What are Standard Dock Height for Box Trucks?

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Dock height box trucks are trucks that are designed with a trailer floor that is between 48” and 52” to make it easy to align them with docking platforms.

Trucks that are dock high are easy to load and unload as they can be quickly bridged to using a dock leveler for forklifts to drive into and reverse out of them.

What is dock height truck?

A dock height truck is a truck that measures approximately 55 inches from the ground to its trailer bed.

It can also be defined as a truck with a trailer that is roughly the same height as the trailer loading dock in most warehouses.

The trailer loading dock in most American warehouses is 55 inches from the ground.

It is extremely easy to load or unload a dock height truck because a forklift can easily drive in and reverse out of it.

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How much does it cost to build a loading dock?

Expect to spend more than $10,000 to build a proper loading dock. The most expensive thing you will need to purchase when building a loading dock is a dock leveler.

A quality dock leveler will set you back about $8,000. It is necessary to have a dock leveler to make loading and unloading fast and easy.

While you can definitely build your own dock, it is best you get a warehouse builder or contractor to do the job for you.

It will cost you more but you will have everything installed properly and ready to use when they are done.

20′- 22′ Box Truck Dock Height

There are many 20 to 22-feet box trucks rented or leased by different companies across the United States. Many of the trucks are dock height trucks.

This means that their floor bed height is roughly the same height is that of a warehouse dock floor.

This makes it easy to load or unload stuff from them when they are parked correctly into a dock opening.

A good example of a rental company with 20 to 22-feet dock height trucks is AUTOW.

This company operates in Nashville, Knoxville, and Birmingham.

RYDER, a renowned rental company, also has 22-foot dock height box trucks available for rent in many locations across North America. View Uhaul 15Ft height!

24′ F650 Box Truck Dock Height

The Ford F650 is a one-of-a-kind commercial truck. It is a tough and durable commercial truck with the ability to haul heavy cargo.

It is available as a gas and a diesel truck. The diesel version is more expensive than the gas version.

It has got a powerful 6.7L turbo diesel engine capable of 300HP. Its carrying capacity is around 16,000 pounds.

And its towing capacity is about 50,000 pounds. The modern version (2022 version) has got a multitude of exciting interior and exterior features.

Several companies have a box truck version of this truck that is dock height.

This means that the floor height of the box behind them is 48 inches. This makes it easy to load and unload cargo into them since this is the standard dock height.

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26′ F750 Box Truck Dock Height

This Ford F750 truck is a powerful truck similar to the Ford F650 truck. It is perfect for those running a logistics business.

Various truck rental companies have this truck with a dock height floor height. In other words, they have this truck and it has a floor height that matches with the standard dock height in the US.

A good example of such companies is the City Rental Truck Company.

The company’s box truck has an 8-foot high interior height and a 17,000 pounds carrying capacity.

It also comes with a 2,500 capacity lift gate that makes loading and delivery easy. The company does not require a CDL to drive.

Popular Questions

What are loading dock doors called?

They are called overhead doors.

What are the differences between 18′ footer and 16′ box truck ground to bed height?

Most box trucks have a bed height between 40” and 50” regardless of the size.

The reason why manufacturers ensure they have a bed height between 40” and 50” is to make it easy to align them with dock doors for easy loading or unloading.

What are the differences between 18′ footer and 16′ box truck ground to bed height?

What is the standard loading dock height?

In the United States, the standard loading dock height in most warehouses is between 48” and 52”.

However, there are warehouses that have dock heights as tall as 55”.

The standard dock height makes it easy to load or unload trailers.

To make it even easier to load or unload trailers, modern warehouses often have a dock leveler on the floor of each dock to fill the gap between the dock and each trailer that comes in.

What is loading dock heights?

A loading dock height is the distance from the ground to the base of a dock.

It is important for warehouse builders to make sure the loading dock height of each trailer dock is between 48” and 52” to make it easy to align trailers with the docks for easy loading or unloading.

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What is industry standard for dock high truck in inches?

The industry standard is between 48 and 52 inches.

How high is a dock door?

The most common dock door height in the United States is between 48” and 52”.

This is the best height range for loading and unloading operations. Because most trailers are around 50 to 55” in bed height.

How tall is the inside of a box truck?

It depends on the box truck. Some box trucks have a taller cargo interior compared to others.

For example, if we look at Penske moving trucks, the Penske 12-foot box truck cargo interior is 6’1” high, while the Penske 22-foot box truck cargo interior is 8’1” high.

How tall is a 26 foot box truck?

The 26-foot box truck has a height of 102” and width of 102”.

How much does a 26 foot box truck cost?

Most 26-foot box trucks on the market cost between $35,000 and $50,000.

Keep in mind that these are used trucks. If you want a new 26-foot box truck you should be prepared to spend more. Read about Uhaul 26″ moving dimensions!

How much does a 26 ft. box truck weigh?

This depends on the truck itself. For example, the 26 ft. U-Haul box truck weighs 12,990 pounds, while the 26 ft. Penske box truck weighs 12,400 pounds. View more truck renting guides here!

Do box trucks have to stop at weigh stations?

Generally, all vehicles with a GVW (Gross Vehicle Weight) rating of more than ten thousand pounds have to stop at weighing stations.

All box trucks have a GVW of more than 10,000 pounds and definitely have to stop at weighing stations.

Are guardrails required on loading docks?

Guardrails are required on the edges of trailer loading dock platforms that present a hazard of falling more than 1.22 meter.

How big should a loading dock be?

Because big trailers are between 8’ and 8’7” in width, it is important for truck bays to be around 12 feet wide to allow wide trailers to back in.

Loading docks also ought to be about the width to make it easy to open trailer doors and to load or unload cargo.

How do dock levelers work?

Dock levelers are hydraulic platforms on the bottom of modern warehouse loading docks.

How tall is the inside of a box truck?Since they are hydraulic and they have a lip, you can extend one up or down to the floor of any trailer and use it as a bridge between the dock it is fixed on and the trailer next to it.

Dock levelers bridge the gap between loading docks and trailer beds to allow forklifts to easily drive in and reserve out for fast loading or unloading.

How many miles per gallon does a Penske 26 foot truck get?

Up to 13 miles per gallon.

How many miles per gallon does a 26 ft. U-Haul truck get?

Up to 10 miles per gallon. This is not as efficient as the Penske 26 foot truck that can go 13 miles per gallon.

How much can a box truck make?

If you drive a box truck, you should expect to make around $15 an hour. However, if you own and operate a box truck, you should expect to make much more.

For you will not only be paying yourself by the hour but also be making several tens or hundreds of dollars per job.

How many cubic feet is a 26 foot box truck?

A 26-foot box truck is approximately 1,700 cubic feet.

However, this depends with the width and height of the truck as these measurements are often not standard.

For this reason, some 26 ft. box trucks are slightly larger than 1,700 cubic feet while others are slightly smaller.

Are straight trucks dock high?

Not all of them. However, many modern straight trucks are built dock high. This makes them easy to load and unload in most loading docks across the country.

What mistakes to avoid when ordering medium duty box trucks?

If you want to carry food, make sure the truck you are ordering is food grade.

Otherwise, you will end up with a truck you cannot use. If you want to carry pallets, make sure the interior of the truck is ready for pallets (the pallets can be secured).

If you want to carry a heavy load, make sure the truck can take the load safely.

Lastly, make sure the height of the truck is the right size for you to put in all the stuff you want to put in.


There are many companies around the country that rent dock high box trucks.

The companies include City Rental Trucks. These trucks are dock high meaning they can easily be parked into a warehouse dock for easy loading or offloading of cargo.