Are There Free or Paid UPS CDL Training Or In-House Training for Truck Drivers?

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Are you planning to have a great career as a truck driver with UPS and wondering if they have in-house training program, as either free or paid for program?

In this super, but short guide (read time: 2 minutes), we answer this important question about courier trucking jobs, and other related issues about working, training and earning with UPS.

Is there UPS CDL training

Are There UPS Training and Safety Program?

Does UPS offer CDL training program? Yes, United Parcel Service have a driver training that is aimed at training its over 28,000 drivers into becoming instructors, learn safety tips and related save skills.

But can a driver get their training from in-house driving instructors and get their CDL instead of going to a school? Well, UPS does not offer training for entry-level driver or potential driver.

Instead, they have what it terms as learn and earn program that allows students to meet their career goals through its part-time work and school assistance and mobile training academy.

With this education assistance program, students can earn a maximum of $25,000 during their college education. The goal of this education assistance program is to motivate and advance their staff.

For every hour that a driver is in school, they are paid the starting wage.

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Does U.P.S Pay for CDL Training?

Does UPS have a CDL training program? No, UPS doesn’t have a pro training academy for truck driver, and no paid training as well no official payment structure for training.

The company has a training that teaches its over 28,000 employees how to become instructors and use skills acquired in safety areas.

According to the company, this program is a success as there are hundreds of driver instructors who have successfully gone through the training. Many of these didn’t previously have experience.

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Does UPS Pay For CDL Training?

How Much Do United Parcel Service Truck Drivers Make Weekly, Monthly, Yearly?

The average salary for UPS CDL driver ranges from $28,906 to $122,925 per year. On average, their city driver make up to $28 per hour. The yearly income ultimately depends on how many work hours each driver puts in.

  • Top earners make $47,000 per annum and $903 weekly,
  • Upper range driver make $39,500 per annum and $759 weekly,
  • Average range driver make $35,881 per annum and $545 weekly,
  • Lower range driver make $28,500 per annum and $548 per week.

Questions About Semi Truck Driver Salary

So, how much does a UPS driver make? The average hourly pay for semi-truck drivers in the United States is $29. Semi-truck drivers can make as low as $19 per hour or as high as $43. On average, these drivers make $59,789 monthly.

North Dakota and New York are some cities where semi-trucker earn high.

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Who Pays More FedEx or United Parcel Service?

UPS generally pays more than FedEx for the same job. For example, part time drivers earn approximately $21 per hour, while part time drivers at FedEx earn about $18 per hour.

Moreover, UPS employees receive better benefits than FedEx employees because they are unionized.

Opened-door UPS van

How Does UPS-Training School Works?

The UPS truck driving training school is where potential drivers can receive extensive training to equip them with the skills they need to be successful on the road.

This program includes both classroom and on-the-road instruction to ensure drivers have a thorough understanding of freight driving and to prepare them for CDL exams.

With over 12 training facilities, they train over 28,000 students and receive the best driving education and are trained in accordance with the company’s safety standards.

Students can also earn while they are in school through a system known as training pay, which provides a competitive wage while still in training. RELATED: Is it legal to drive a semi truck without a CDL?

Do You Need A C.D.L To Drive For Them in United States?

To work as a delivery driver, you don’t need a CDL. However, if you are driving a triple trailer or you are a freight driver, you will need one.

We cover much about needing CDL for U.P.S drivers here. The testing and licensing requirements for different positions are as follows:

Delivery drivers

This is a position for drivers who drive vans and box trucks. and we answer detail if you really need a CDL to drive any box trucker? To qualify for the position, drivers should have:

  • A valid driver’s license in their current residential state,
  • Should pass a department of transportation physical and drug test.
  • Should be able to drive a vehicle with manual transmission.

ups freight tractor

Tractor-trailer driver

These should have:

  • Valid CDL and standard license. A trailer endorsement will be required for drivers who will be pulling double trailers,
  • Pass a Drug test and DOT physical,
  • Should pass the road test,
  • Submit a record driving abstract issued in the last 30 days,
  • Be at least the age of 21. Should be fit physically and mentally sound. Should also be fluent in written and spoken English.

Freight Drivers

  • Should have a valid license for their state and a Class A-CDL. They should have an endorsement for hazmat, twin trailers, and tankers and Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA / federal register) approval.
  • Should pass the DOT physical as well as a drug test,
  • Should be at least the age of 21 years, should be physically fit, and should be fluent in written and spoken English

Like we already noted, UPS doesn’t offer training for new drivers. It also doesn’t offer any hands-on training for its delivery drivers.

FAQs on U.P.S Driving Training

Here are frequently asked questions and answers on driving training.

How do I become a truck pilot?

To become a UPS driver, you will need to undergo a DOT physical examination. You should have a valid state driving license. Some facilities may also require you to be able to drive a standard manual vehicle.

UPS branded delivery van

Is United Parcel Service truck driving a good career?

Frankly, it is a good career option to consider. It is a flexible career path available in many locations, making it easier to relocate if necessary. The truck driving offers job security as it is a role that is always in high demand.

But what are the benefits of being a driver? You can earn a good living while receiving in-training, healthcare benefits, travel experience, and the potential to boost your earnings as you gain more years of experience.

Where do their drivers make the most money?

Long-haul drivers are typically the highest paid U.P.S truck drivers, earning up to $172,000 per year. However, one’s location is critical because wages vary significantly from region to region.

The cities with the highest pay for UPS  truck drivers include Chicago, New York, Dallas, Boston, and Los Angeles. Their hourly earnings exceed $31.26, significantly higher than the national median of $26.90.

How much do they pay package handlers?

UPS pays their package handlers an average hourly wage of $15.90 in the USA, which is in line with the national average.

The package handlers ensure that packages are loaded properly and safely onto delivery trucks and then unloaded when they arrive at their destination. They handle products with extreme caution, and they are well compensated.

Is being a truck operator worth it?

Working as a driver comes with its challenges. However, there are many reasons why it appeals to candidates. One of these reasons is the generous pays and benefits. Since many drivers value these jobs, they are difficult to find.

Opened-door UPS van

Does they hire people without experience?

This depends on whether it’s a union shop or not. If it’s a union shop, they hire inexperienced drivers. However, the driver will need to work the deck for several years before they can make their way into the local straight truck.

What is registered apprenticeship program?

This is a special apprenticeship program structured to help workers looking for skilled jobs to get such jobs from employers in need of skilled workers. The program is led by the US Department of Labor, the UPS, and state apprenticeship agencies.

How many hours do UPS-drivers work?

Full-time drivers work 8-10 hours from Monday to Saturday. The working hours may vary slightly during holidays or festive periods, as drivers may be required to work 70 hours over 8 days. The weekly limit, however, is 60 hours.

Summary of Commercial driving license training!

It is now clear that there is no in-house training been offered by this global courier company to become professional drivers or acquire CDL. However, it has other training for its drivers to acquire some skill and use them in safety purposes.

UPS pickup store


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