Digger Derrick Reviews

Who makes Digger Derrick?

Terex Utilities makes Digger Derrick. Terex Utilities is part of Terex Corporation – a massive company that also builds auger drills and bucket trucks.

The company has its headquarters and manufacturing operations in the town of Watertown in South Dakota. Please note we have complete guide about how much to rent a bucket truck here!

What does it cost to rent a Digger Derrick?

Digger Derricks are not cheap to rent because they are special trucks for specific work.

In many cities across the country, you will have to pay around $450 to rent a good quality Digger Derrick truck for a day. For a week you will have to pay around $1200.

Digger Derrick for sale or rental?

If your job involves digging holes frequently, you should purchase your own Digger Derrick to use because it will be very expensive for you to always rent one (it costs about $400 a day to rent one).

If you want to use a Digger Derrick once and you do not expect to use it again, you should just rent one to use and spare your savings or monies for something else.

Is a Digger Derrick considered a crane?

What does it cost to rent a Digger Derrick?
Credit: terex

Depending on the work you are doing, your Digger Derrick can be regarded as a crane under OSHA guidelines.

For example, when you are using your Digger Derrick to lift crews, poles, or materials, it essentially becomes a crane.

You have to consider OSHA safety measures when you are using your derrick digger as a crane.

How deep can a Digger Derrick dig?

It depends on its design. Some Digger Derrick machines such as those made by Terex have a strong auger that can dig as deep as 10 feet. Some are also designed to lift things such as crews, poles, and materials.

How heavy is a Digger Derrick truck?

Many Digger Derrick trucks weigh around 32,000 pounds in weight. This is the weight of the truck/chassis plus the digging machine. Some obviously weigh much more, while others weigh less. Those that weigh more are often those that are more powerful.

How much does a Digger Derrick weigh?

A typical mid-size Digger Derrick truck will weigh about 32,000 pounds in weight.

How long is a Digger Derrick?

Most Digger Derricks are between 15 and 25 feet in length. The small ones are known as mini Digger Derricks and they are around 15 feet in length, while the large ones are known as distribution derricks and they are often around 25 feet long.

What are mini Digger Derrick specs?

There are many mini Digger Derricks on the market. They generally have different specs.

Take the Skylift Mini-Derrick for example. It weighs 11,260 pounds, has a length of 19 feet, a height of 7 feet, and a sheave height of 40’/48’, and a 6,000 lbs rated winch. Its side reach is 35’.

In contrast, the Altec DB35 has a three-section boom, a 35’ sheave height, and a 3000 lbs rated winch.

What is an Auger truck?

An auger truck is a drill truck or a Digger Derrick truck. It is a truck you can use to drill holes for poles or construction purposes.

What does a Digger Derrick do?

It drills holes. It can also be used to lift crews, materials, or tools.

Is Altec Digger Derrick different from Terex?

Yes. Altec Digger Derricks are made by Altec Incorporated. This company is based in the city of Birmingham in Alabama. While Terex Digger Derricks are made by Terex Corporation that is based in the city of Watertown in South Dakota.

What is a pressure digger?

A pressure digger aka a pressure drill is a heavy duty equipment for drilling dense or tough surfaces such as rock or ice. By purchasing or renting a pressure digger, you can work on jobs that involve drilling through hard surfaces.

What is sheave height?

The pulley positioned at the apex of a boom is called a sheave. The sheave height is, therefore, the full height of a boom when it is completely elevated and extended.

What is hook radius on a Digger Derrick?

The hook radius is the distance between the turret center and the hook.

Is a boom truck considered a crane?

All boom trucks are technically cranes because they lift and transport people and tools from one place to the next.

How deep can a Digger Derrick bucket crane dig?
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Does OSHA require crane operators to be certified?

Yes, it does. OSHA requires crane operator certification by type. OSHA Administration insists it is the responsibility of the employer to ensure that cranes are being operated in a safe manner.

Who is responsible for safe site layout?

According to OSHA regulations, it is the responsibility of the controlling contractor to ensure a safe site layout.

What type of person can perform an annual crane inspection?

According OSHA regulations, the annual crane inspection must be conducted by a person who is competent, by a government agency, or by a private agency accredited by the federal Department of Labor.

What is the difference between a crane and a derrick?

A crane is basically designed to lift and move loads onto or off trucks and buildings. In contrast, a derrick is designed to primarily dig a hole or holes in the ground. It can, however, also be used to lift and move loads like a crane.

How long do I need to complete my Digger Derrick training?

You can complete your Digger Derrick training in one hour or less.