The Digger Derrick Models and Specs Reviews

How deep can a Digger Derrick bucket crane dig?

Do you want to dig holes quickly to set poles in them? If yes, you are in for a treat.

Because on this page, you will get to know important information about digger derricks including where you can get them across the USA.

Digger derricks are quite expensive because they are specialized machines. Because of this, most people or businesses can only rent them or lease them rather than buy them.

The average cost of renting a digger derrick for a day is between $450 and $650 a day.

Who makes Digger Derrick?

Terex Utilities makes Digger Derrick. Terex Utilities is part of Terex Corporation – a massive company that also builds auger drills and bucket trucks.

The company has its headquarters and manufacturing operations in the town of Watertown in South Dakota.

Please note we have complete guide about how much to rent a bucket truck here!

What does it cost to rent a Digger Derrick?

Digger Derricks are not cheap to rent because they are special trucks for specific work.

In many cities across the country, you will have to pay around $450 to rent a good quality Digger Derrick truck for a day.

For a week you will have to pay around $1200.

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The Digger Derrick Series

Probably the most famous maker of digger derrick trucks in the USA is Terex Utilities – a company under the Terex Corporation headquartered in Watertown, South Dakota.

The company builds several types of digger derricks perfect for different uses.

The machines are grouped separately under a series. Check out the most popular series below.

  1. Commander 4000 Series

Digger derrick trucks under this series include the C4050 model, C4047, C4045, and the C4042 models. They are some of the best digger derrick machines in the world.

They are best known for their reliability, capacity, and efficiency. They are perfect for digging holes and then lifting and setting poles very quickly.

This is because of their special design with either a boom tip winch or a turret mount.

Below are the specs for the C4042 model.

  • Max digging radius – 22 feet
  • Sheave height – 42.5 feet
  • Max capacity – 29,250 pounds
  • Median radius capacity – 5,778 pounds

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  1. Commander 5000 Series

The models under this series include the C5055, the C5052, the C5050, and C5045.

Just like the models in the 4000 Series lineup, Commander 5000 Series models are known for their reliability, capacity, and efficiency.

They also come with either a boom tip winch or a turret mount. These digger derricks are absolutely perfect for digging holes and placing holes in them.

They can come with a special machine known as X-Boost that increases capacity at difficult boom angles.

Below are the specs for the C5045 model.

  • Max digging radius – 24.6 feet
  • Sheave height – 45.6 feet
  • Max capacity – 30,000 pounds
  • Median radius capacity – 6,684 pounds
  1. Commander 6000 Series

There are only two digger derricks in this Terex Series. They include the C6060 and the C6054.

These two digger derricks have a better digging radius and sheave height compared to Commander 4000 and Commander 5000.

In other words, you can dig more holes without moving a Commander 6000 Series truck. You can also dig longer holes.

Below are the specs for the C6054 model.

  • Max digging radius – 30.3 feet
  • Sheave height – 54.1 feet
  • Max capacity – 42,570 pounds
  • Median radius capacity – 6,280 pounds
  1. General Series

This is the original digger derrick truck model from Terex. It was designed to work in the most difficult working terrains.

There are three digger derrick models in the General Series. They are Gen95, Gen80, and Gen65.

Below are the specs for the Gen65 model.

  • Max digging radius – 36.4 feet
  • Sheave height – 65.1 feet
  • Max capacity – 42,110 pounds
  • Median radius capacity – 5,112 pounds.

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Digger Derrick for Sale – Where To Order?

Below are some of the places where you can purchase digger derricks in the USA.

The online marketplaces below have the best quality digger derricks at arguably the best prices.

  1. Crane Trader 

This company sells both new and used digger derricks online. You can find both Telex and Altec digger derricks on this company’s website.

The company’s database of digger derricks and other equipment such as cranes is continuously updated.

So it always has new stuff every day or sometimes every few hours. Crane Trader is headquartered in Lincoln, Nebraska.

