

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If you want to move to a 3-bedroom house, you require a box truck of almost 1200 cubic feet. 

Similarly, to move to a one-room studio apartment, you need a truck of 400 cubic feet.

As far as moving 1-2 rooms is concerned, it can be done using a 450 cubic feet truck, and for moving a 2-3 room house, you can rent an 800 cubic feet truck. 

That means a 26 foot box truck can be pretty spacious as it is around 1700o cubic feet. With this much space, it can hold a capacity of around 10,000 pounds. 

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What Size Truck Do I Need to Move To A Bigger House? 

If you have a 3-bedroom house you want to move to, you can consider renting a box truck around 22 to 26 feet. You might have to make multiple trips with a 22-foot box truck as it can fit about three to five rooms. 

This sized truck can carry all the items without any hassle. You can contact Penske to rent from Penske trucks. 

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Gross Vehicle Weight of 26 Foot Box Truck

The maximum weight that any vehicle can carry is the Gross Vehicle Weight Rating.

This rating is determined by combining the vehicle’s payload capacity and curb weight. 

Usually, truck manufacturers determine this rating so the safety of the driver and the people on the road can be maintained. Exceeding the weight limit can cause a serious safety risk. 

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After the vehicle manufacturer determines the gross vehicle weight, it is displayed on the interior of the driver-side door.

The gross vehicle weight rating for a 26-foot box truck is 26,000 lbs. Similarly, its curb weight is 16,820 lbs with a payload capacity of 9180 lbs.

A 26-foot box truck weighs around 16,000 lbs when it’s empty. Weight of 10,000 lbs. can be added to it. 

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Max Load 26,000 Foot Moving Truck Can Carry?

A study has revealed that a box truck of 26 feet can hold up to 12,000 pounds. It includes holding around 500 medium boxes or 15 medium furniture items. 

FAQ about Cubic Feet for 26 Ft Moving & Commercial Trucks!

How Much Can A 26,000-Foot U-Haul Truck Carry?

If you use a 26,000-foot U-haul trailer, you can move around 10,000 pounds of cargo.

This truck comes with three seating spaces and has a better loading capacity. It has better fuel efficiency, an EZ load ramp, and inside dimensions. 

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What Is The Biggest Rental Truck?

The biggest rental truck is a 26-foot box truck, which can move air conditioning, coffee table, furniture pads, and other items over a long distance.


A 26-foot U haul truck is ideal for moving a three-bedroom house. Larger families can use this truck, so they don’t have to make multiple trips for moving items.

It has ideal floor space. You can also move a four-plus bedroom home with this sized automatic transmission truck.

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