Swift Refrigerated Trucking & Services. Do Swift Trucks Have Refrigerators, Microwaves & Inverters?

Swift refrigerated trucking

Swift truck is the second biggest American truckload shipping company that has over 23,000 trucks.

In 2017, the company merged with Knight Transportation and now offers logistics, intermodal transportation, and other supply chain solutions.

The company has operations in all parts of the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

It is headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona but has more than 35 terminals across the United States.

Recently, the company expanded into the reefer freight business when it acquired the Central Refrigerated Services.

The company now employs over 19600 persons and has 8700 intermodal, and 57,300 trailers, making it the biggest truckload carrier in the U.S.

Swift drivers usually focus on the short as well as medium length routes that have an average run of 509 miles.

It boasts of some of the biggest clients in the U.S such as Target, WalMart, Volvo, and Sear.

Do Swift Trucks Have Refrigerator?

In the recent past, Swift Transportation has started offering refrigerated freight business, after acquiring Central refrigerated Services.

Do Swift trucks have inverters?

Swift trucks have no inverters or APUs. The company actually has a policy on having inverters put in all their trucks.

According to the policy, they can allow you to put an inverter with a maximum of 300 watts o be plugged into a power outlet.

If you want the inverter to be bigger, it should be installed in a Swift shop.

You should remember that if you switch trucks, the inverter will most likely remain inside the truck.

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Does Swift have cameras in their trucks?

For a long time trucks didn’t have cameras. However, the company recently announced that it would fit all their company vehicles with the driver-facing camera.

History of Swift Transportation

Swift Transportation was started in 1966 by two brothers Ronald Moyes and Jerry Moyes.

This was after their father Carl moved to Phoenix, Arizona to create a trucking business with one truck.

In 1969, they bought Swift Transportation, a company that had served the trucking needs of the Swift meatpacking company.

Initially, they only concentrated in South Western U.S.

From the 1980s, when the deregulation of the trucking industry started, small operators such as Swift were able to compete better in the market place and the company was able to grow.

Swift Transportation started to be publicly traded in December 2010 when it was listed on the New York stock exchange (NYSE).

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Benefits of Using Swift Transportation

Swift transport has made a reputation for providing premium services to clients.

Its trucks come with computerized onboard tracking systems that make it possible to locate shipments without delays.

There are also extra equipment that are maintained to handle any last-minute jobs for their key clients.

The company also locates its terminals near its key clients and regularly assign administrative staff to ensure that customer’s needs are met.

Their Line of Services

Swift Transportation has a wide range of services such as:

Dry Van

What is Swift refrigerated trucking?

Courtesy: swifttrans.com

Swift Transportation has one of the largest fleets of dry vans.

Their fleet of dry vans completes more than 6 million miles every day.

With 40 terminals across 24 states, the company has one of the biggest presences when it comes to truckloads.

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Reefer trailers

The company has a refrigeration trucking service parading huge fleet of reefers that enables them to haul all kinds of temperature-sensitive products to different locations across North America.

This provides customers with the assurance that their products will remain at a stable temperature from their premises to the final destination.


Swift Transportation can design and customize your intermodal transportation solutions to move the freight at your desired cost and speed.


Through their Transmex services, the company offers door-to-door transportation services, ensuring better services, and safe and timely transportation of customer’s freight.

Driving for Swift

While it’s a bit hard to drive for swift, it is also quite lucrative.

First-year drivers can earn as much as $30,000 per annum while the more experienced drivers can earn more than $95,000 per annum.

Owner-operators engaged by the company can earn more but will be responsible for the truck maintenance.

Due to the fast truck turnover, there are used ones for drivers who would like to try this route.

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FAQ on Swift Trucks

What is swift refrigerated?

Swift refrigerated has one of the biggest fleets with controlled temperature in the industry.

Their refrigerated trucks can carry different types of sensitive products in all areas of North America.

What kind of trucks does Swift have?

Swift Transportation has all types of trucks including Dry vans, reefer trucks, and flatbed specs

The company has 57,300 trailers, 18,000 tractors, and 8700 intermodal containers, and is therefore among the biggest truckload carriers in the US.

When it comes to the model of their trucks, most of them are either Volvos or Freightliners.

Their diverse range of trailers enables them to provide seamless and trouble-free transportation for all types of cargo.

Is Swift a good company to work for?

Swift Transportation is an excellent company to work for.

Not only is it one of the biggest carriers in the United States but they help new drivers to get started in the industry.

Their dedicated routes also provide drivers with enough home time every one to two weeks.

The company also pays a good salary, especially for experienced drivers. Dedicated drivers can earn at least $60,000 in their first year.

They will enjoy full benefits, have access to a 24/7 support team, full benefits, and a 401(k). OTR positions provide drivers with home time every two to 3 weeks plus the same benefits and a higher earning potential.

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Does Swift have a sign-on bonus?

The company is currently offering a sign-on bonus of $15000 for the OTR Dry Van, Flatbed, and Refrigerated drivers.  There are also select accounts that offer a transition pay of up to $1500.

Does Swift Do flatbed?

One of the types of trucks offered by Swift Transporters is the Flatbed. The company has a wide range of flatbed equipment such as:

  • Over 475 dedicated tractors
  • Over 1300 trailers
  • 48 by 102 Drop Decks
  • 53 BY 102 Aluminium Air-Rides

Some of the flatbed accessories include:

  • Binders and chains
  • Full drop tarps
  • V-Boards
  • Nylon straps of 4”
  • Chain Protectors
  • Chocks/dunnage
  • Binders
  • Coil Package
  • Side Kits

Does Swift have automatic trucks?

What Kind Of Trucks Does Swift Have?

Courtesy: trucks.com

Swift training trucks have automatic transmissions and therefore, graduates from their driving schools have a restriction on their commercial driving licenses as they cannot drive trucks that have a manual transmission.

How does Swift transportation service better?

Swift is known for its timely and accurate services in the logistics and transportation industry.

They are reputed for their safety, service, and damage-free delivery.

With 40 terminals located across 24 states, the company has one of the biggest market presences. They provide their services across the US, Mexico, and Canada.

What location in the U.S are Swift Trucks located?

There are ten locations where Swift Transportation offers CDL training.


Swift Transportation has been in business for over 35 years.

It has grown from a single truck into the biggest trucking company listed on the New York Stock Exchange.

It has a network of regional terminals and big business companies.

Their emphasis on service and quality put them in the driver’s seat as a leading provider of trucking services.

Its prospects also look good considering its prospective run in the field.

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