  1. Machinio

According to this company’s website, it is the biggest online platform for the equipment and machinery.

Thousands of buyers and sellers utilize this site to purchase or sell their equipment. So you cannot really go wrong with machinio.

  1. Iron Planet 

You can purchase digger derricks and other equipment or machines from this company.

It is a multi-billion dollar online company that has millions of users worldwide.

You can buy even equipment assurance from this company. The biggest thing about digger derricks from this business is that they are relatively affordable.

  1. Equipment Trader

If you want a Terex 5045 or an Altec DB37, you go to

This is because this company has these and many more digger derricks in stock. You can make monthly payments to this company if you cannot pay 100% immediately.

You can also calculate monthly payment on this site or set price alerts for digger derricks or any other equipment

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  1. Custom Truck

This company is the biggest single source market for commercial equipment and trucks.

You can literally purchase just about any type of truck from this company. You can also obviously purchase digger derricks from this company.

You can use in-house financing solutions to purchase equipment from this platform. This company has an online presence plus locations throughout the USA and Canada.

What does it cost to rent a Digger Derrick?


Best Rental Offers in USA

In this section, you will discover the best digger derrick renting companies.

  1. Kwipped

This company rents different types of equipment including heavy equipment such as digger derricks.

It has many premium suppliers. You can even lease equipment through this company if you want.

You can rent a Terex 40467 for $3,700 a month from this firm. You can also rent a Terex General 65’ for $10,000 a month.

So it is fair to say the average cost of renting a digger derrick is between $3,500 and $10,000 and it mainly depends on the sheave height.

  1. Cat Rental Store

This company has heavy Caterpillar equipment plus equipment from other premium manufacturers.

The digger derricks you can purchase or rent from this store include Terex Commander Series and General Series machines.

They are premium quality hydraulic digger derricks made for tough work environments.

When you rent a digger derrick from this company, you do not have to pay for insurance, storage or maintenance.

So you do not have to worry about hidden or extra costs. You also do not have to worry about breakdowns because this store offers emergency on-site repairs.

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  1. Custom Truck

Custom Truck is one of the leading companies for heavy equipment rental and other solutions.

The company has operations across the United States and Canada. You can rent digger derricks and a wide range of other construction or work equipment from this site. It is available online and in many physical locations.

The types of digger derricks you can rent from this company include those with a sheave height of more than 105 feet e.g. the Elliot D105.

Other types include the Terex General 65, the Terex C6060, the Elliot D115 and the Elliot D86.

Digger Derrick for sale or rental?

If your job involves digging holes frequently, you should purchase your own Digger Derrick to use because it will be very expensive for you to always rent one (it costs about $400 a day to rent one).

If you want to use a Digger Derrick once and you do not expect to use it again, you should just rent one to use and spare your savings or monies for something else.

FAQ about Derrick Truck

Is a Digger Derrick considered a crane?

Depending on the work you are doing, your Digger Derrick can be regarded as a crane under OSHA guidelines.

For example, when you are using your Digger Derrick to lift crews, poles, or materials, it essentially becomes a crane.

You have to consider OSHA safety measures when you are using your derrick digger as a crane.

How deep can a Digger Derrick dig?

It depends on its design. Some Digger Derrick machines such as those made by Terex have a strong auger that can dig as deep as 10 feet.

Some are also designed to lift things such as crews, poles, and materials.

How heavy is a Digger Derrick truck?

Many Digger Derrick trucks weigh around 32,000 pounds in weight.

This is the weight of the truck/chassis plus the digging machine. Some obviously weigh much more, while others weigh less. Those that weigh more are often those that are more powerful.

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How much does a Digger Derrick weigh?

A typical Digger Derrick weighs about 32,000 pounds in weight. It is not lightweight but it is not heavy either.

Most of the weight of a Digger Derrick truck will be concentrated in its digging arm. The arm can dig holes, set poles, and handle different work materials.

How long is a Digger Derrick?

