Do Werner Have Refrigerator Vehicles? Or Do Werner Trucks Have Refrigerators and Inverters?

Do Werner Trucks Have Refrigerators?

Werner trucks is a subsidiary of Werner enterprise, a company that was founded in 1956. 

It is among the leading companies in the cargo and logistics industry.

It has footprints in North America, Europe, Asia, South America, Australia, and Africa.

In 2020, it had revenues of $2.4 billion and modern trucks and trailers, putting it among the essential service providers.

The company has over 13,000 associates and an innovative Werner Edge technology that makes it a good choice for customers who value integrity in the supply chain and need safe and timely services.

It also provides one-way and dedicated truckload services on top of its logistics services such as freight management, truckload brokerage, intermodal and final mile.

As one of the market leaders, the company aims to promote sustainability and to support equity, diversity, and inclusion.

Do Werner Trucks Have Refrigerators?

As at the time of typing this reviews, Werner do not allow certain gadgets such as refrigerators, CB’s, TV’s and power inverters.

However you can use your own fridge or TV in the truck.

Is good news to know that most of their fleet are quite modern and come with in-cab communication devices, AT – automatic transmissions, collision mitigation technology, etc

Does Werner allow inverters or APUs?

Werner trucks don’t allow power inverters.

Do Werner trucks have cameras?

There are two types of cameras used in semis. Dashcams watch the road in front of the trucks but there are driver-facing cameras installed inside the cab while pointing at the truck driver.

The company’s semi-trucks don’t have dash cameras or backup cameras.

However, the company has started introducing technology that is meant to make their trucks safer for all road users.

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History of Werner

The roots of the company can be traced back to 1956 when the founder Clarence L. bought a Ford truck that was powered with gasoline to use in the cargo transportation business.

He began transporting freight for other companies. Today, is one of the biggest truckload carriers in the U.S.

It has a diversified portfolio of logistics and transportation business such as:

  • This service offers a direct to customer shipping.
  • Intermodal solutions with great drayage network as well as cross-border capabilities
  • One-way truckload. Uses optimized routes for featured engineered fleets and network optimization services
  • Suitable for time-definite cargo
  • Temperature-controlled. Has reefer trucks for temperature-controlled products
  • Cross border. Has over 20 years experience of sipping cargo across Mexico and Canada
  • Final mile. Complete transportation solutions that deliver directly to the customer
  • Logistics.
  • Custom solutions.

On top of that, Werner has an alliance carrier network consisting of 26,000 carriers with providers in the air, ocean, and rail.

This means that shippers can move freight across the globe in a fast, efficient and reliable way.

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Werner Technology Solutions

It boasts of some of the leading technology innovations for its trucking partners and shipper customers.

On top of its technology product Werner Edge, the company partnered with Mastery logistic Systems to provide a cloud-based transport management system.

By combining the two technology products, it aims to build an integrated platform that connects drivers, shipper customers, and brokerage partners.

The two technologies will enable the company to interact with its customers in ways not seen before. Edge Connect is a mobile application that was issued to all Werner drivers in May 2020.

It has been fully deployed in all fleets and has helped to eliminate the many forms that drivers needed to fill during the various steps of a transaction.

Before then, the company has a macro-based system with 80 to 100 macros that needed to be filled out.  Users had to remember a lot of numbers.

But with the rolling of Edge Connect, there is no need to fill out such an amount of data.

The Workflow understands where you are and will represent the right screen for the driver. This is on top of electronic logs, ensure that it’s more intuitive.

They also has some great solutions for shippers. In late January 2021, the company put in place Carrier’s Edge, a self-service portal for their brokerage partners.

According to the company, the portal offers better visibility, better communication with them.

It makes it possible to click on the load available and book it right away.

Another technology product is Shipper’s edge that makes it possible for its customers to post loads.

This makes it possible for customers to specify when a load is ready to be picked.

Werner Reefer Trucks and Storage Solutions

Werner refrigerated trucks are meant to provide their customers with temperature-controlled product shipment as well as expertise in logistics.

They have over 1,110 trailers with temperature monitoring devices and will send alerts when the temperature falls before the acceptable variances.

The trucks can be used for over-the-road hauls such as regional, dedicated, expedited, long-haul, LTL, international, and intermodal transport.

Werner Trucks also offer temperature-controlled storage solutions at cross-border facilities located in Laredo and El Paso, making it easier to for shippers to transload their cargo between Mexico and the United States.

The crossborder terminals provide access to trans loads 24/7 with power, cameras, and the technology needed to support your freight needs.

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Their Trucks Accident History

In August 2021, Werner trucks announced that it had over 2,000 professional drivers who had reached the safety milestone of driving for one million miles accident-free.

By this time, they had 291 drivers who had reached two million accident-free miles!

41 drivers had reached 3 million accident-free miles and nine had surpassed four million accident-free miles.

The company has one driver who had reached 5 million accident-free miles.

The company honors drivers who reach the great milestone of one million accident-free miles with gifts such as a gold watch, gift certificate, cash bonus, and an aluminum mud flap. Their names are also written on the recognition wall at all Werner terminals and Werner Park.

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FAQ On Werner Tech

What trucks does Werner use?

Werner has a wide range of trucks such as refrigerated trailers, dry vans, and flatbeds.

How fast do Werner trucks go?

Werner trucks have a speed that ranges from 61 mph to 65 mph with the majority of trucks not exceeding 62 mph.

How much does Werner Trucks pay per mile?

On average Werner pays truck drivers a per-mile rate of 28 to 40 cents per mile.

The majority of drivers can complete up to 3000 miles in a week.

This means the average weekly salary is from $560 to $1200. If a driver works for 52 weeks per annum, their pay can range from $29,120 to $62,400.

Pros and Cons of working as a truck driver for Werner Enterprise?

Werner is a good truck to work for with great benefits. The fleet managers don’t micromanage the drivers.

Their drivers can also spend up to 48 hours at home. The downside of working for the company is that their per annum salaries are still below the national average.

Does Werner Trucking hire felons?

Yes. The truck company considers all former felons. However, this is usually considered on a case-by-case basis.

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How Much Does Werner Trucks Pay Per Mile?

Courtesy: Werner

Does Werner have a trucking school?

Yes. The company has a driving school.

On top of that, it has many approved driving schools across the nation where drivers can get their CDL.

They can then have their tuition fees reimbursed up to $15,000.

Every month, you will be refunded $250 or $62.5 up to the maximum.

After the training, they will route the driver and their trainers to the closest terminal where they can do their road test and finish the paperwork.

Where is Werner Trucking orientation?

Werner trucking company has an orientation period of 4 days.

This usually takes place in their Texas and Dallas terminal and their headquarter are located in Omaha, Nebraska.

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Where are the Werner terminal locations?

Werner trucks have terminals located all over the United States and are aimed at providing access to their drivers, and equipment.

They also help in their local recruitment drives. Some of their terminal locations are in Los Angeles, Arizona, New Mexico, Michigan, Florida, Texas, Chicago, and other areas.

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With over 8, 000 trucks, 24,000 trailers, and over 13,000 employees, Werner is, without doubt, a market leader in the transportation and logistics industry.

The company offers unmatched freight shipping solutions in combination with innovative technology to stay ahead of the competition. 

If you have any questions on the Werner Truck business, we hope that this guide has helped to answer that.

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