Does United Parcel Service Pay For CDL Training?

Does UPS Pay For CDL Training?

If you are considering getting CDL training, paid CDL training is a good alternative for the truck driver’s training programs.

This is especially important for people who are interested in joining a CDL school but are put off by the high cost of tuition.

How much does a UPS driver make a week?

Such people can approach the big carriers and explain to them that they intend to get into trucking.

Many of the big carriers have a company-paid CDL training program. They even offer to pay the trainee driver, a minimum wage, during the training program.

Does UPS Pay For CDL Training?

Does UPS Have A Driver Training Program?

UPS has a driver training school that is aimed at training its over 28,000 drivers into becoming instructors.

But can a driver get their training from UPS driving instructors and get their CDL instead of going to a CDL school?

Does UPS drivers salary the best overall?

UPS does not offer CDL training for new or potential drivers

Instead, UPS has what it terms as learn and earn program that allows students to meet their career goals through its part-time work and school assistance.

Do UPS trucks have AC?

With this education assistance program, students can earn a maximum of $25,000 during their college education.

The goal of this education assistance program is to motivate and advance their staff. For every hour that drivers are in school, they are paid the starting wage.

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How much does a UPS driver make a week?

Here are the salaries of Ups drivers

  • Top earners make $47,000 per annum and $903 weekly,
  • Upper range drivers make $39,500 per annum and $759 weekly,
  • Average range drivers make $35,881 per annum and $545 weekly,
  • Lower range drivers make $28,500 per annum and $548 per week.

Do You Need A CDL To Drive For UPS?

To work as a UPS delivery driver, you don’t need a CDL.

However, if you are driving a tractor-trailer or you are a freight driver, you will need one. We cover much about needing CDL for UPS drivers here.

The testing and licensing requirements for different positions are as follows:

Delivery drivers

This is a position for drivers who drive vans and box trucks. and we answer detail if you really need a CDL to drive any box trucker?

To qualify for the position, drivers should have:

  • A valid driver’s license in their current residential state,
  • Should pass a department of transportation physical and drug test.
  • Should be able to drive a vehicle with manual transmission.

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Tractor-trailer driver

These should have:

  • Valid CDL and driver’s license. A CDL double endorsement will be required for drivers who will be pulling double trailers,
  • Pass a Drug test and DOT physical,
  • Should pass the road test,
  • Submit a record driving abstract issued in the last 30 days,
  • Be at least the age of 21. Should be fit physically and mentally sound. Should also be fluent in written and spoken English.

Freight Drivers

  • Should have a valid driver’s license for their state and a Class A CDL. They should have an endorsement for hazmat, twin trailers, and tankers,
  • Should pass the DOT physical as well as a drug test,
  • Should be at least the age of 21 years, should be physically fit, and should be fluent in written and spoken English

Like we already noted, UPS doesn’t offer CDL training for new drivers.

It also doesn’t offer any hands-on training for its delivery drivers.

FAQs on UPS Driver Training

Here are frequently asked questions on UPS driver training.

How much do UPS CDL drivers make?

The average salary for UPS CDL drivers ranges from $28,906 to $122,925 per annum. On average, UPS city drivers make up to $28 per hour. The yearly income ultimately depends on how many work hours each driver puts in.

Does UPS have a CDL training program?

No. UPS doesn’t have a CDL training program. Instead, it has a driver training school that teaches its over 28,000 employees how to become driver instructors.

According to the company, this program is a success as there are hundreds of driver instructors who have successfully gone through the training. Many of these didn’t previously have CDL experience.

Can a UPS Driver make six figures?

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What company pays the most for CDL training?

One of the companies that will pay you well for your CDL training is Roehl.

When you start the training program with the company, you become a full-time employee. That means instead of paying for the course you will get paid.

What is the highest paying CDL Company?

Sysco ranks as the highest paying CDL company with an annual salary of $87,204 and hourly pay of $41.93. The average salary of its truck drivers is about $79,366 per annum. Employees at the company are also entitled to paid sick days or leave.

Is paid CDL training worth it?

Paid Commercial driver’s license (CDL) training is an excellent way to secure your truck driving career. Attending paid CDL training in a good establishment will make you have better chances of getting job placements after graduation. Some companies even offer payments while training is ongoing.

How do I become a UPS truck driver?

To become a UPS truck driver, you will need to undergo a DOT physical examination.

You should have a valid state driving license. Some UPS facilities may also require you to be able to drive a standard manual vehicle.

How long are UPS driver shifts?

How much do UPS semi-truck drivers make?

The average hourly pay for semi-truck drivers in the United States is $29. Semi-truck drivers can make as low as $19 per hour or as high as $43. On average, these drivers make $59,789 monthly. North Dakota and New York are some cities where semi-truck drivers earn high.

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Do you need a CDL to drive for UPS or FedEx?

If you will be working as a standard delivery driver for UPS, you will not be required to have a CDL.

However, if you will be driving a tractor-trailer, you will need one. On the other hand, FedEx delivery trucks such as straight trucks don’t need a CDL as they are under 26K lbs.

Is being a UPS driver worth it?

Working as a UPS driver comes with its challenges. However, there are many reasons why it appeals to candidates. One of these reasons is the generous pays and benefits. Since many drivers value these jobs, they are difficult to find.

How often do UPS drivers get raises?

Does UPS hire people without experience?

This depends on whether it’s a union shop or not. If it’s a union shop, they hire inexperienced drivers.

However, the driver will need to work the deck for several years before they can make their way into the local straight truck.

What is UPS registered apprenticeship program?

This is a special apprenticeship program structured to help workers looking for skilled jobs to get such jobs from employers in need of skilled workers. The program is led by the US Department of Labor, the UPS, and state apprenticeship agencies.

How many hours do UPS drivers work?

Full-time UPS drivers work 8-10 hours from Monday to Saturday.

The working hours may vary slightly during holidays or festive periods, as drivers may be required to work 70 hours over 8 days. The weekly limit, however, is 60 hours.

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Who pays more FedEx or UPS?

UPS generally pays more than FedEx for the same job. For example, part time drivers at UPS earn approximately $21 per hour, while part time drivers at FedEx earn about $18 per hour.

Moreover, UPS employees receive better benefits than FedEx employees because they are unionized.

Why does UPS pay more than USPS?

UPS offers a shorter payment progression plan. Unlike USPS, whose scale is 12 years, UPS offers 4 years. So, you can earn full scale (the highest payable amount) within four years. On the other hand, getting payments from USPS means waiting for a more extended period to earn high.


By enrolling in a trucking CDL program, you can make money even as you learn. You are also guaranteed a job.

This is unlike a truck driving school where you have to pay and aren’t guaranteed a job. While UPS doesn’t have a CDL training program, it has other training for its drivers that can be very beneficial.

Do UPS trucks have AC?