Most Digger Derricks are between 15 and 25 feet in length. The small ones are known as mini Digger Derricks and they are around 15 feet in length, while the large ones are known as distribution derricks and they are often around 25 feet long.

What are mini Digger Derrick specs?

There are many mini Digger Derricks on the market. They generally have different specs.

Take the Skylift Mini-Derrick for example. It weighs 11,260 pounds, has a length of 19 feet, a height of 7 feet, and a sheave height of 40’/48’, and a 6,000 lbs rated winch. Its side reach is 35’.

In contrast, the Altec DB35 has a three-section boom, a 35’ sheave height, and a 3000 lbs rated winch.

What is an Auger truck?

An auger truck is a special digging truck. It is a truck with a digging arm that can be used to drill big holes conveniently for setting poles.

The digging arm typically has auger flights that making digging holes fast and convenient by pulling out loosened debris as it digs.

What does a Digger Derrick do?

A Digger Derrick is basically a digging machine. It is a mobile piece of equipment that is large and heavy with a powerful auger that can be driven into almost any type of ground.

Digger Derrick trucks are usually owned by electricity companies that use them to dig holes for electric poles. They are also owned by utility companies for digging holes for street lights.

Is Altec Digger Derrick different from Terex?

Yes. Altec Digger Derricks are made by Altec Incorporated. This company is based in the city of Birmingham in Alabama. While Terex Digger Derricks are made by Terex Corporation that is based in the city of Watertown in South Dakota.

What is a pressure digger?

A pressure digger aka a pressure drill is a heavy duty equipment for drilling dense or tough surfaces such as rock or ice. By purchasing or renting a pressure digger, you can work on jobs that involve drilling through hard surfaces.

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What is sheave height?

Sheave height aka boom height is the tallest height of a boom platform when it is completely elevated and extended.

It is common for those wanting to rent a boom truck to ask about the sheave height to get an idea of how high the boom can go.

What is hook radius on a Digger Derrick?

The hook radius is the horizontal distance between the turret center and the hook. It is one of the two factors that determines the capacity of a Digger Derrick to lift an object. The other factor is the sheave height (boom height).

Is a boom truck considered a crane?

All boom trucks are technically cranes because they lift and transport people, tools, materials, and pieces of equipment at aerially.

The purpose of a boom truck is to make work easier and safer at an elevated worksite. This is the very same thing that a crane does.

How deep can a Digger Derrick bucket crane dig?

Credit: altec

Does OSHA require crane operators to be certified?

Yes, it does. OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) rules on workers such as crane operators requires them to be certified.

The reason why is to ensure they know how to safely operate cranes for their safety and for the safety of others workers or people in the worksite.

Who is responsible for safe site layout?

OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) rules require the controlling contractor to set up and maintain a safe site layout.

So the controlling contractor is responsible. They are also responsible for creating and maintaining access roads for safe delivery and movement.

What type of person can perform an annual crane inspection?

Cranes require annual inspections but these inspections need to be conducted by someone who is qualified. A qualified person, in this context, means someone who is certified by the Department of Labor, a government agency, or has the right educational background.

What is the difference between a crane and a derrick?

A crane is basically designed to lift and move loads onto or off trucks and buildings. In contrast, a derrick is designed to primarily dig a hole or holes in the ground. It can, however, also be used to lift and move loads like a crane.

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How long do I need to complete my Digger Derrick training?

Digger Derrick training usually doesn’t take extremely long. There are courses that take only one hour. Such courses are digital or online and are designed by experts with many years of experience.

There are many digger derrick training courses that take more than one hour. Many of them take between five to eight hours.


Digger derricks are important in construction companies, utilities, and so on. This is because they are perfect for digging holes and putting poles. In this post, you learned about the top companies that sell digger derrick trucks.

You also discovered the top companies that rent digger derrick trucks. So if you want to buy digger derricks, you know what site to visit. Similarly, if you want to rent digger derricks, you also know the site to visit.

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